SA sound engineers work on international film


Finally International productions appear to be recognizing local studios. South African sound designers, Gaston Roulstone and Nicholas Stilborg of The Planet Art, recently joined forces with international sound studios on the production “Wolfhound Clan of the Grey” directed by Nikolay Lebedev.

The Planet Art Studios in Cape Town are working closely with Reel Sound Studios of the UK on the sound design of this forthcoming fantasy epic.

Using high speed data lines in conjunction with Digi Delivery the team were able to send Pro tools sessions to specific time code values working with Q-time reels. Due to the conformity of Pro tools, Reel Sound Studios can instantly import the session data, report back instantly or make required changes. By using video conferencing software, The Planet Art can discuss the latest needs and ideas face to face with the sound supervisors and director based in the Pinewood studios the UK.

According to the team designing sound for the various monster characters of “Wolfhound Clan of the Grey”, it has been a major recording task. The sound designers face major restriction as all the sounds used need to be originally created a€” no library source sounds are to be used. Folley-like sound design and location recording was necessary in order to create the multi-layered sound required for the diverse characters.

The fact that more South African studios are investing in the high-end audio production equipment allows them to compete with international sound studios, resulting in more opportunities for local sound editors, designers and engineers.


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