CFC’s Annual General Meeting


The Cape Film Commission’s Annual General Meeting will take place at 14:00 on Wednesday, 24 August 2006 at the President Hotel in Bantry Hotel. The required notice period of 21 days clear of the meeting as required in terms of article 11.1 of the Company’s Articles of Association has been duly observed by the posting date of this article being 24 July 2006.

A lot has happened since the election of the new Board and the new Commissioner, Laurence Mitchell. The CFC has repositioned its strategy and as a result has practically exploded onto the local and international film scene with exciting projects and initiatives. The AGM will serve as a platform for a report back on all the CFC’s projects, events and operations over the past year and a full agenda will be made available on the CFC’s website. The AGM will also mark the Official launch of the Cape Film Commission’s new brand, which will become the icon of all things new that the CFC represents!

Procedures and main points will be put forward in this following notice.

The Cape Film Commission’s Board for 2006/7 will be comprised of 14 seats, representing the varied stakeholders within the industry. A 15th seat for representation of the emerging animation industry is also being considered and further details will be made available on the CFC’s website.

2 x Corporate Representation
3 x SMME representation
2 x Training and Development representation
2 x HDI representatives
1 x CPA representation (Appointed by Organisation)
1 x SAASP representation (Appointed by Organisation)
1 x IPO representation (Appointed by Organisation)
1 x City of Cape Town representative (Appointed by Organisation)
1 x Representative of the Provincial Government of the Western Cape (Appointed by Organisation)

The Current 2005/6 Board is as follows (ordered according to the above stakeholder list).

Mike SmitCondor Post Cape Town (Corporate)
Phillip KeyMoonlighting (Corporate)
Rafiq SamsodienThe Asylum (SMME)
Janette DevilliersGroundglass (SMME)
Lance GibbonsThe Callsheet (SMME)
Karen LightbodyNautilus (Training and Development)
Annabelle LebetheMAPPP SETA (Training and Development)
Zimkhita BuwaWiftsa (HDI)
Zaheer BhayatLight and Dark Films (HDI)
Izidore CodrinIPO
Linda WaySAASP
Oliver NurockCPA
Carol WrightCity of Cape Town Representative
Jo-Anne JohnstonProvincial Government of the Western Cape Representative

As per the clause 5.3 of the Cape Film Commission’s Article of Association, no individual (Apart from City and Province representatives) may serve more than two years on the Board. The following members may not be re-elected: Mike Smit (Chairman of the Board), Rafiq Samsodien (SMME representative) and Izidore Codrin (IPO representative) The CFC does however extend a huge thanks to these individuals, as well as the rest of the board for their time, effort and incalculable input into the CFC’s operations, goals and objectives. Your participation and service on the Board has helped the CFC break new barriers and achieve new heights in all efforts pertaining to the Western Cape Film industry and hope that you will continue to support the CFC in your own personal capacities.
The Annual General Meeting may be a few weeks away, but there are a number of procedures for members to follow if it is to run as smoothly as possible.

Only CFC members can nominate representatives for the new Board. Membership is free and a membership form is obtainable from the CFC’s website ( If you are already a member, we urge you to please email an update of your details to us whether they’ve changed or not. It helps us keep our database up to date and ultimately provide you, our member with the relevant information relating to the CFC’s projects, practices and notices.

Voting will only take place at the AGM. Attendance/Proxy forms are also available on the CFC’s website ( If you cannot attend and wish to appoint someone in your stead, please indicate this on the Attendance/Proxy form. Forms must be faxed to the CFC no later than 16:00 on Monday, 21 August 2006. No other format of this attendance form EXCEPT fax will be accepted. This is a fixed deadline.

If you wish to nominate an individual for a seat on the Board, the potential candidate must first complete the Acceptance Form and a Board Candidate Profile (Also available on the website) motivating his/her request for nomination. Make sure the nominee that you’re proposing can fulfill the duties and responsibilities of a Board member as laid out in the CFC’s Corporate Governance Manual.

Once the nominee has completed the Acceptance form and the nominator has completed the nomination form with due regard of the Duties and Responsibilities of a CFC Board Member, fax these and the Board Candidate Profile to the CFC. The deadline for nominations is 16:00 on Monday, 15 August 2006. Candidates’ profiles will be made available on the CFC’s website by 12:00 on Friday, 18 August 2006.

Any request for changes of resolutions in the CFC’s Article of Associations must be submitted in a formal written request and faxed to the Cape Film Commission. Notice of the proposed resolution must be received by Thursday, 3 August 2006. Any and all proposed changes will be advertised on the CFC’s website and emailed to the membership list. These changes will be voted on at the AGM prior to the vote for the new Board. For a resolution to be passed, there must be at least 25% of the members or their proxies present and the resolution must be passed or rejected by a minimum of a 75% quorum of membership.

The meeting will start at 14:00 with registration taking place between 13:00 and 14:00 prior to the AGM, and no registration will be accepted after this time. Only Cape Film Commission members may vote for the new Board. Sign-up for membership can also be done during this registration period, but new members that sign up on the day of the AGM will not be able to vote for the new Board.
Members will receive ballot sheets with candidates’ names and the seats that they are nominated for. Members will have one (1) vote per available seat. This ultimately means a total of nine (9) votes to be cast, one for each seat, excluding the following 5 seats who are appointed by the respective organization: CPA Representative, IPO Representative, SAASP representative, City representative and PGWC representative. Should you vote too many candidates for a seat, the seat’s vote will be spoilt and become void. Further details regarding the seat for Animation representation will be made available on the CFC’s website.

Announcement of the new CFC Board for 2006/7 will take place at the AGM once the nominations committee has tallied all the votes. Should you require any further information, contact the Cape Film Commission on 021 483 9070. All forms are to be faxed to the CFC’s office fax on 021 483 9071. All necessary forms are available on the CFC’s website at


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