Vizrt Live Production Control Webinar: Tearing down the walls of the control room


Is your control room outdated and leaving you wondering how you are going to thrive in the future of broadcast? 

In today’s landscape, there’s an emerging new vision of storytelling replacing the old way of production. It boils down to a single word, “software”. In today’s world of fragmented viewership, software gives you the freedom to adapt, to flex as needed, and to scale as appropriate. Software can do things proprietary hardware could never do and lets you tell stories in new ways you couldn’t have imagined a few short years ago. 

The key is partnering with the right software company. In this webinar, you will be shown how your control room – using the latest Vizrt production software – can make its own quantum leap forward into this bright new future.

Speaker: Vegard Elgesem, Senior Product Manager at Vizrt

Vegard Elgesem is the Senior Product Manager for Vizrt’s live production control tools including Viz Mosart, Viz Verdi, Viz Opus and Viz Vectar. As a part of the original Mosart Medialab, he started managing Mosart projects in European broadcasters. Following Vizrt’s acquisition of Mosart Medialab, he relocated to Asia to help broadcasters across APAC modernize their live production. Vegard took on the role as a Senior Product Manager in the beginning of 2020, and he’s now a part of the global product team that develops the next generation of production tools in Vizrt, among these are Viz Verdi and Viz Vectar.

Do you have questions about Vizrt’s live production control tools? Be sure to watch the live webinar and have your questions answered by Elgesem during the Q&A part.

Date: 5 March 2020

Time: 4pm GMT+7

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