The Girls Are Back!


Carrie, Samantha, Charlotte and Miranda, the four protagonists of the cult TV series Sex and the City, are proving their box office muscle worldwide with the big screen version of the series. Worldwide the film is outperforming Indiana Jones and the Crystal Skull and the same trend is true in South Africa.

Sex and the City took R1.7m in its opening weekend (30 May – 1 June), while Indiana Jones took R1.6m over the same weekend. Admittedly though, this was Indiana Jones’ second week in release.

Third biggest earner over the weekend in question was the Ashton Kutcher / Cameron Diaz romp, What Happens in Vegas (R1m), followed by Iron Man, in its fifth week of release, at (R675, 122) and the Patrick Dempsey romcom, Made of Honor, also in its fifth week. It earned R344,905 over the weekend.


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