GoodJob selects Baselight as first grading system


GoodJob, a post house with multiple editing suites in Osaka and Tokyo, announced that it is expanding its facility with FilmLight’s grading and finishing system, Baselight, and the post-production media server, FLUX Store.

To help meet future demands for 4K production, GoodJob is investing in the FilmLight solution at its Osaka facility. It already has a workflow capable of 4K/60p production and has been simultaneously expanding its range of equipment to include the Sony CineAlta F65RS and PMW-F55 4K cameras. With Baselight, the facility will complete its end-to-end 4K production pipeline.

In February 2015, GoodJob held its first open house since its establishment in 1993 to introduce its equipment and solutions for 4K production. The facility used the event to gauge the demand for 4K and UHD from the clients who visited and found that there are plenty of 4K and UHD projects, not only for TV programs but also for movies and other productions. FilmLight demonstrated Baselight at this event to show the future expansion in action.

Hironori Kobayashi, owner and artist at GoodJob, said, “There are people who say there is no 4K in Osaka. However, when I talked to many guests at the open house, I found there must be many projects originated in Osaka but most of them are completed in Tokyo. If we have a total 4K system here, we’ll get those clients to stay here.’ He continued, “To be honest, when we started discussion in the company, some of our staff were not keen about a new grading system. I spent days and days convincing them that we should have the best system available in order to gain more 4K work. Now everybody is happy to go for the FilmLight solution so that we can take things to the next level.’

“We know that Baselight has a reputation as the best grading system in the world. We also expect, with its performance, to achieve real-time playback instantly just after the content is copied onto the system. The speed of the process will ensure that clients are not kept waiting, and the rich grading tools will help to make the desired image immediately.’

He concluded, “The FilmLight Japanese office is also a key element in the decision, as we know we can have full support from it whenever we need it.’

GoodJob plans to open the new grading suite in July 2015.


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