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LiveU is driving the live video revolution, providing live video streaming for TV, mobile, online and social media. Let your audience become part of your story with high-quality and flawless live video, transmitted from anywhere in the world, through the use of our patented bonding and video transport technology. LiveU creates a consistent bandwidth and a reliable connection so you can acquire, manage and distribute high-quality remote live broadcasts.

LiveU demos affordable multi-camera live video production at NAB 2020

LiveU will demonstrate the latest IP technology poised to change the rules of the game for broadcasters, sports producers, and content creators at NAB this year. Visitors to the LiveU booth will be able to experience a live video production featuring a complete Wireless At-Home Production solution in the LiveU Courtside Studio. Attendees can immerse themselves in the dynamic live multi-cam basketball court and studio, shoot some hoops, and see how the entire production can be accomplished easily, affordably and in high quality using LiveU’s breakthrough IP video technology. The LiveU Courtside Studio will also host live streamed interviews with innovators in content production, plus some special surprise guests.

From Contribution to Distribution

LiveU will teach visitors about remote live video contribution with the company’s Wireless At-Home Production solution that includes everything customers need, including remote Tally Light and Return Video. Then they will see how major sports and news broadcasters including CBS, CNN, Cox Media Group, Fox Sports, Meredith Corporation, Quincy Media, and Sinclair Broadcast Group are curating their content with LiveU Matrix. For breaking news and live events, LiveU Matrix also enables live content to be shared easily and cost-effectively with multiple destinations and TV stations. We’ll even show how users can control their LiveU units from anywhere with LiveU Control app!

For the Love of the Game 

LiveU will welcome the NBA, AT&T, and Ericsson to their Courtside Studio to share how they teamed up with LiveU to bring 5G to the NBA Summer League’s live production in 2019. The breakthrough testing was a slam dunk and introduced a completely new way for fans to experience the game.

LiveU be making a breakthrough product announcement at NAB. This game-changing technology will impact how live video is acquired and produced remotely.

LiveU is represented by Concilium Technologies (PTY) Ltd in South Africa.

LIVE Submersible Broadcasting


At last year’s IBC (September 2019), Associated Press (AP) was awarded the prestigious IBC Innovation Award for their undersea reporting during the First Descent Mission in Seychelles. The technical award was for the innovative storytelling and creativity made possible thanks to the partnership between AP, Nekton, Sonardyne, LiveU and Inmarsat. What made the award extra special was the fact that this was the first full HD quality multi-camera live signal from the depths of the ocean using optical video transmission techniques, in which the pictures transmit through the ocean waves using light in the electromagnetic spectrum.

The mission’s broadcasts were part of the Nekton Deep Ocean Research Institute’s First Descent expedition, which is exploring some of the world’s least explored areas around the Indian Ocean, as part of a project to increase understanding and aid protection of the marine life they contain. Very little research has been undertaken beneath 30metres (scuba depth) across Seychelles’ vast ocean territory of 1.37 million square kilometres. The objective is to contribute to establishing a baseline of marine life and the state of the ocean in Seychelles. Research is focused from the surface into the Bathyal Zone (200m to 3000m), home to the greatest patterns of biodiversity and impact of human activities on these vital ecosystems. Supported by 13 scientists based on the mother ship, the Ocean Zephyr, Nekton’s goal is to undertake at least 50 “first descents” into these waters to collect and generate data whilst live streaming their missions to interested parties.

Previous real-time video transmissions from the world’s deep oceans were signals sent from remotely operated unmanned subsea vehicles, with video and audio fed via a fixed or tethered video or fiber optic cable, or sent over a low quality digital live stream that also requires underwater cables and a significant time delay. Tethered cables restricted the freedom of movement of the unmanned vehicle and often ended in sliced or broken cables. When planning these missions, Nekton Deep Ocean Research Institute and Associated Press contracted, amongst others, pioneering subsea communications technology company Sonardyne to help provide the ways and means to transmit live video from the depths, without restricting the free-roaming submersibles, to the research vessel, Ocean Zephyr.

Sonardyne, who specialize in acoustic and non-acoustic technologies in marine environments, had the ideal solution in a recently developed product – the Bluecomm free space optical modem. With a depth rating of 4000m and a data rate of up to 10Mbps, BlueComm modems use an array of high power light emitting diodes (LEDs) that are rapidly modulated to transmit data. It uses a separate photomultiplier tube as its receiving element. BlueComm operates using visible light, which can travel significant distances through water, making it an excellent tool for wireless transfer of video. The general rule of thumb is whatever colour the water appears, is the colour which will be least absorbed. So blue in clean water is the least absorbed electromagnetic wavelength, making it the obvious colour the lights that BlueComm uses. Because it uses visible light, the system is most effective in low ambient light conditions such as deep water or shallow water nighttime operations and because Nekton were focusing on the Bathyal Zone, this kind of technology was a perfect fit. For shallower and turbid waters, Sonardyne have developed a ultra violet (UV) version which improves transmission where there is a lot of ambient light but the maximum possible range reduces to about 80 meters. The optical data transmission is highly energy efficient, enabling more than nine gigabytes of data to be transferred using a single Lithium D sized battery cell.

Onboard the Ocean Zephyr, the decoded video was uplinked using Inmarsat’s high bandwidth SAILOR 100 GX compact one-metre Ka-band terminal, with the back-up of FleetBroadband, allowing AP to send live footage from First Descent’s mother ship to their production hub in London and on to hundreds of broadcasters and digital publishers across the globe. Over 70 hours of live content was transmitted during First Descent’s mission in the Seychelles, including nine hours of prime-time television broadcast on Sky, and two-way interviews with the submersible crews. At one point, pictures were even beamed to the giant screens positioned above the concourses of London’s major railway stations, offering commuters a live ‘feed’ to events unfolding deep beneath the waves on the other side of the world. Sky News and Sky Atlantic, as part of Sky Ocean Rescue, which have also joined the mission, plan to broadcast more live subsea programmes in the future as the project develops.

Meanwhile, the potential of the Nekton Mission continues to unfold. Nekton has teamed up with the University of Oxford to develop artificial intelligence tools, for example, to accelerate analysis and publication. Data and video will be made available through OCTOPUS – Ocean Tool for Public Understanding and Science – to provide a holistic and dynamic view of the changing state of the Indian Ocean, its biodiversity and human impacts. Better connectivity can also increase participation and improved real-time communication opens the door for experts from developing nations to join the scientific exploration of the oceans. In fact, promoting local engagement is one of the Nekton Mission’s broader objectives and the project organisers made sure to create opportunities for marine scientists based in the Seychelles to participate in all aspects of the expedition.

Together with datasets and research findings emerging from the expedition, this inclusive approach is intended to support the Seychelles implement a Marine Spatial Plan, which will see around one-third of its national waters protected as part of building a sustainable Blue Economy. This is important because the way the Indian Ocean changes in the coming decades will profoundly affect the lives, livelihoods and wellbeing of the 2.5 billion people living in the Indian Ocean region. Their next mission is in the Maldives around April this year and then onto the Mozambique Channel, all coming to you live from under the sea thanks to groundbreaking technology, a whole bunch of flashing blue lights…and a little bit of magic!

LiveU is represented by Concilium Technologies in South Africa.

LiveU ‘State of Live’ report confirms continuous strong growth in live IP broadcasting

On 12 December 2019, LiveU presented its annual ‘State of Live’ report based on data gathered from its global customer base of thousands of users. The findings reflect the substantial growth in IP news and sports broadcasting with a 50% increase in the number of LiveU units used to stream live events and 250% increase to around 20 million in live sessions overall.

HEVC continues to play a key role in live transmission, which is pivotal for live sports productions. This is due to the higher quality video performance and bandwidth efficiency enabled by HEVC technology. LiveU reports a 65% growth in HEVC units deployed worldwide and over 400% growth in HEVC-based sessions. Nearly 50% of the field units used to stream sports are HEVC-based with almost 80% of sports sessions transmitted in HD.

The increasing deployment of cellular bonding technology for live sport coverage has been evident worldwide. Following the FIFA Women’s World Cup France 2019™, Kevin Callahan, VP, Field Operations & Engineering, Fox Sports said, “We always get energised if there is a huge buzz at home and this World Cup surpassed all our expectations with the success of the US Women’s soccer team. LiveU’s LU600 HEVC portable transmission unit provided the backbone for our ENG shoots that were not at the stadium, enabling us to increase the number of live feeds. We also sent content to multiple locations simultaneously using LiveU’s Matrix IP cloud video management platform, making the content available to Fox TV stations that wanted to integrate live shots into their newscasts.”

LiveU’s State of Live report also shows a significant increase in remote at-home productions (REMI) from 2018, allowing broadcasters and sports organisers to reduce costs by producing live shows from a centralised studio control room instead of on-site production and satellite trucks. LiveU’s at-home production customers reported savings of over 70% on their production costs this year.

Samuel Wasserman, LiveU’s CEO, noted, “Our annual findings show significant year-on-year growth in live IP broadcasting, boosted by HEVC technology. Now with the rolling out of 5G networks, the potential is even larger. In the same way that 4G transformed the broadcast market, 5G is likely to have an even greater impact across multiple sectors, not least sport, and we believe that 2020 is going to be a milestone year with the Summer Games in Tokyo and UEFA EURO 2020. Adding greater efficiency and reliability, 5G offers exciting new opportunities for live event coverage. We’ve already seen it in our tests around the world covering events such as the NBA Summer League with AT&T and the Berlin Marathon. The combination of 5G and our field-proven HEVC units will result in exceptional video performance, even better than that achieved by traditional transmission methods.”

Wasserman continued, “Remote at-home production will also be facilitated by the emergence of 5G and we’re already seeing a rise in applications using our technology, in line with industry trends.”

LiveU expands live streaming for South Africa’s horse racing world

LiveU technology is being used to boost fan engagement across South Africa’s popular horse racing industry. Replacing traditional satellite, fibre and microwave technology, LiveU’s portable field units are being deployed to create exciting live coverage from the race tracks themselves, inside betting centers, and around award ceremonies and special events. Heading up this trend are Tellytrack Horseracing, Highlights and Sports Betting Television, and Gold Circle Horseracing and Betting – two key players in the country’s sporting world.

Tellytrack started to use LiveU for their filler program around the races, following an extensive testing period. LiveU backpack units are now deployed in different regions around the country, providing live crossings and special segments. The LiveU feeds used for TV broadcasts are then streamed via the same channel to its web site and social media platforms.

Wesley Lloyd – Operations Manager at Tellytrack, explained: “LiveU gives us the flexibility to walk around, enabling us to broadcast live from places we couldn’t go before. For example, we can go and interview the jockeys in the stables at the far end of the track by simply sending a camera operator out into the field with a backpack, some batteries, a camera and a LiveU unit. In the past, we would have had to use complex microwave services with three or four cameras.” Lloyd continued, “Going live from the betting shops has also enhanced our coverage, enabling us to connect with our customers and make everything more relatable – the fans can have their say and feel part of the action. We’ve also used LiveU for award ceremonies and special events in shopping centers to get more feedback from the public, with excellent signal levels every time.”

Gold Circle has been testing the viability of the LiveU solution since early 2018 for both camera signal acquisition while following the horses and in the distribution of content to supplement and as a substitute for SNG (satellite newsgathering) trucks.

Sherwin Singh, TV Department Manager / Production Director, Gold Circle, said: “We have been impressed with how reliable and robust LiveU technology has proven to be on both ends of the production cycle. The fact that the LU600 field unit can be used for both video acquisition and distribution has been a key factor in our buying decision. The unit is very user friendly and offers a level of redundancy without having any external devices plugged in. It also looks and feel solid. One of our camera operators will be using a camera on a gimble, for example, while the LU600 unit will provide a signal from the start that can track the horses as they are loaded into their starting positions. The same camera operator can then be used to track the horses for most of the course, following the inside line. The fact that the LiveU unit can provide a sub-second signal to the studio means that it can be integrated into the live multi-camera mix reliably and add a new dynamic to the presentation.”

Alexander Gechtman, Regional VP, LiveU, said: “South Africa is a magnet for innovative sports coverage using LiveU, as we saw with the Absa Cape Epic mountain bike race, Ballito Pro international surfing event and Otter African Trail Run. It’s exciting to see how these leading players in the horse racing industry are using LiveU to enrich the live experience and provide greater interactivity with their customers.”

LiveU showcases the first integrated 5G cellular bonding unit for live coverage

LiveU recently announced its new fully compliant 5G LU600 solution for global newsgathering and live sports coverage. With internal 5G modems, and high efficiency antennas covering all sub 6GHz frequencies for 5G and 4G, integrated with LiveU’s award-winning 4K HEVC technology, the LU600 5G offers customers the most powerful, reliable and future-proof cellular transmission solution.

Samuel Wasserman, LiveU’s CEO & Co-founder, said, “LiveU has always been at the forefront of broadcast technology. With 5G rolling out rapidly across major cities worldwide, we’re more committed than ever to stay ahead of the game. Our new LU600 5G solution with integrated 5G modems takes full advantage of the faster speeds and guaranteed high bandwidth provided by next generation 5G networks.”

Supporting worldwide 5G cellular frequencies, the LU600 5G enables users to enjoy all the benefits of the new networks, including lowest delay, the highest video quality and resolution, and fast file uploads, even in congested areas. The super low latency enabled by 5G is particularly beneficial for live 4K sports productions. High-quality coverage continues seamlessly where 5G is not available, for example in rural areas or during network build-out. If the live production crosses into non-5G areas, the LiveU unit automatically bonds the available networks supporting any combination of 3G/4G/5G modems.

Wasserman continued, “In parallel, we’re working closely with leading telecom operators worldwide to validate our equipment with emerging 5G networks to make maximum use of the bandwidth and other benefits.”

In the US, LiveU and AT&T have teamed up for live news and sports broadcasts, testing the real-work impact and performance enhancements 5G technology has on live broadcast video production using LiveU units recently illustrated in a 5G-based production of the NBA Summer League. Elsewhere, LiveU is participating in 5G tests and events with other leading operators, including Vodafone in Italy and KT Corporation in South Korea. Also, in South Korea, LiveU successfully broadcast live to five countries around the world the 100th anniversary orchestra tribute to the provisional government via SK Telecom’s 5G wireless network.

Wasserman summed up, “We’ve already seen how cellular bonding has largely replaced satellite transmission for live news coverage. With the power of 5G, the potential is even larger for every type of live sports production.”

LiveU at IBC 2019

LiveU will present its portfolio of 5G-enabled solutions for live news-gathering and dynamic sports coverage for every type of event. Looking towards the 2020 games in Tokyo, LiveU is already gearing up to support hundreds of customers with its award-winning HEVC technology.

IBC highlights include:

CREATE: HEVC 4K field units

  • LiveU’s flagship LU600 4K HEVC portable transmission solution offers flawless video with extreme bandwidth efficiency. The LU600’s latest HEVC 4K-SDI edition facilitates professional 4Kp50/60 streaming for top-quality production, supporting VR and 360 applications.
  • Our compact, robust LU300 HEVC unit for live streaming. At an attractive price-point, the LU300 HEVC solution is tailored to customers requiring a smaller field unit for high-quality video-on-the-go. Highly flexible, the LU300 can also serve as a standalone video encoder or be used as a LiveU DataBridge mobile hotspot for general connectivity in the field.
  • The professional 1U 4K HEVC rackmount, LU610 4K HEVC for vehicles and fixed locations. This powerful encoder, based on LiveU’s LU600 4K HEVC technology, offers the perfect hybrid solution for SNG trucks, point-to-point and point-to-multipoint distribution.

We’ll be showcasing our latest Remote At-Home Production applications for sports and live event producers, including:

  • Tally Light – bringing the ease of the live studio experience to the field, this important new tool enables field reporters to know instantly when they’re live on air via a red-light indicator connected to a LiveU unit.
  • LiveU Graphics – an easy-to-use professional cloud production tool for adding dynamic graphics to live streams. Users can simply select from ready-to-use graphic templates or create their own design and stream directly to any social media or CDN.
  • AV sync and support for up to 8 audio channels
  • LiveU Control – enabling simple remote control of LiveU units via smartphones

With precision measurement of end-to-end delay, LiveU’s Remote At-Home Production allows more events to be covered with simplified logistics and reduced costs. Multi-camera live events can be produced from a centralized studio control room instead of costly on-site production and satellite trucks.

MANAGE: Story-centric cloud AI & more

Driving meaningful content, LiveU AI offers a story-centric AI service for global news-gathering. The complete service, powered by newsbridge, offers a comprehensive set of contribution and AI-based video indexing tools for enriching, searching and accessing live or file-based content. Operating within the LiveU Central cloud management platform, LiveU AI will enable editors to search and find their required footage faster than ever, easing their daily workload and making real-time production much more efficient.

We’ll also be demonstrating our new LiveU Central feature, Single Sign On (SSO) for secure user management, integrated with the customer’s active directory or Identity as a Service (IDaaS).

DELIVER: IP video distribution

LiveU Matrix is LiveU’s next-generation IP video distribution platform, recently selected by CBS Newspath. Matrix provides a highly efficient content curation service, empowering newsroom managers to quickly and easily give hundreds of affiliates unparalleled access to live feeds from LiveU units in the field and other sources without any interruption, additional resources, or expensive fees. Matrix is also ideal for sports producers looking to live stream events easily and cost-effectively to multiple destinations and TV stations.

LiveU announces majority investment from Francisco Partners to accelerate growth

Francisco Partners, a global technology-focused private equity firm, together with co-investor IGP Capital, have acquired LiveU – a leader in live IP video solutions – from its existing shareholders to accelerate further the company’s global expansion. With support from its new investors, LiveU will continue the company’s strong growth momentum.


LiveU is democratising live video by providing high quality live video solutions for TV, mobile, online and social media with its innovative portable devices and cloud services. With over 3,000 customers in 130+ countries, LiveU’s technology is the solution of choice for leading broadcasters, sport organisations, news agencies, online and social media.


Samuel Wasserman, CEO and co-founder of LiveU, said, “We are delighted to have Francisco Partners, a firm with an established track record, as our new majority owner. This will allow us to focus on our long-term strategy and growth objectives, benefiting our customers, partners and employees. I would like to take this opportunity to thank our previous shareholders Canaan Partners, Viola Ventures, Pitango Venture Capital, and Lightspeed Venture Partners for their valued support along the way, and contribution to our success.”


“We have made tremendous progress in delivering on our promise to establish LiveU as the clear market leader in providing live video streaming solutions for TV, digital and social media,” added Wasserman. “This could not have been possible without the tireless efforts of our amazing employees developing and driving superior technology solutions that contribute to LiveU’s current market position.”


“We are extremely excited to be partnering with LiveU as the company enters the next chapter of its growth story,” said Eran Gorev, senior operating partner at Francisco Partners. “LiveU is already recognised as the industry leader, and we look forward to partnering with IGP Capital and LiveU’s management team to further enhance the company’s solutions, grow the customer base and advance its strategic goals.”


Mario Razzini, principal at Francisco Partners, added “The broadcast and media industries are in a period of rapid change and LiveU is distinctively positioned to help customers capitalise on this opportunity with its strong market position and unmatched product innovation and performance.”


IGP Capital general partner Assaf Harel, added, “We are thrilled to join Francisco Partners in backing the company and its talented team of professionals. LiveU is uniquely positioned in the global broadcast and media markets and we’re excited to support the company with new investment initiatives and future growth prospects.”


Goldman Sachs acted as exclusive financial advisor to Francisco Partners.

AT&T and LiveU team up on 5G for live news and sports broadcasts

Broadcasters, production crews, and sports organisations must deliver breaking news and live events quickly and efficiently. 5G offers the potential to transform behind-the-scenes video operations, expand broadcast production capabilities and deliver the next generation of entertainment options. AT&T and LiveU are working together to bring 5G to LiveU’s HEVC (High Efficiency Video Coding) bonding portable transmission solutions. We will test the real-world impact and performance enhancements 5G technology can have on live broadcast video production using LiveU HEVC portable broadcast units.


LiveU provides reliable live video streaming solutions for TV, mobile, online and social media for newsgathering, live sports and events coverage in more than 130 countries. The combination of HEVC bonding and 5G capabilities is intended to allow LiveU’s global customer base to take advantage of higher speeds and lower latency in the field and promises enhanced features for future LiveU video solutions.


From backpacks to smartphones, and satellite/cellular hybrid to antenna video solutions, LiveU enables content creators to capture, manage and distribute high-quality, live broadcasts on the go from virtually anywhere. LiveU HEVC portable units currently use a patented technology that bonds multiple cellular networks together for video transport including AT&T’s 4G LTE network. In addition, they offer other transport technologies such as Wi-Fi and satellite.


“In a world of 24-hour news cycles, getting breaking news quickly to audiences is imperative,” said Mo Katibeh, chief marketing officer, AT&T Business. “By teaming up with LiveU to trial 5G with their portable HEVC broadcast units, we will learn how we can help broadcasters increase production capabilities and expand possibilities for future innovations – as well as help them create compelling new engagement models with consumers. Just imagine the possibility of broadcasters being able to live stream breaking news in 8K or in an AR/VR 360 format over mobile 5G.”


“We see 5G as a critical advancement for the broadcast industry disrupting the way breaking news, live sports, and other live events are produced. We anticipate the technology will bring more capabilities to our customers such as multiple channels of audio, multicamera productions from a single portable transmission solution, 4K streaming, and high-quality video return,” said Avi Cohen, chief operations officer and co-founder, LiveU. “AT&T is a strong global leader with a focused approach on delivering high-quality solutions that meet the evolving needs of consumers and content creators. Collaborating with AT&T demonstrates LiveU’s commitment to providing our customers with unique features and solutions that take advantage of all the possibilities that 5G enables.” 


AT&T and LiveU plan to explore using 5G capabilities in the AT&T Foundry to enhance the capture and delivery of live video content.


“The LU600 HEVC unit delivers the highest video quality and bitrate in the market, fastest file transfer, and lowest delay. Combined with the higher capacity and speeds of 5G, the technologies are poised to further disrupt the broadcast industry,” added Cohen. 

LiveU compact HEVC field unit for on-the-go live streaming

The LU300 is a small-sized, cost-effective and reliable HEVC encoder, enabling broadcasters and other content creators to transmit high-quality video on-the-go.

With LiveU’s professional-grade hardware HEVC technology at its core, the LU300 combines high-quality video performance with extreme bandwidth efficiency. Content creators can provide the same video quality as H.264 while using about half the bandwidth. In cases where original H.264 bitrate is maintained, the LU300 HEVC offers greatly improved video quality.

Unlike software HEVC solutions, the LU300 can encode in HEVC format at all times, operating in real-time with extreme low latency. The LU300 offers longer battery time with a three hour internal battery. Weighing just over 900 grams and available in a pouch or camera-mount configuration, the LU300 bonds up to six connections: two LTE-Advanced internal modems, two external modems, WiFi and LAN.

Live & Store functionality enables users to upload high quality copies of the live video after live sessions. The LU300 can also serve as a standalone video encoder or be used as a LiveU DataBridge mobile hotspot for general connectivity in the field.

Its new design offers an enlarged 2.2” display with improved resolution, dramatic improvement in visibility under sunlight conditions and a new JOG controller for easier control. Additional enhancements include a stronger CPU for super-fast file upload.

Technical Specifications

VIDEO RESOLUTIONS: 1080p50/60/25/30/24, 1080i50/60, 720p50/60/25/30/24, PAL, NTSC



AUDIO ENCODER: AAC-HE/LC, 2 audio channels

PORTABILITY: Professional-grade side-pouch, belt-attachment or camera mounted

SIMULTANEOUS BONDING: Up to 6 network links

2 x internal cellular modems, 2 x external cellular modems, internal WiFi and Ethernet

MULTI-TARGET OUTPUT: Diverse A/V output through SDI and H.264 streams including connectivity for CDNs (server side)

POWER SOURCES: 3 hours internal battery

LOCAL CONTROL: Full monitoring and control using local 2.2” display and user friendly rotating jog

REMOTE CONTROL: Full web-based remote control from smartphones, laptops, tablets or web browsers

DISPLAY INFORMATION: Video preview – per-network cellular connectivity status incl. throughput, network delay etc.

RESILIENCY & QUALITY: Includes LiveU Reliable Transport (LRTTM), featuring proprietary algorithms such as automatic Adaptive Bit Rate (ABR), automatic Forward Error Correction (FEC) and other lost packet recovery algorithms

MODES: Live, Store & Forward (two quality levels), File transfer (FTP), DataBridge with access point

INTERFACES: 2 x USB 2.0, micro USB, RJ-45 Ethernet, 3.5mm in/out audio jack, micro-SD card, SIM cards


WiFi 802.11 a,b,g,n,ac support with internal MIMO antennas

2 x internal 3G/4G/LTE-Advanced modems with high-efficiency antennas for worldwide support

DIMENSIONS: 112.5mm x 203mm x 54.5mm / 4.4” x 8” x 2.1” (W x H x D)

WEIGHT: 955g (2.1lbs) with two internal modems and battery

TEMPERATURE: Operating: -5C to +45C (23F to 113F)

Add-on Features

STORE & FORWARD: Additional super-high quality level

LIVE & STORE: Perfect-quality encoding to local storage in parallel to live transmission

DUAL-SIM: Dual-SIM support for the internal modems

AUDIO CHANNELS: 4 audio channels

Contact Concilium Technologies (Pty) Ltd for more information: info@concilium.co.za | +27 12 678 9200

FIA World Rally Championship expands coverage capabilities with LiveU HEVC technologies

Following on from a very successful test of LiveU’s technology at the ADAC Rallye Deutschland in Germany last August, WRC Promoter GmbH, the company that’s responsible for all commercial aspects of the FIA World Rally Championship, has signed up to use LiveU’s technology across 10 rallies this year. LiveU has already helped bring enhanced coverage of Rallye Monte-Carlo and Rally Sweden to viewers in 2019, with another eight events also set to benefit. They include: Tour de Corse, Rally de Portugal, Rally Italia Sardegna, Rally Finland, ADAC Rallye Deutschland, Rally Turkey, Wales Rally GB and Rally RACC Catalunya – Rally de España.

Florian Ruth, director of Content and Production, WRC Promoter, said, “We are using three LU600 HEVC-equipped units with associated LiveU server technology and LiveU Central for overall management. HEVC is very important for us to significantly reduce bandwidth and LiveU has fitted smoothly into our production workflows”

Following on from the initial test last year, WRC Promotor has worked closely with LiveU to fully understand how to maximise the quality and the coverage. Ruth highlights the fact that at each event so far, they have continued this optimisation process, with the next rally – Tour de Corse – set to be the first time that the LU600s have been involved in testing camera positions in advance of the event.

Signals are sent – both live and files using store and forward – to the WRC TV production unit where the LiveU servers are situated, normally in the event Service Park, with the content then pulled into the edit suite as required. Rally stages are spread up to 250 km around the Service Park at each event.

Ruth said, “We are using LiveU in conjunction with our RF and satellite workflow, allowing us to significantly expand our coverage without having to worry about access to certain parts of events or rely on motorcycles to deliver the additional captured footage to us. In order to continue to fully engage existing viewers and to attract new audiences, we constantly need to innovate. Using LiveU is allowing us to think differently and to bring a fresh level of dynamism to our content as we can use locations at each event that simply weren’t possible previously. LiveU will also be able to deliver content directly to our Production Hub as we begin to move to remote production.”

2018 saw The FIA World Rally Championship (WRC) reach its best ever global airtime figure of 14,208 hours over last season’s 13 rounds, according to Nielsen Research. The WRC, recognised by the Fédération Internationale de l’Automobile (FIA), has a long and celebrated history, with 14 rallies around the world forming the 2019 series. WRC Promoter handles all the TV production, including all the broadcast formats, as well as the marketing of the series and sponsorship rights. It also works to increase the number of participants and explores new venues for the calendar.

Zion Eilam, Regional VP Sales (EMEA), LiveU, said, “We have worked very closely with WRC Promoter over the past few months to truly understand the considerable contribution challenges that they face and how we are able to work together to create new opportunities for them. We are very pleased that we’ve been chosen as a key part of their future development.”

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