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AJA was founded by engineer John Abt in 1993. Today the company employs over 200 people worldwide, building industry-leading video capture cards, digital recording devices, video routers, frame synchronizers and scalers, digital converters and professional 4K cameras.

AJA reveals new 12G-SDI, HDR, openGear, IP solutions and more

AJA Video Systems recently unveiled new products and updates designed to advance broadcast, production, post and proAV workflows. Addressing growing bandwidth requirements for high quality content creation and delivery, AJA showcased the HDR Image Analyzer 12G, the KUMO 6464-12G for routing, as well as the newly shipping Corvid 44 12G developer I/O models this year at IBC. AJA has also introduced the FS-Mini utility frame sync Mini-Converter and three new openGear® compatible cards, including OG-FS-Mini, OG-ROI-DVI and OG-ROI-HDMI. Additionally, the company previewed Desktop Software updates for KONA, Io and T-TAP, UltraHD support for IPR Mini-Converter receivers, and FS4 frame synchronizer enhancements.

HDR Image Analyzer 12G

HDR Image Analyzer 12G brings 12G-SDI connectivity to AJA’s real-time HDR monitoring and analysis platform developed in partnership with Colorfront. The new device offers waveform, histogram and vectorscope monitoring and analysis of 4K/UltraHD/2K/HD, HDR and WCG content for broadcast and OTT production, post-production, QC and mastering. Available autumn 2019 for $19995 US MSRP.

KUMO 6464-12G

Featuring 64x 12G-SDI inputs and 64x 12G-SDI outputs, KUMO 6464-12G is a new compact SDI router that allows professionals to take advantage of the scalability, security, and increased bandwidth that 12G-SDI provides. KUMO 6464-12G routers can be configured for ganged dual and quad-port routing for Dual Link, 4K, UltraHD and 8K workflows for seamless routing of uncompressed, compressed, or raw 4K signals throughout a facility. Available autumn 2019 for $8995 US MSRP.

Corvid 44 12G

Available in ten different models, each with passive or active cooling variants, Corvid 44 12G is an 8-lane PCIe 3.0 video and audio I/O platform supporting 12G-SDI I/O. Corvid 44 12G models include high-density HD-BNC or full-sized BNC connectors, with the HD-BNC models available in low profile or full height form factors. All Corvid 44 12G cards support 8K/UltraHD2/4K/UltraHD high frame rate, deep colour, HDR workflows and can also provide multiple 4K streams of input or output. All Corvid 44 12G models are now available, including full-size BNC versions for $2895 US MSRP; HD-BNC Versions with HD-BNC to BNC cables for $2995 US MSRP; and HD-BNC versions without cables for $2895 US MSRP.


A broadcast quality utility frame sync, FS-Mini packs the proven functionality and reliability of AJA’s FS frame sync technology into a portable Mini-Converter. FS-Mini supports frame synchronisation and up, down, cross-conversion of untimed 3G-SDI, HD and SD video signals. It allows users to synchronise and convert a wide range of video formats to their house standard with a 3G-SDI input and output, HDMI output, and a two-channel RCA style audio output Mini-Converter. Available now for $695 US MSRP.

New openGear Converter Cards

The new OG-FS-Mini combines the functionality of FS-Mini with the openGear architecture. New OG-ROI-DVI and OG-ROI-HDMI cards support DVI or HDMI to SDI region-of-interest scaling, scan convert and image rotation in the openGear format. Each card is designed for use in openGear 2RU frames including AJA’s OG-X-FR 2RU frame, and can be remotely configured, monitored and controlled using Ross DashBoard software. OG-FS-Mini is available now for $695 US MSRP. OG-ROI-DVI and OG-ROI-HDMI will be available autumn 2019 for $995 US MSRP each.

Desktop Software v15.5

A free software update for AJA KONA, Io and T-TAP products, Desktop Software v15.5 gives video professionals enhanced creative freedom and flexibility across Windows®, Linux® and macOS® workflows with improvements like full 2SI SMPTE raster support for 8K, RGB support for 8K capture and playback and new HDR Test Patterns in AJA Control Room, among other enhancements. Available autumn 2019.

IPR v2.2 Firmware

UltraHD support up to 50p is coming to AJA’s IP video HDMI Mini-Converter receivers with IPR v2.2 firmware, which will help production facilities take advantage of 10GigE infrastructures. The update also brings Reference Input support to IPR-10G2-HDMI / SDI models. Available autumn 2019 as a free download.

FS4 v2.0 Firmware

The latest free firmware update for AJA’s FS4 four-channel 2K/HD/SD or single-channel 4K/UltraHD frame synchronizer and up, down, cross-converter, FS4 v2.0 introduces new feature enhancements that improve the quality of conversions and user experience. Available autumn 2019.

RT Software standardises on AJA I/O solutions for fast, reliable graphics playout

Audiences expect high quality visuals across broadcast and OTT content whether tuning into the local news or catching a football match on a mobile phone, and the bar continues to rise as augmented reality (AR) becomes more widely used to visualise information like weather patterns, athletic performance, match plays and more.

RT Software helps broadcasters and sports production professionals meet these expectations with tools for creating and delivering dynamic, interactive graphics. Since flexible video and audio I/O is a must for these visuals, AJA Corvid and KONA products have become RT Software’s go-to technology. Its AJA-powered solutions have been used since 2014 to drive AR graphics and 4K telestrations for coverage of several major sporting events from Wimbledon to cricket, a world-leading sailing competition and more.

For BBC Studio’s Wimbledon coverage earlier this summer, three of RT Software’s 3d-Live engines, each supported by an AJA Corvid 88 high density I/O card, enabled graphics templates created in RT Software’s Edit-3d to be rendered and composited live onto the broadcast feed. Graphics operators were able to call up and display individual graphics on demand, augmenting the viewing experience for tennis fans. In addition to 3d-Live, a number of other RT Software solutions rely on AJA solutions for capture/playback such as the Swift Overlay Graphic Editor, which includes a Corvid or KONA card depending on the exact video I/O requirements. RT Software’s Tactic family of telestration tools for broadcasters also relies on AJA I/O cards, supporting any broadcast format, up to and including 4K/UltraHD for simultaneous playback/recording.

“AJA technology brings affordable, portable and reliable capture and playout functionality to our solutions and is backed by an incredible reputation for reliability and support, which gives our customers peace of mind in the field, especially when working on high profile events like Wimbledon,” shared Mike Fredriksen, Commercial Director of RT Software. “Working though AJA’s Developer program has been nothing shy of amazing, and we look forward to building out our products as they release new technology for Developer Partners in the future.”

In addition to 3d-Live, Edit-3d, Swift and the Tactic family of products, RT Software offers a host of other tools, creative and design services, training, field support and consultation.

Protea Electronics showcases AJA’s latest technology at Mediatech 2019

At Mediatech Africa 2019 – currently taking place at the Ticketpro Dome in Johannesburg until 19 July – Protea Electronics (D17) is showcasing AJA’s newest products and updates for broadcast, production, streaming, post and ProAV professionals, including the Ki Pro GO multi-channel H.264 recorder, Ki Pro Ultra Plus multi-channel HD recorder or 4K/UltraHD2K/HD recorder, streaming tools, fibre solutions and KUMO routers.

Ki Pro GO

A portable multi-channel H.264 recorder, Ki Pro GO can capture up to four HD or SD channels simultaneously to affordable, off-the-shelf USB media. Genlock-free inputs eliminate the need to externally synchronise sources, while redundant recording provides flexible backups of each input. Ki Pro GO combines intuitive design with the production-proven performance of AJA’s Ki Pro family of products into a compact 2RU, half-rack width form factor.

Ki Pro Ultra Plus

Ki Pro Ultra Plus is a multi-channel Apple ProRes recorder offering up to four channels of simultaneous HD recording; in single-channel mode, it’s a 4K/UltraHD/2K/HD Apple ProRes or Avid DNxHD® MXF recorder and player supporting the latest connectivity, including 3G-SDI, fiber and HDMI 2.0, as well as large raster HFR workflows, including 4K 60p. Suited for a range of environments, the portable device boasts a carry handle and is easily rackmountable.

AJA Streaming Solutions

AJA offers a range of streaming solutions, including KONA HDMI, which can be used to capture, stream and switch up to four HD camera sources using steaming apps like Wirecast and vMix. Portable and easy-to-use, AJA U-TAP SDI and U-TAP HDMI USB 3.0-powered capture devices connect directly to a computer via a USB 3.0 connection, with no drivers to install. The Thunderbolt™ 3-equipped Io 4K Plus makes it easy to transfer either four HD streams of video and audio from SDI and HDMI for streaming with associated software or one 4K signal, while HELO enables simultaneously streaming, encoding and recording of high quality video.

AJA Fibre Solutions

From frame synchronisation and conversion to recording and playback, AJA develops a variety of single and multi-mode fibre solutions that allow professionals to take advantage of fiber connectivity to transmit signals over longer distances with a smaller footprint. AJA fibre solutions on display at Mediatech include: FiDO 2R, FiDO 2T, FiDO-R-SC and the Hi5-Fiber

KUMO Routers

Available in multiple connector densities and 3G-SDI and 12G-SDI options, KUMO routers provide convenient dense routing solutions in lightweight form factors for use in facilities, OB trucks, post suites and more. The new KUMO 1616-12G and KUMO 3232-12G routers enable full range of 4K and UltraHD routing on a single BNC for rates up to 12G. All KUMO routers are easy to update, configure, and control with optional Control Panels for quick physical access for source and destination routing, with convenient USB ports, plus integrated web browser access across an Ethernet network.



SGO integrates AJA KONA 5 into Mistika Ultima Systems for 8K production

AJA Video Systems has announced that post production software developer SGO has integrated AJA KONA 5 audio and video I/O cards into its full finishing and workflow solution Mistika Ultima, providing simplified and optimised 8K production for broadcast clients.

Already deployed for live 8K broadcasts in Asia, the new Mistika Ultima 8K System provides a real-time finishing workflow for 8K Full UHD at 60p, even with uncompressed formats. It comprises an AJA KONA 5 card with 12G-SDI I/O connectivity, Mistika Ultima software, an HP Z8 workstation, a high performance SGO storage solution and other industry-standard hardware.

“We are delighted that broadcasters and other facilities in Japan have embraced Mistika Technology to produce content all the way up to 8K,” explains Shinpei Takoshima, Senior Systems Engineer at Kyoshin Communications. “Our clients using the latest Mistika Ultima 8K System with the new AJA KONA 5 are aware that deploying this technology puts them at the forefront of production and that dependable and high performing solutions like the KONA 5 are a must.”

“8K production is complex and demanding, so we strive to equip our customers with the best technology out there; KONA 5 meets this requirement and was a natural choice for our Mistika Ultima 8K system. The card is durable and versatile, and its four 12G-SDI ports minimise cabling,” shared Geoff Mills, Managing Director at SGO. “We’ve been thoroughly impressed by the support that AJA’s development team has provided us to achieve a new 8K workflow and look forward to integrating KONA 5 cards across our complete line of finishing systems.”

KONA 5 is a high-performance 8-lane PCIe 3.0 capture and output card featuring 12G-SDI I/O and HDMI 2.0 output. For OEM partners, the card is supported on AJA’s SDK for macOS, Windows and Linux, offering advanced features such as 8K and multi-channel 4K. KONA 5 is also compatible with creative tools such as Adobe® Premiere® Pro, Apple® Final Cut Pro X, and Avid® Media Composer®, via AJA’s proven macOS and Windows drivers and application plug-ins. KONA 5 enables simultaneous capture with signal pass through when using 12G-SDI, and offers HDMI 2.0 output as well as deep-color and multi-format HDR support.


AJA releases KUMO 1616-12G compact 12G-SDI router

AJA Video Systems has announced that KUMO 1616-12G is now shipping. Featuring 16x 12G-SDI inputs and 16x 12G-SDI outputs, the compact SDI router supports high frame rate and deep colour workflows over SDI, at up to 4K and 8K resolutions.

Designed for broadcast, production and ProAV environments where size and capacity are crucial, KUMO 1616-12G mirrors the compact physical form of AJA’s production-proven KUMO 1616 router and offers network-based and/or physical control. Multi-port gang-routing supports up to 8K resolutions, and a USB port makes it easy to configure the router IP address via AJA’s free eMini-Setup software. Key feature highlights include:

  • 16x 12G-SDI inputs and 16x outputs for up to 4K/UltraHD support at 60p over a single cable
  • Small, compact 1RU form factor
  • Multi-port gang control supports up to 8K resolutions
  • Redundant power supply option
  • Eight salvos per router
  • Embedded web server for remote control on any standard web browser
  • USB port to easily configure the router IP address and simplify initial network configuration
  • Auto re-clocking SDI rates: 270 Mbps /1.483/1.485/2.967/2.970/5.934/5.940/

11.868/11.880 Gbps

  • Support for AJA KUMO Control Panels (hardware, with direct connect or networked)
  • 5-year warranty and support

AJA adds UltraHD support to IPR-10G-HDMI with v1.1 firmware

AJA Video Systems recently released v1.1 firmware for its IPR-10G-HDMI Mini-Converter, which enables SMPTE ST 2110 IP video/audio to HDMI. Available as a free download, the update adds support for UltraHD up to 30p and integrates new improvements for discovery, registration and control.

The compact and fanless IPR-10G-HDMI Mini-Converter receives SMPTE ST 2110 over 10GigE connectivity and formats the data for output as video and audio on a full-size HDMI interface, with simultaneous analogue audio output via an RCA interface.

New v1.1 firmware for the device includes:

Support for 10-bit, 4:2:2 uncompressed UltraHD (3840 x 2160p 23.98, 24, 25, 29.97, 30)

– Discovery, registration and control


– Ember Plus (Control only)

“We’re excited to bring IPR-10G-HDMI users new UltraHD support with v1.1 firmware, as the update meets a critical need in the market, allowing professionals to output UltraHD signals across IP networks to the latest HDMI devices and displays,” said Nick Rashby, president, AJA Video Systems.

AJA releases desktop software v15 for KONA, Io and T-TAP

AJA Video Systems has announced that Desktop Software v15 is now available as a free download for KONA, Io and T-TAP products.

Desktop Software v15 introduces support for KONA 5, the latest generation of AJA’s industry-leading KONA desktop I/O product line. The update adds interoperability for KONA 5 with a range of creative applications from Adobe, Apple, Avid, Telestream and others via AJA’s integrated application plug-ins and drivers.

Additionally, the Desktop Software v15 update introduces new AJA Control Room full-screen playback and host system audio monitoring, enabling media assets to be previewed in Control Room via a computer monitor and speakers without AJA hardware attached. This update allows facilities to use the free macOS, Windows or Linux application as a stand-alone professional software player for high-quality media up to 4K resolution. KONA HDMI customers can also now use the system audio output and full screen playback to monitor audio and picture from incoming HDMI sources without the need for a separate output device.

Desktop Software v15 also includes valuable enhancements across the full range of KONA and Io products, plus T-TAP.


AJA Video I/O support built into Unreal Engine 4.20

AJA Video Systems’ KONA 4 and Corvid 44 are the first video cards with built-in support for Unreal Engine. Epic Games recently released Unreal Engine 4.20, which includes a plug-in based on the AJA SDK supporting HD/SDI video and audio input and output to the AJA Corvid 44 and KONA 4 I/O cards. This includes full support for LTC, VITC timecode and fully gen-lockable video enabling integration of AR and graphics in live broadcast transmissions.

“There is a rising tide of momentum for Unreal Engine in broadcast across virtual sets for live broadcast, virtual production and eSports. Unreal Engine together with our KONA 4 or Corvid 44 cards deliver an incredibly low cost, low-latency solution for augmented reality applications for live broadcast,” said Bill Bowen, CTO, AJA Video Systems.

“There has been a growing demand from our customers working in live broadcast for video support in engine. We’re excited to offer support for AJA’s KONA 4 and Corvid 44 cards as a first step in that direction with this latest engine release,” said Kim Libreri, CTO, Epic Games.


AJA introduces 2TB Pak 2000 SSD recording media

AJA Video Systems expanded its line of Pak SSD media with the introduction of the 2TB Pak 2000 for Ki Pro Ultra and Ki Pro Ultra Plus recording and playback devices. The company also revealed new ordering options for the entire Pak drive family, including HFS+ formatting for macOS® users and exFAT for PC and universal use.

“With productions rapidly embracing high resolution, high frame rate and multi-cam workflows, media storage is a key concern. Pak 2000 introduces a high capacity recording option at a lower cost per GB than before, and with the performance and reliability our products are known for,” shared AJA president Nick Rashby. “Our new HFS+ and exFat options give customers greater flexibility with formatting upon ordering that fits their workflow demands.”

Pak 2000 delivers the longer recording capacity required for live event productions, documentaries, news and sports programming, making it ideal for multi-camera HD workflows with the Ki Pro Ultra Plus’s multi-channel HD recording capabilities. The high capacity drive can hold more than four hours of 4K/UltraHD ProRes (HQ), three hours of ProRes 4444 at 30p, and up to two hours ProRes (HQ) or 90 minutes of ProRes 4444 at 60p. Double the length can be achieved with two Pak drives and rollover support in Ki Pro Ultra and Ki Pro Ultra Plus. Like all AJA recording media, Pak 2000 is tested for optimal performance and reliability, and backed by an international warranty.


AJA powers 4K/UHD HDR conversion for BetaMedia/DBW mobile productions

Italian production company BetaMedia delivers a range of television programming for clients including Endemol, Infront, and OBS, among others and credits spanning Big Brother Italy, Master Chef, the Alpine Skiing World Cup, Olympics and Serie A Football Championship.

The company recently joined forces with DBW to develop one of Italy’s first IP-based 4K HDR Outside Broadcast (OB) vans, the Esterna 14. To blend incoming and outgoing signals for 4K/UltraHD HDR, HD HDR and HD SDR broadcast; BetaMedia recently invested in 24 AJA FS-HDR converters for real-time HDR and WCG conversion.

“FS-HDR is extremely versatile and can serve any signal function we need, so it was a natural fit for the Esterna,” shared Rosario Messina, chief engineer and technical designer at BetaMedia. “If I have a signal coming in that isn’t formatted for use in the pipeline yet, I can just run it through FS-HDR in real-time and the problem is solved.”

Capable of 4K/UltraHD and HD production, the OB van is based on a scalable FlexIP structure with operating dimensions that can accommodate up to 36 4K SONY cameras and 12 EVS XT4K servers. It also includes SAM/Grass Valley technology for IP and video switching, as well as gear from Stage Tec and Clearcom for audio and communications. For HDR productions, the van uses an S-Log3/2SI/2160p50 profile. AJA FS-HDRs are used to convert signals from outside sources for a consistent look across production, and to convert outbound signals to match whichever flavour of signal each broadcaster requires.

“FS-HDR has been an excellent addition to the Esterna 14. We can easily send and receive incoming sources from far away with copper and optical inputs that can be switched via an internal matrix, in addition to standardising or conforming new colour spaces,” Messina explained. “FS-HDR also allows us to up and down convert, and we can vary the frame rate, deinterlace or synchronize as needed. Another advantage is the ability to vary between Level A, Level B, 2SI and more, and extract and deliver audio to the audio matrix in MADI mode.”


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