Uwe Boll’s New Film To Shoot In South Africa


Director Uwe Boll, notorious for his violent films (250,000 people have petitioned for him to stop making films), will shoot his next film Janjaweed about the Sudan genocide in South Africa in January 2009. The film will be produced by Boll AG and Dan Clark with South Africa-based Chris Roland (Hotel Rwanda) as production consultant.

According to The Hollywood Reporter, Janjaweed will be “improvised based on his treatment’. The story will also have dialogue improvised by the actors.

Janjaweed is the name of Arab militia groups in Sudan accused of torture and genocide in Sudan. The script focuses on American journalists faced with dilemma of either staying to help the victims or leaving to report on the atrocities.

His other new film, also an improvisation, is based on the true story of a prison rape. The film, Stoic, is aimed at the arthouse audience and stars Edward Furlong, Shaun Sipos and Sam Levinson.


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