Local film AYA explores the horrors of human trafficking


AYA chronicles the anguish and resilience of Aya Seniya (Danica Del Ray) as she experiences the nightmare of being trafficked by Boyade Van Cleef (Richard Gau) who she meets online. This will be the first feature film offering from Image State Films a new Johannesburg-based indie motion picture and television studio.

This dark thriller from screenwriter, director and producer Khalid El-Jelailati serves as a meditation on the reality and consequences of human trafficking. A spiralling narrative that delves into a world of deception, manipulation and violence. Staying true to the stories that are taking place in our society, where young women and children are being trafficked. The film looks at how as communities we’re still unable to prevent it from happening.

AYA is a fully independent, micro-budget film that was written in two days, prepped in five days and filmed in just over three days.

“Our aim is to prove that creating a micro-budget, quality feature film with an important message and minimal resources is absolutely possible for anyone who dares to try,” said El-Jelailati.

“By filming quickly, not allowing for multiple takes and having a healthy sense of reasonable un-reasonability, we were able to take an idea and turn it into a film in under two weeks. We want to promote this model of filmmaking in our communities, the ones that are struggling to break through the culture ceiling,”  added El-Jelailati.


View the teaser trailer, HERE.


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