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Imagine Communications Corp., is a global leader of video infrastructure, advertising management and workflow solutions serving the media networks, broadcast stations, on-line and communication service providers, and enterprise markets spanning 185 countries.

Imagine Communications expands capabilities of multiscreen ad insertion solution

Imagine Communications, on 6 April 2016, announced that it had expanded its xG AIM™ Ad Insertion for multiscreen solution with the addition of Placement Opportunity Information Service (POIS), Ad Decision Router (ADR) and Ad Decision Service (ADS) functionality. The addition of these software-based modules expands the dynamic ad insertion capabilities of Imagine Communications’ comprehensive advertising management systems, which span the entire revenue-enablement workflow — from proposal through fulfilment — and delivers to service providers a single, integrated solution designed to improve the precision of ad targeting and maximise the value of their ad inventories.

As the television viewing experience continues to evolve toward an anytime, any device model, content aggregators and distributors are challenged to supply consumers with relevant and timely ads regardless of when or on what device they are viewing video content. By strengthening and broadening the reach of its ad insertion ecosystem into nonlinear environments, Imagine Communications is better positioned to help video service providers deliver relevant ads in real-time across various stream types — including live, VOD and cloud DVR — and on subscribers’ preferred viewing devices.

“Addressable ads command premium prices for media sellers,’ says Sarah Foss, vice president of product management, Advertising Management Systems, Imagine Communications. “Enabling the monetisation of ad inventory across the multiplatform environment has become one of the most important and urgent challenges facing service providers today.’

Imagine Communications addresses the complexity of multiplatform advertising with the CloudXtream Dynamic Ad Insertion platform, which utilises advanced adaptive bitrate (ABR) streaming to deliver hyper-targeted ads to smartphones, PCs, tablets, connected TVs and virtually any other device that receives live or on-demand video programming. The CloudXtream platform is commercially available as a complete solution or as individual modules

For more information about Imagine Communications solutions visit the website.

Imagine Communications brings end-to-end video capabilities to the cloud

Imagine Communications announced that its playout, live encoding and dynamic ad insertion solutions are now available on the Microsoft Azure cloud platform. In addition to providing new monetisation opportunities for broadcasters, video service providers and other media companies, this suite of solutions offers the potential to greatly improve the speed, efficiency and flexibility of media workflow operations by enabling secure, scalable and on-demand access via Azure.

Thousands of media companies from around the world can now have instant access to premium playout, encoding and dynamic ad insertion technology from an efficient, centralised and virtualised workflow environment made available through the Microsoft Azure Marketplace.

“With more video content being managed and distributed over IP, media companies gain the benefit of network agility, flexibility and elasticity that cloud-based video capabilities offer,’ said Charlie Vogt, CEO, Imagine Communications. “Imagine has been investing in hybrid IP, software-defined and cloud-enabled solutions to future-proof today’s buying decision and ensure our clients are prepared for the network of the future. Our collaboration with Microsoft advances the industry by providing incremental optionality for deploying our market-leading production, playout and distribution solutions in Azure.’

Versio™, SelenioFlex Live™ and xG™ solutions are Microsoft Azure certified and available through the Azure Marketplace. Microsoft Azure certified solutions have passed stringent testing and compatibility requirements to operate seamlessly in Azure.

These solutions are the latest in an ongoing collaboration between Imagine Communications and Microsoft to bring end-to-end processing and distribution capabilities to Azure by offering Imagine Communications’ software-based ad management, playout and networking and distribution products as cloud-ready, Azure certified solutions.

As part of the Azure Marketplace, Imagine Communications’ software solutions are now available in 20 Azure data centres, which serve businesses in 140 countries, including China.

The solutions will be demonstrated at the Imagine Communications booth at NAB Show, taking place from 16 to 21 June 2016 in Las Vegas.

For more information visit the Imagination Communications website.

Imagine Communications to present ImagineLIVE! Power Sessions at NAB 2016

Imagine Communications has announced the schedule and speaker line-up for the
ImagineLIVE! Power Sessions, a series of presentations and interactive discussions
featuring prominent executives and industry experts from across the media,
entertainment and IT industries. The ImagineLIVE! Power Sessions will be conducted
at NAB Show 2016 – taking pace from 16 to 21 April in Las Vegas – in the Imagine
Communications booth and will provide attendees with the latest information and
insights on the trends and events that are influencing the decisions of media
industry professionals today and into the future.

Imagine Communications will host 11 separate Power Sessions at this year’s
exhibition. This first-of-its-kind event at NAB is designed to drive a meaningful
discourse among all segments of the media and entertainment industry ecosystem,
as well as across the IT industry. Companies represented in the ImagineLIVE! Power
Sessions include Imagine Communications, Arista, CBS, Cisco, EVS, Grass Valley,
Hewlett Packard Enterprise (HPE), IBM, Lawo, The Madison Square Garden
Company, Microsoft, NEP Group, Sinclair Broadcast Group and TV Globo.

ImagineLIVE! Power Sessions presentation and panel discussion topics include:
• The on-going fusion of the IT and media industries, highlighted by the recent
deepening of collaboration between Imagine Communications, HPE, Microsoft and
other IT leaders
• The emergence of video as the predominant communications currency within
traditional enterprises and the increasing importance of video production
capabilities across a broad swath of enterprise verticals
• The influence of standards on an orderly but accelerated SDI-to-IP transition,
and the role of the recently formed Alliance for IP Media Solutions (AIMS) industry
• The rise of new business models and their impact on the competitive
dynamics of broadcasters, service providers and other content owners and
• The evolving OTT marketplace and the ability of next-generation advertising
technology to monetise an increasingly fragmented video consumption
• The transitional role of a hybrid SDI-to-IP environment and its ability to
provide broadcasters and other media companies with assurances that the
infrastructure solutions they purchase today will be viable in the future

For more information about these demonstrations, products and solutions, visit the
Imagine Communications website.

Imagine Communications and Hewlett Packard Enterprise expand strategic relationship

Imagine Communications announced an expansion of its relationship with Hewlett
Packard Enterprise (HPE) designed to enable communications service providers
(CSPs) and other broadcast and media companies to construct video production,
playout and distribution facilities that deliver unprecedented scale, flexibility,
performance and reliability.

This partnership will utilise HPE’s Communications & Media Solutions (CMS)

“Two technology innovators are teaming up to provide service providers, TV
networks, broadcasters, new media and enterprise companies with exactly what
they need to meet today’s, as well as tomorrow’s, challenges,’ said Charlie Vogt,
CEO, Imagine Communications. “By combining Imagine Communications’ video
portfolio with Hewlett Packard Enterprise’s storage, compute and networking
technology, the two companies are helping to accelerate the transition to IP-based,
software-defined virtualized facilities that are the future of the media and
entertainment industry.’

The agreement expansion calls for HPE to resell products from Imagine
Communications’ playout, networking, distribution and ad management solutions
portfolios, as well as products and intellectual property from HPE Software and CMS
businesses. This arrangement forms the framework for HPE’s CMS organisation and
channel partners to represent Imagine Communications’ entire product portfolio,
including Platinum™ routers, Nexio® servers and Versio™ and the company’s IP
playout solution.

The partnership is also intended to include Imagine Communications’ CloudXtream™
portfolio, comprised of cloud-based solutions that enable service providers to
introduce personalised services. The Imagine Communications portfolio includes
capabilities for live, linear, on-demand, and cloud DVR (cDVR) video delivery
models, and enables dynamic ad insertion (DAI) capabilities for any of those
models. CloudXtream, paired with HPE storage and compute resources, helps
service providers generate revenue, extend reach to new consumers and devices,
and realise operational savings and storage improvements.

A benefit of the collaboration is that it will provide media companies with a single
source for all hardware, software, service and support needs. Products and
solutions delivered through the collaboration are backed by HPE’s support and
services operations.

The scope of the relationship also includes the migration of Imagine
Communications’ core products to HPE hardware platforms. By optimising media
functions to execute on storage and compute platforms, Imagine Communications is
introducing price and performance improvements, as well as increasing the
deployment flexibility of its solutions portfolio.

Imagine Communications adds ProRes support to SelenioFlex File and Nexio Products

Imagine Communications, a global supplier of video and advertising solutions serving the media and entertainment, multichannel video programming distributors and enterprise markets, recently announced support of Apple ProRes for Imagine Communications’ SelenioFlex™ File and Nexio® product lines. The addition expands the company’s already comprehensive support of output formats for transcoding, media asset management, post production and broadcast workflows.

“We are pleased to add support for ProRes to our SelenioFlex File and Nexio product lines,’ said Tim Mendoza, vice president, playout product management, Imagine Communications. “As a leading supplier of encoding technology, Imagine Communications is committed to providing our customers with a comprehensive range of compression options that further unleash the creativity of some of the most innovative companies on the planet.’

Built on the Imagine Communications Zenium™ workflow platform, SelenioFlex File delivers a dynamic system management environment, providing easy access to a catalogue of features, functionalities and licenses that are required at run-time. Broadcasters and media companies are under increasing pressure to streamline operations and maximise resources and content assets across a variety of platforms to increase productivity and reduce costs. SelenioFlex File’s distributed processing capabilities have earned the solution a reputation for workflow optimisation, flexibility and superior quality.

The Nexio product family is anchored by a suite of software-based, integrated and shared-storage media products for ingest and playout of high-quality channels targeted at origination, production and content management environments.

At the recent IBC 2015 exhibition, Imagine Communications showcased the latest capabilities of its entire Selenio product line, including support for IMF encoding and decoding, real-time and offline UHD HEVC encoding, HEVC ABR encoding and transcoding and high-quality linear compression, as well as SelenioFlex Live running in a virtualised environment. Also demonstrated was the company’s Nexio AMP® video server and storage solution suite with NAS-as-a-SAN functionality to easily handle SD-to-UHD content encode and playback.

Imagine Communications and EVS partner to deliver new capabilities to live production facilities

Imagine Communications, a provider of video and advertising solutions serving the
media and entertainment, multichannel video programming distributors and
enterprise markets; and EVS, a developer of live broadcast and media technology
for sports, news and entertainment, have announced a partnership that embraces
industry standards for IP signal distribution to deliver an end-to-end solution for live
production, slow motion and instant replay operations. The integrated solution will
focus initially on utilising the SMPTE 2022 and JPEG2000 (J2K) standards for moving
and managing SDI and compressed signals over IP to bring increased agility and
cost efficiencies to live production facilities, as well as helping to enable
broadcasters to seamlessly transition to an all-IP ecosystem.

The alliance strengthens EVS’ global live enrichment offering, comprised of its video
production and content management solutions, and Imagine Communications’
routing and processing platforms. The combined end-to-end solution is designed to
deliver the reliability, quality and performance that news, sports and live production
operations demand.

“As a true pioneer of live video replay and instant video enrichment, EVS has
always been at the forefront of practical technology innovations offering real
benefits to our clients,’ said Muriel De Lathouwer, managing director and CEO, EVS.
“Our open collaboration with other industry leaders such as Imagine
Communications enables us to present our customers with comprehensive IP-based
workflows relying on our legendary robustness and flexibility for future live

Shifting video consumption patterns and new competitive demands are putting
increased pressure on media and entertainment companies to improve the quality,
productivity and efficiencies of their production facilities. By embracing industry
standards that enable multivendor interoperability and a gradual and pragmatic
migration to next-generation technologies, broadcasters are able to build out future-proof facilities that deliver higher-quality content, are operationally efficient and
possess the agility needed to pursue new monetisation opportunities. The flexibility
of IP also relieves live production environments of many of the architectural
constraints of proprietary solutions, including dependency on inter-site connectivity
for wide area workflows.

By leveraging industry standards to forge an end-to-end, best-of-breed solution,
Imagine Communications and EVS are providing customers with a seamless
migration path to next-gen IP technologies. The joint solution creates a hybrid SDI-IP environment that allows media companies to preserve baseband investments and
maintain operational transparency while benefitting from the performance and cost
efficiencies of Commercial Off-The-Shelf (COTS) switching equipment.

Imagine Communications announces SelenioNext Just-in-Time Transcoding

Imagine Communications, a global provider of video and advertising solutions serving the media and entertainment, multichannel video programming distributors and enterprise markets, recently announced the expansion of its family of packaging and transcoding products with the introduction of SelenioNext™ Just-In-Time Transcoding (JITT). Based on Imagine Communications’ popular SelenioNext transcoder for high-channel count live/linear applications, SelenioNext JITT helps service providers realise dramatic gains in video storage efficiency.

The on-the-fly transcoding capabilities of SelenioNext JITT significantly reduce the footprint of storage-intensive applications, such as cloud DVR (cDVR), enabling substantial savings in storage while reducing costs and opening up new monetisation opportunities for video content owners and distributors.

SelenioNext JITT, a high-density just-in-time transcoder, allows service providers to store content in a single, high-quality bit rate. Additional bit rates required for multiscreen deployments are transcoded only when a video asset is requested for playback. The on-the-fly attributes of SelenioNext JITT can reduce storage requirements up to 80%. These efficiencies are enabled by the performance and density of SelenioNext JITT, a component of the company’s CloudXtream™ DVR solution.

Integrating multiple functions into a single-server platform, SelenioNext JITT provides highly dense, scalable and operationally efficient transcoding capabilities to meet growing demand for access to cDVR, IPTV and live programming from mobile and other connected screens. SelenioNext JITT also integrates seamlessly with Imagine Communications’ CloudXtream DVR and CloudXtream Dynamic Ad Insertion solutions, enabling service providers to experience substantial savings in storage while also generating incremental revenue through ad placements.

SelenioNext JITT is also able to breathe new life into large VOD libraries, enabling content to be transcoded for ABR multiscreen delivery as needed. SelenioNext JITT, combined with the just-in-time capabilities of the Imagine Communications Telurio™ Packager, allows service providers to stream their libraries in any required format, eliminating the need for transcoding and storing content in many bitrates and formats, including HLS, Smooth Streaming, HDS, DASH-TS and DASH-BMFF. This is accomplished with high capacity, high performance, low power consumption and industry-leading density, resulting in one of the lowest cost-per-output-stream ratios in the industry.

SelenioNext JITT provides:

– Industry-leading density: Up to 80 HD ABR or 160 SD ABR channels per 2U server
– Maximum system redundancy: Physical hardware, N+1 video processing, input source and output network interface
– Superb video quality: Advanced de-interlacing and compression techniques optimise video quality and compression efficiency at any bit rate and any resolution
– Best-in-class power efficiency: Less than two watts per HD profile and less than one watt per SD profile
– Active balancing: On-board resource manager load balances video streams across all video processors in the system, providing an integrated fail-safe mechanism with no disruption to other live services

“Video libraries and solutions require massive amounts of storage,’ said Ron Gutman, vice president of Technology, Imagine Communications. “A single copy of an HD feature-length film alone can easily consume up to 6 gigabytes of disk space. Imagine Communications’ new SelenioNext Just-In-Time Transcoding capability, when coupled with Imagine Communications’ dynamic storage management system, empowers service providers to simultaneously optimise storage resources and smoothly navigate the changing landscape of digital rights management.’

Imagine Communications introduces small-footprint Platinum IP3 router

Imagine Communications – a global provider of video and advertising solutions serving the media and entertainment, multichannel video programming distributors and enterprise markets – recently announced the availability of a compact version of its Platinum™ IP3 28RU high-performance router. The new router delivers the same integrated routing and processing capabilities of the larger model in a space-saving 15RU form factor, providing mobile and other production environments with significant cost-, space- and power-efficiency improvements. The market-ready Platinum IP3 15RU will debut at IBC2015, taking place from 10 to 15 September 2015 at the RAI, Amsterdam.

The new router, future-proofed to support Ultra High Definition (UHD) signals, is well suited for mobile and broadcast production environments and is designed for high-quality routing of all signal types.

“Imagine Communications has accomplished an impressive resume of firsts with our Platinum router line,’ said Steve Reynolds, chief technology officer, Imagine Communications. “The IP3 was among the first routers in the broadcast industry with internal mux/demux capabilities, a truly integrated multiviewer and integrated frame sync. The Platinum IP3 28RU was the first to enable multi-frame expandability with no disruption to on-air operations. With the introduction of the Platinum IP3 15RU, we are bringing our global customer base – broadcasters, media companies, mobile production truck operators and cable head-ends – the same market-leading functionality, reliability and resiliency in a smaller frame size.’

Signal distribution in any media operation relies on the highly dependable routing of mission-critical signals. The Platinum IP3 is the only router in the industry that protects audio, video and multiviewer signals in a single-frame solution. Both the 28RU and 15RU versions of the IP3 support redundant crosspoints, delivering the assurance of always-available signals that broadcasters demand.

The Imagine Communications family of Platinum routers plays a central role in the company’s IP transition strategy, enabling media companies to preserve and leverage investments in baseband infrastructure through a hybrid SDI-IP environment. The Imagine Communications Magellan™ SDN Orchestrator simultaneously manages Platinum routers and commercial off-the-shelf (COTS) Ethernet switches, providing an operationally transparent and carefully orchestrated migration of operations to an IP-enabled environment.

Imagine Communications powers India’s News7 broadcast news operations

On 11 August 2015, Imagine Communications – a global provider of video and advertising solutions serving media and entertainment, multichannel video programming distributors and enterprise markets – announced that it has implemented an end-to-end broadcast news production and playout system for the newly launched News7 channel, part of the VV Minerals Group. Serving the global Tamil-speaking population, News7 provides 24-hour news coverage in India as well as to audiences in Bangladesh, Canada, Malaysia, Singapore, Sri Lanka, South Africa, United Kingdom and the United Arab Emirates.

At the heart of the News7 operation are Imagine Communications’ Nexio™ servers and ADC™ automated content and distribution solution. The broadcast workflow includes central storage for ingest, asset management and playout on a Nexio Farad™ high-performance online storage network. Editorial is setup using Velocity™ editors alongside Apple Final Cut Pro® and Adobe Premier Pro® suites linked over a SAN network. Imagine Communications’ Platinum™ routers with integrated multiviewers provide the display capabilities to support the monitoring requirement of the News7 newsroom. Additionally, with the Nexio® IconMaster™ master control switchers and Selenio™ modular signal processing solutions, Imagine Communications provides News7 with switching, signal processing and distribution capabilities.

“As a new channel, we needed a comprehensive, technically advanced and proven solution to meet the extensive and pressured demands of a news production environment,’ said Venkat Ramani G., head of technical operations, News7. “With its world-renowned broadcast solutions and advanced vision, Imagine Communications was able to provide robust newsroom workflow solution to meet our exacting needs. Reliable infrastructure that is easy to manage is extremely important given our mission-critical requirement. Additionally, Imagine Communications’ local technical team was available throughout the implementation to help ensure that we met our on-air commitments.’

“We are pleased to have been able to provide News7 with a complete state-of-the-art, end-to-end solution, enabling a fast production turnaround with an integrated workflow from ingest to playout and archive,’ said Joe Khodeir, senior vice president, Asia Pacific, Imagine Communications. “The deployment with News7 is a meaningful milestone in our continued expansion in the Indian and SE Asia markets and emblematic of Imagine Communications’ growing relevancy in this important region.’

News7 went live in late 2014, making it one of the most technically advanced news channels in the region.

Imagine Communications appoints new chief marketing officer

Imagine Communications, a global provider of video and advertising solutions serving the media and entertainment, multichannel video programming distributors and enterprise markets, recently announced the promotion of Ramnik Kamo to the position of chief marketing officer. In addition to overseeing Imagine Communications’ overall marketing strategy, Kamo will be responsible for business development, partnerships and merger and acquisition activities.

With more than 20 years of experience in the technology industry, Kamo has compiled an impressive track record of bringing to market, products and services that enable customers to exploit the business-transforming potential of new technologies and monetisation models. Kamo has considerable experience in on-premise and cloud technology solutions and offers a deep understanding of go-to-market models required to succeed in both domains.

“Ramnik possesses a rare combination of vision, creativity and business skills,’ said Imagine Communications CEO Charlie Vogt. “No one better understands the mindset of our customers and is able to design, develop and market solutions that meet their requirements to evolve their businesses gracefully, affordably and without operational disruption. Ramnik will be exceptional in integrating the “voice’ of our customers into our future product development and go-to-market strategies.’

Since joining Imagine Communications, Kamo has been instrumental in developing the company’s New Media strategies, focusing on the branding and strategic positioning of Imagine Communications’ Live/Linear to Over-the-Top (OTT) initiatives, advertising and campaign management solutions and CloudXtream™ platform, which includes Cloud DVR (cDVR) and Dynamic Ad Insertion (DAI) solutions.

Kamo’s appointment comes at a time when the media and entertainment industry is confronted by profound disruption to longstanding operational and business practices. Shifting video consumption patterns, emerging technologies and a new wave of competition is putting pressure on all sectors of the media industry to improve the agility and efficiencies of their operations.

“The combination of its heritage in the media industry and market-leading embrace of next-generation technologies, including IP, software-defined networking and cloud, places Imagine Communications in the optimal position to convert today’s disruptions into tomorrow’s opportunities,’ said Kamo. “I’m excited by the richness of our solution portfolio, our focus in both the SDI/baseband and IP realms and the opportunity it affords us to deliver the benefits, solutions and services our customers require now and into the future.’

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