IP workflows and a future roadmap of the industry

When looking ahead to technology trends in 2020, giving audiences an experience that is the next best thing to being there, or even better, will remain a key driver

LiveU ‘State of Live’ report confirms continuous strong growth in live IP broadcasting

LiveU presented its annual ‘State of Live’ report based on data gathered from its global customer base of thousands of users

Comrex IP Connectivity Solutions

Today, broadcast technology leans more towards IP-based workflows and technologies. As such, Comrex have evolved their connectivity products, taking advantage of benefits of IP technology by either improving existing products or introducing new ones with additional IP-related features

Sony and Verizon demonstrate how 5G stands to transform live sports production

Sony Imaging Products & Solutions, Sony Mobile Communications and Verizon joined forces with NBC Sports to test how 5G can change the way live sports broadcasts are captured and produced

AJA releases desktop software v15.5 for KONA, Io and T-TAP

AJA Video Systems recently released Desktop Software v15.5 for KONA, Io and T-TAP products, featuring additional functionality for both HDR and 8K workflows, plus new performance upgrades enhancing creative freedom and flexibility across Windows, Linux and macOS

Horses for courses – demystifying IPTV and AVoIP technologies

The AV industry is moving away from legacy analogue technologies and towards a future where IP networks dominate the delivery of video, audio and digital signage.

8K is making progress bit by bit

As 2019 comes to a close, 8K continues to show strong promise, but what are the potential hurdles to overcome before mainstream adoption?

AJA announces OG-12GDA-2×4 openGear 12G-SDI distribution amplifier

Designed for critical broadcast, OB truck and live event production environments, OG-12GDA-2x4 features dual-channel inputs for incoming 12G-SDI signals, with reclocking of the distributed signals to dual 4x 12G-SDI outputs

LiveU expands live streaming for South Africa’s horse racing world

Replacing traditional satellite, fibre and microwave technology, LiveU’s portable field units are being deployed to create exciting live coverage from the race tracks themselves, inside betting centers, and around award ceremonies and special events

Tuned in to target-driven radio

The global explosion of the adoption of streaming radio and podcasts as a new way of consuming content has carved a path in the direction of target-driven radio
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