Crusoe co-prod with SA


NBC’s action series, Crusoe, written by Stephen Gallagher (Eleventh Hour) and directed by Duane Clark
(CSI: NY) will be filmed in the UK, South Africa and the Seychelles. The Canada/ UK/ South Africa co-production Crusoe will be produced in South Africa by Moonlighting Crusoe Prods, represented by Genevieve Hofmeyr.

Based on Daniel Defoe’s novel, the film chronicles the adventures of the resourceful castaway Crusoe (Philip Winchester) and his companion Friday on a desert island. It will also involve flashback to Crusoe’s previous life with his widower father (Sean Bean), the woman he loves, Susannah (Anna Walton) and a family friend, Jeremiah Blackthorn (Sam Neill)

Source: The Hollywood Reporter


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