Switch, mix, record and stream: Macro Video highlights live production equipment at Mediatech Africa 2019


Datavideo has built a mobile studio into an attaché case!

Three Hand-Carry Solutions (HS) provide the ultimate integrated product, allowing users to switch, mix, record and stream. The HS-1300 has six inputs; the HS-3200 has 12 inputs; and the HS-1600T has four inputs, which add camera control to 3 X HDBaseT PTZ cameras, as well. The HS-2850 and HS-2200 will switch and mix, and offer integrated communications and tally. The record and stream functions can be added separately.

Macro Video, distributors of Datavideo in Southern Africa, produce custom-built HS solutions based on the Datavideo SE-500HD and SE-650 four-input switchers. By mounting components as per client requirement in custom-designed aluminium cases, these modular systems allow almost any combination of equipment – such as Datavideo’s ITC-100/300 communications and tally system, HDR-70 hard drive recorder, HDR-1 USB recorder, NVS-25 streamer, the new HVS-33 streamer/ recorder, distribution amplifiers and various converters – to be installed in the aluminium case with a full HD 19.5’’ LCD screen mounted in the lid. With the appropriate added components, these hand-carry solutions will also switch, mix, record and stream!

New Datavideo equipment at Mediatech Africa 2019

New at Mediatech Africa will be the Datavideo NVS-33. This is the same record and streaming module found in the HS-3200, HS-1600T and HS-1300. The NVS-33 is an H.264 video streaming encoder and MP4 recorder that is able to configure two different bit-rates for recording and streaming simultaneously. It supports SDI and HDMI inputs, has RCA inputs for audio, and is extremely well-priced at R11,000 plus VAT. Also new is the digital ITC-300 eight-channel communications and tally system using CAT6 cabling, the HS-1600T Mobile Studio and a new PTZ camera, the PTC-140T: a cost-effective HDBaseT PTZ camera featuring PoE, a built-in streaming encoder and 20x optical zoom.

Visit Macro Video at Mediatech Africa 2019, taking place from 17 – 19 July at the Ticketpro Dome, Johannesburg.


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