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Imagine Communications Corp., is a global leader of video infrastructure, advertising management and workflow solutions serving the media networks, broadcast stations, on-line and communication service providers, and enterprise markets spanning 185 countries.

Siemens and Imagine Communications partner for end-to-end OTT solutions

Siemens Convergence Creators and Imagine Communications announced a strategic partnership that will allow the signees to join forces to deliver a comprehensive solution designed to assist content owners and video service providers (VSPs) in maximising the revenue potential of their OTT video services.

A pillar of the deal is the integration of the Smart Video Engine, Siemens Convergence Creators’ modular and open online video platform, with Imagine Communications’ CloudXtream™ media and ad delivery solutions to enable a complete end-to-end solution for service providers. The combined solution delivers to VSPs a one-stop shop for offering VOD, live/linear and cloud DVR services using subscription, targeted ad-supported or hybrid monetisation models.

The level of cooperation extends well beyond complementing Imagine Communications’ industry-leading suite of transcoding, ad insertion and cloud DVR products and solutions with Siemens Convergence Creators technology.

The collaboration brings together the Smart Video Engine suite, which includes Business Management System (BMS), Data Hub and Applications modules, with Imagine Communications’ CloudXtream solutions for live, cloud DVR and VOD services, all supported by targeted dynamic ad insertion. The integration creates a multi-language, multi-currency, end-to-end offering with a sophisticated subscriber management backend and client apps to support truly global OTT services. The integrated solution will be offered by Imagine Communications through its global sales channels.

“The Smart Video Engine integrated with Imagine’s CloudXtream offerings opens up new perspectives not only for broadcasters but for virtually every company having a stake in media. This strategic partnership has been a perfect fit from the beginning as it further enables a framework that encourages quick adaptation of the technologies needed to deliver content according to today’s and tomorrow’s demands, ” says Sean Parkinson, CEO of Siemens Convergence Creators USA.

“This strategic pairing holds the potential to transform the OTT operations of VSPs around the world,’ says Imagine Communications CEO Charlie Vogt. “Siemens Convergence Creators’ middleware and backend integration expertise is the perfect complement to our encoding, processing and delivery technologies, as well as Imagine’s revenue-generating targeted ad insertion capabilities.’

For more information visit the Siemens Convergence Creators website or the Imagine Communications website.

Imagine Communications introduces its IOX Storage

Imagine Communications has introduced Imagine Communications IOX Storage, an all-purpose shared storage approach optimised for its Versio™ playout and automation and Telurio™ Over-the-Top (OTT) and cloud DVR solutions. Versio IOX Storage and Telurio IOX Storage enable media companies to seamlessly and cost-efficiently expand the performance, scale, flexibility, reliability and collaborative capabilities of their media storage operations. Designed for high-performance and advanced content distribution environments, Versio IOX Storage and Telurio IOX Storage have been architected to enable media companies to shape and configure storage resources to meet the exacting needs of each operation in the workflow, including production, playout and distribution. Both solutions will be showcased at IBC 2016. To be held in Amsterdam between 9 and 13 September.

Increased demand for higher-quality content and multi-platform distribution is testing the limits of today’s storage solutions and putting pressure on media companies to move sophisticated workflows to more adaptive and flexible environments. A new breed of storage solutions that leverages the latest technology advances of the IT industry and is designed for software-based, next-generation environments built on commercial off-the-shelf (COTS) platforms, Versio IOX Storage and Telurio IOX Storage open up the opportunity for media companies to improve the performance, reliability and cost-efficiency of their current workflows, as well as evolve their storage resources and operations to accommodate future market requirements.

“Today’s storage systems must evolve to enable media companies to fully exploit the agility and versatility of next-generation virtualised playout and distribution environments,’ said Brick Eksten, chief product officer, Imagine Communications. “We created an adaptive storage solution architected with our market-leading playout and distribution solutions, helping to ensure that our customers can fully modernise their operations by supporting today’s workflows with storage fully optimised for the performance, scalability, adaptability and reliability of tomorrow’s hybrid and virtualised environments.’

Imagine Communications’ Versio IOX Storage and Telurio IOX Storage solutions employ a tiered architecture that enables application-specific performance tuning. Imagine Communications IOX Storage offers media companies a single, unified solution that delivers best-in-class performance and is capable of adapting to meet the precise storage requirements of disparate workflows.

Versio IOX Storage is specifically designed for the playout and channel-creation requirements of broadcast and production facilities, including news, sports and live-event applications. Versio IOX Storage provides sharable and scalable storage throughout the content lifecycle, while offering high levels of digital asset protection. Initially configured to seamlessly extend an existing Storage Area Network (SAN) environment, Versio IOX Storage is designed to evolve into a multi-use Network Attached Storage (NAS) appliance that is capable of meeting, or even exceeding, the performance and cost efficiency of current SAN solutions.

The state-of-the-art storage solution delivers multiple capabilities and benefits:

• Flexible capacity and bandwidth – Capable of scaling to 5 petabytes of usable storage and 48 gigabits-per-second bandwidth, Versio IOX Storage enables the seamless scaling of storage and bandwidth as business needs grow, without disrupting existing media operations or interrupting on-air operations.
• High availability – Versio IOX Storage uses RAID-601 to protect against drive, controller and storage chassis failures to enable continuous broadcast operations, with no performance degradation even in the event of multiple, simultaneous failures.
• Facilitates collaboration – A true shared-storage access solution and single repository for content from ingest, production and playout operations, Versio IOX Storage eliminates file copying procedures to provide a fast-turnaround editorial environment and a shorter time to air for media companies struggling to keep pace with escalating consumer demand.
• Reduces capital expenditures – Versio IOX Storage is an economically attractive entry-level storage solution that works with existing solutions and supports a pay-as-you-go expansion model.
• Easy to manage – The new Imagine Communications storage solution allows unattended drive failover and rebuilds, supports remote monitoring and diagnostics and features an information-rich, web-based graphical user interface.

Versio IOX Storage supports both Ethernet and Fibre Channel client connections, the next-gen storage solution provides 10s of gigabits-per-second of assured streaming bandwidth, even during periods of degradation or during the rebuilding of failed drives.

Versio IOX Storage is fully compatible with Imagine’s market-leading Nexio® Farad™ storage solutions and can be seamlessly added to existing installations, providing a disruption-free expansion path for existing customers. Versio IOX Storage offers continued support of existing advanced features, including RAIDSoft™ striping for increased bandwidth and Intrinsic Mirroring™ to ensure high availability of content.

Telurio IOX Storage was designed for the specialised storage requirements of video service providers and other media companies offering OTT and cloud DVR services. It provides a scalable, high-availability solution for storage of continuously recorded channels for time-shifted and catch-up TV. With flexible capacity, Telurio IOX Storage can support tens, hundreds or thousands of recorded channels with short or arbitrarily long retention windows.

For more information visit the Imagine Communications website.

Imagine Communications introduces Versio enhancements at IBC

Imagine Communications is introducing multiple enhancements to its award-winning Versio™ native IP playout solution at IBC 2016, which takes place in Amsterdam between 9 and 13 September. A next-generation automation system that is deeply integrated into the Versio platform’s open and flexible architecture headlines a suite of enhancements designed to provide broadcasters and other media companies with an agile and future-ready integrated playout solution optimised for all operational models — baseband, IP and hybrid — and all deployment scenarios — from appliance-based to public/private cloud and mixed datacentre models.

Business models are evolving and media companies are now actively adopting a variety of next-generation architectures to accommodate shifting video consumption practices, generate new revenue and improve competitive positioning. The transition from a technology foundation based on single-function, dedicated hardware to a software-defined environment with no physical boundaries and new levels of scalability, flexibility and agility requires media companies to have access to systems and processes designed to fully exploit the capabilities of both traditional and virtualised playout environments.

“Today’s automation systems were not designed with distributed, next-generation playout architectures in mind,’ said Brick Eksten, chief product officer, Imagine Communications. “The recent automation enhancements to Versio further extend the utility of this already-advanced playout environment while at the same time enabling broadcasters and other media companies to seamlessly and transparently extend their traditional operations to geo-dispersed environments.’

Cloud-enabled automation facilitates the integration of operations across all segments of the workflow. At IBC 2016, Imagine Communications will showcase the integration of Versio and xG™ Schedule, the company’s rights, planning and scheduling system, running on Microsoft Azure cloud services. It is the first enterprise-class demonstration of integrated playout and scheduling running from a public cloud. Providing a seamless link between scheduling and playout in a cloud setting allows media companies to improve operational efficiency and explore new business opportunities by exploiting the elastic nature of IT technologies, such as pop-up, or on-demand, channel playout. Imagine Communications’ cloud-capable solutions are compatible with all public cloud environments.

New enhancements to Versio also include improved redundancy capabilities. With geo-dispersed operations and technology deployments in mind, Imagine Communications has augmented Versio playout with an enhanced redundancy interface that significantly simplifies and strengthens the management of channel redundancy, providing media companies with powerful options for protecting channel playout across multiple sites and datacentres, including cloud resources. Versio redundancy enables operators to define and manage groups of Versio instances that can be organised into pools and hierarchies to help ensure high-availability operations and streamline disaster recovery scenarios. This maximises the use of Versio playout systems while helping to minimise the impact of maintenance windows or downtime across the entire operation.

Additional enhancements and capabilities that will be demonstrated at IBC 2016 include Ultra High Definition (UHD) playout and powerful, embedded graphics. Imagine will also be showcasing Versio HTML5 user interface unification across all facets of the broadcast workflow, including playout, content management and graphics, within a cohesive HTML5 user experience.

For more information visit the Imagine Communications website.

Imagine Communications joins VRT-EBU LiveIP project as technology partner

Imagine Communications announced that it has joined the LiveIP project, a collaboration of Belgian public broadcasting company VRT and the European Broadcasting Union (EBU), as a technology partner. Through participation in this forward-looking industry collaboration, Imagine Communications joins forces with other innovative companies to advance the adoption of IP-based media solutions and production facilities.

The LiveIP project, driven by the VRT Sandbox incubator programme and the EBU, has developed a fully functional IP production studio based on industry standards that is designed to demonstrate a high level of interoperability and leverage the unique benefits of IP to create efficiencies, such as remote production and automation.

“Imagine Communications is excited to join this unique industry initiative and further demonstrate our commitment to the managed transition of media operations to next-generation architectures based on commercial-off-the-shelf (COTS) equipment,’ said Brick Eksten, chief product officer, Imagine Communications. “Demonstrating that IP-based production facilities are ready for primetime today, as well as providing an environment for media companies to test and validate innovative solutions, is of paramount importance and Imagine Communications is proud to assist the LiveIP project in meeting these timely and vital objectives.’

Imagine Communications’ SelenioFlex Live™ encoding solution and the recently introduced EPIC™ Multiviewer (MV), a software-based hybrid SDI-IP monitoring solution, will be part of the LiveIP Studio production set-up. VRT and EBU announced last week that its LiveIP production facilities will be used by IBC TV to produce some of the programming scheduled for the IBC 2016 conference and exhibition in Amsterdam, from 8 to 13 September.

The EPIC MV, designed to handle native IP uncompressed, compressed and SDI inputs, will be used to monitor all video sources and destinations. IBC TV will leverage SelenioFlex Live to stream IBC2016 programming to Internet-connected devices. The LiveIP project’s collaboration with IBC TV is also being supported by the Alliance for IP Media Solutions (AIMS), an industry association dedicated to promoting the advancement of IP-based standards and products based on those standards.

“We are pleased to welcome Imagine Communications into the LiveIP multivendor community,’ said Felix Poulin, lead Live and IP production at EBU.

Imagine Communications’ Platinum IP3 router provides production hub in Rio

Imagine Communications, has supplied Dega Broadcast Systems with a fully configured Platinum™ IP3 router. It will serve as the central point of control for the on-site facilities Dega is building for the BBC in Rio de Janeiro for the summer games. Dega, a UK-based systems integration specialist, is using additional infrastructure products from Imagine Communications, including converters and distribution amplifiers, running to about 30 frames of distribution equipment, plus test and measurement equipment.

The networking and infrastructure components from Imagine Communications provide critical control and signal management capabilities for the state-of-the-art production facility Dega is constructing in South America. Dega and Imagine Communications collaborated on a similar project four years ago.

The London Games technical systems for the BBC, led by chief engineer Richard Morgan, who is also overseeing operations in Rio, previously used Dega-integrated Imagine Communications hardware in its critical systems, employing a never-miss-a-moment philosophy of multichannel coverage that proved very successful.

“It is the scale of the project that makes it an interesting challenge,’ added John Cleaver, director of Dega Broadcast Systems. “We are building facilities at the International Broadcasting Centre in Rio, and linking it to the studios at Copacabana. There are 45 feeds coming in from the host broadcaster and 30 unilateral feeds plus the studio; the output is to two broadcast networks and to 24 online and interactive streams, effectively a channel per sport. We built this for the London games four years ago, and the BBC has entrusted us to do the same for them in Brazil.’

Once the main event is finished in Rio, much of the equipment will be used for the companion international event for athletes with physical disabilities.

Given the complexity of the set-up, including track-swapping and dealing with multiple audio streams, as well as all the routing requirements, a Platinum IP3 router from Imagine Communications was the obvious choice. It also allows for on-board processing and incorporates Platinum SX Pro™ multiviewers, making the overall installation more compact and cost-efficient than alternatives.

“The Platinum was the best package for us and for the production,’ Cleaver explained. “The number of circuits, the need to shuffle the audio tracks to meet the delivery requirements, synchronisation across so many inputs and outputs: it meets the functionality we need, and it represents good value for the money.’

Pablo Gargiulo, chief customer officer, Imagine Communications, added, “This is both a very complex broadcast installation and a mission-critical one. You never get a second chance at capturing a great sporting moment. We have layered in resilience and redundancy alongside rich functionality in our Platinum series routers, ensuring that the huge and demanding sports audience never misses a moment of the action.’

For more information visit the Imagine Communications website.

Imagine Communications records milestone IP-based customer deployment

Imagine Communications, empowering the media and entertainment industry through transformative innovation, recently announced that it has completed more than 25 IP-based customer installations. The milestone, evidence of the long-term and sustainable momentum behind the shift of media operations to IP-based computing and networking platforms, validates Imagine Communications’ pioneering advocacy for the media industry’s transition to a more agile and versatile technology foundation.

Imagine Communications is spearheading the transition to next-generation architectures through the design and delivery of products and solutions built for hybrid SDI-IP and pure IP environments that facilitate the management, movement and monetization of media over commercial-off-the-shelf (COTS) environments. The company’s IP-based solutions stretch across its playout and networking portfolios and include the Platinum IP3™ router, Selenio MCP™, Versio™ playout, the recently introduced EPIC™ Multiviewer and the Magellan™ SDN Orchestrator, the company’s software-defined control system for hybrid SDI-IP environments.

“This important milestone marks how far we have come since unveiling our vision at IBC2013 for a software-based technology transformation of the media and entertainment industry,’ said Charlie Vogt, CEO of Imagine Communications. “That vision is now reality. Our customers are increasingly recognizing that evolving business models, fueled by disruptive shifts in the way video is being consumed, require transformative change to gain the benefits of revenue growth, network flexibly, scale, cost-efficiency and a future-proof environment.’

In total, Imagine Communications next-gen deployments now account for more than 50 IP-based channels and over 3,000 live production streams.

Live production companies have been particularly aggressive in leveraging the benefits of next-generation technologies to expand the flexibility of their outside broadcast vehicles, accelerate the adoption of Ultra High Definition (UHD) and future proof their operations against the necessity of making wholesale infrastructure replacements with each introduction of new technologies and procedures. Imagine Communications has been at the center of this activity, publicly unveiling deployments in South America, North America and Europe in recent months.

The deployment milestone is also evidence of the success of industry efforts to overcome lingering skepticism of IP’s suitability to deliver the reliability, robustness and precision timing that broadcast environments demand. Those efforts, aided by contributions from Imagine Communications, include the industry-wide promotion of open standards for the transport of media assets over IP-based infrastructures, as well as solutions based on those standards.

In December of 2015, Imagine Communications became a founding member of the Alliance for IP Media Solutions (AIMS), an industry organization dedicated to the widespread interoperability of IP-based solutions that deliver the same level of plug-and-play assurances as traditional broadcast equipment based on SDI. AIMS is among the fastest-growing trade associations in the history of the media and entertainment industry, with membership approaching 50 companies as of the end of June.

In addition to customer deployments, Imagine Communications has been active in demonstrating the feasibility of environments based on COTS equipment, including both private and public clouds, for hosting the most demanding media operations. In addition to participating in multiple interoperability demonstrations, the company recently supplied IP-based solutions for the launch of an IP live training and education facility at Sony’s Digital Motion Picture Centre Europe (DMPCE) at Pinewood Film Studios near London. The new IP Live studio is designed to provide hands-on familiarity with IP-based live production environments and further the advancement of IP in live settings through training and testing and by demonstrating multivendor interoperability.

“One of the biggest barriers to the adoption of next-generation architectures is overcoming the chasm of trust among broadcast engineers and other media professionals that IP-based solutions built on COTS equipment are ready for prime time,’ added Vogt. “But seeing is believing and Imagine Communications looks forward to demonstrating the market-readiness of its IP-based and cloud solutions and sharing some of our recent customer successes at the upcoming IBC2016 conference in Amsterdam.’

Imagine Communications at IBC 2016

Imagine Communications will shine a spotlight at IBC, held in Amsterdam between 9 and 13 September 2016, on the current state of the media and entertainment industry’s evolution to a new technology foundation and how the company is delivering advanced solutions today that will help broadcasters, service providers and other media companies accelerate the modernisation of their production, playout and distribution facilities.

IBC 2016, the media and entertainment industry’s largest European tradeshow and exhibition will also be the venue for Imagine Communications, a founding member of the Alliance for IP Media Solutions (AIMS), to unveil its latest innovations, demonstrate the widespread interoperability of its solutions and present a series of knowledge-sharing seminars featuring thought leaders from across the media and entertainment and IT industries.

Media companies, recognising the need to increase the flexibility and versatility of traditional operations to meet rapidly evolving consumption requirements, have spent much of the past few years gaining familiarity with next-generation architectures and technologies, including IP, software-defined networking and virtualisation. With dozens of media companies now actively deploying these advanced solutions to gracefully transform their live production, playout, multiscreen distribution and ad management operations, IBC2016 marks a significant milestone in the technology transformation of the media and entertainment industry.

“The last few years have been about accepting the need to transform and overcoming uncertainties that IT-oriented, generic compute and networking platforms are able to deliver the robustness, precision and reliability needed to handle the most demanding media operations,’ said Charlie Vogt, CEO of Imagine Communications. “We are now entering another phase of the transformation of the industry and that is the practical and growing adoption of next-generation architectures that enable media companies to expand their businesses and maintain their competitive edge without sacrificing quality, reliability or disrupting their current operations and investment cycles. At IBC 2016, Imagine Communications will demonstrate how we are delivering to our customers the future of TV, today.’

An additional IBC 2016 objective for Imagine Communications is to demonstrate how it is working with leading IT companies, standards bodies and its customers to overcome any lingering concerns, both cultural and technical, that are prompting some media companies to delay the modernization of their operations. A strong presence in multiple standards bodies and trade organisations, Imagine Communications will participate in and host multiple interoperability demonstrations that illustrate industry-wide support for field-proven procedures and specifications, including SMPTE 2022, AES-67, and VSF TR-04/TR-03.

“One of our top priorities at IBC 2016 is to help reduce the anxiety associated with making strategic investments — today or in the future — that still hinder the decision making of some media companies,’ added Vogt. “At this year’s IBC we will be demonstrating our commitment to widespread compatibility and the graceful integration of the media and IT domains through live interoperability exercises and by sharing some of our recent customer successes.’

IBC 2016 will mark the European debut of several product innovations from Imagine Communications that bring generational advances to the way broadcasters, content owners and distributors and other media companies are able to move, manage and monetise video content. Attendees will experience the latest solutions from Imagine Communications in live production, playout, multiscreen delivery, advertising management and the transition to virtualised environments and the cloud.

For more information visit the Imagine Communications website.

Imagine Communications contributes technology to Sony’s IP Live Studio

Imagine Communications demonstrated its support for furthering the advancement of IP-based production environments through its recent participation in the launch of a dedicated IP Live Studio by Sony at its Digital Motion Picture Centre Europe (DMPCE), at Pinewood Film Studios near London. Imagine Communications is supplying several IP-based solutions to the testing and training facility opened by Sony last week to provide broadcasters, and production companies with the opportunity to gain hands-on familiarity with IP-based live production environments.

“It is an honour to be working with Sony to help accelerate the transition of live production workflows to more agile and versatile environments,’ said Glodina Lostanlen, CMO at Imagine Communications. “As one of the early advocates of moving media operations to software-based environments built on generic compute and networking platforms, Imagine Communications is pleased to be part of this important initiative to provide media companies with the practical knowledge necessary for putting their live production facilities on a path toward the future.’

Imagine Communications is a long-time member of the IP Live Alliance and has demonstrated interoperability with Sony’s Networked Media Interface (NMI), both in the lab and in commercial deployments of IP-based live production environments. Imagine Communications solutions deployed in the IP Live Studio are Selenio™ Uncompressed over IP (UCIP) processing, the Selenio IP Live encoder/decoder, the recently introduced EPIC™ Multiviewer (EPIC MV) and the Magellan™ SDN Orchestrator, a software control system for managing hybrid SDI-IP environments. Representatives of the company were on hand at the opening of the DMPCE facility, which took place on 17 June 2016.

Live production requires exacting precision and reliability, and broadcasters must have assurances that IP-based solutions can meet these requirements before moving operations out of the baseband domain. A fully functional, state-of-the art production facility based on IT technologies is designed to provide these assurances through extensive hands-on training, as well as offer technology partners the ability to demonstrate widespread interoperability in a multi-vendor environment.

“‘Seeing is believing’ is a particularly apt axiom for the media and entertainment industry,’ said Norbert Paquet, strategic marketing manager at Sony Professional Europe. “Our new facility at the DMPCE provides broadcasters and production companies with up-close evidence of the power and feasibility of an IP-based live production environment. The participation of Imagine Communications and other leading manufacturers is critical to the overall success of this initiative.’

The IP Live Studio, which is designed for live production engineers, live studio technicians, production companies, broadcasters and other media professions, will host demonstrations of advance capabilities, including 4K and HD acquisition over IP, video switching over IP, real time graphics over IP, NMI interoperability and dynamic routing.

For more information visit the Imagine Communications’ website.

4K-ready trucks use Imagine Communications for routing and infrastructure

Imagine Communications is providing the infrastructure for four new outside broadcast trucks being built for NEP UK. The new trucks will be capable of HD, 1080p HD and 4K/UHD production, easily switching between HD and UHD resolutions as assignments require.

“We provide remote production facilities for some of the most watched broadcasts, and particularly the top sports,’ said Rob Newton, director of engineering and technology for NEP in the UK. “Our success as a business depends on high utilisation of our assets, which in turn means they have to be extremely flexible. Imagine Communications gives us that flexibility, with the capability to instantly switch formats without worrying about synchronisation and routing issues, and without adding latency that would be a nightmare in live production.’

At the heart of each of the new trucks is the Platinum™ IP3 router from Imagine Communications. To provide complex signal management and accommodate multiple formats, the Platinum IP3 integrates signal distribution, audio multiplexing and de-multiplexing, flexible multiviewing and test and measurement, along with precision routing, in a compact space. Speed of set-up is enhanced by the IP3’s ability to instantly recall previously stored system configurations, enabling the truck to start work quickly and efficiently.

The Platinum IP3 is also critical to NEP’s transition to IP, as it is designed to work in a hybrid SDI-IP environment, with transparent operations across the two signal fabrics. Add in its compact and lightweight form factor and the Platinum IP3 is an ideal selection for a forward-looking mobile production installation.

Also included in the build for the four new trucks is critical infrastructure equipment from Imagine Communications, including Selenio™ MCP units, fortified with HD-UHD up- and down-conversion capabilities; and Selenio 6800+, Selenio X100 and Selenio X50 modular units for signal processing, monitoring and distribution.

For more information visit the Imagine Communications website.

Imagine Communications introduces Selenio™ One compression platform

Imagine Communications, on 12 April 2016 introduced Selenio™ One, a unified software-based platform designed to empower service providers and content distributors with the ability to control, manage, scale and evolve current and future compression operations and capabilities across multiple target applications. Designed to handle a broad spectrum of compression activities and based on a modular software architecture that enables the platform to continuously scale and adapt to new business requirements, Selenio One provides media companies with the potential to consolidate all of their compression capabilities into a single, future-proof platform.

The latest addition to the Selenio family of processing and compression solutions, Selenio One is powered by Zenium™, the software framework that enables media companies to protect and extend their infrastructure investments through seamless and continual integration of new technologies and formats.

Today’s video service providers, including cable operators, telecommunications companies and satellite TV providers, are continuously seeking to perfect their linear and nonlinear workflows and improve the quality of their video content, while simultaneously optimising the efficiency of their networks. Selenio One delivers a single, powerful solution that improves the channel-carrying capacity of their video delivery networks, freeing up precious bandwidth for high-speed internet and other subscriber services.

By supporting the full spectrum of distribution technologies on a single platform, Selenio One provides an efficient transition platform for video service providers that are evolving their services to support hybrid distribution models. Initially shipping with support for MPEG-2 and H.264 transcoding and statistical multiplexing, the software-based solution is optimised to address the compression requirements of cable operators, IPTV and satellite TV providers.

The advanced statistical multiplexing capabilities of the platform make it possible to pack five MPEG-2 HD channels or 12 H.264 HD channels into a single QAM channel without degrading video quality. The next-generation encoding technology delivers operators an additional 15% savings in bitrate for constant bitrate (CBR) content delivery, assisting service providers in recovering bandwidth that can be utilised for additional revenue-generating services.

Selenio One is scheduled for commercial availability in June 2016. For more information visit the Imagine Communications website.

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