Atomos acquires Timecode Systems: Launching a new era for multi-camera content creation


Atomos recently acquired of Timecode Systems, a world-leading wireless timecode and synchronisation company. Together, the companies are building tightly integrated multi-camera workflow solutions that unify all devices recording on set and allowing them to work together more cohesively.

Timecode Systems’ trusted wireless sync units and control modules are already ubiquitous on some of the biggest movie and television productions, including James Bond and Marvel movies, Top Gear and The Grand Tour. The same technology will now feature in the Atomos product range and be offered as a free SDK for third party camera, smart device and audio manufacturers. The deal will  make multi-camera shoots and audio synchronisation simpler and more efficient for users of almost any prosumer, professional or cinema camera.

Timecode Systems’ innovation has set the standards and protocols that guarantee precision. Its unique RF wireless synchronisation of cameras and audio devices replaces conventional wired Genlock.

Demand for multi-camera shoots is increasing, but creators are limited by the time it takes to edit, align and finish videos that combine multiple sources of video and audio. Now users will be able to access affordable, streamlined multi-camera workflows and recording with enhanced metadata –all using industry standards. The unified system will work with multiple devices seamlessly, removing hours of tedious organisation when ingesting and editing video and audio, saving both time and money.

Jeromy Young, CEO and founder of Atomos said: “With demand for video bigger than ever, people are using more and more separate devices to be creative. But content creators are limited by the time it takes to edit, align and finish videos that combine so many sources of video and audio, especially when using prosumer and consumer devices to film alongside pro cameras. Right now, this disconnect is holding back multi-camera video content creation.

“To  truly  shoot  collaboratively,  everything  needs  to  work  in perfect,  frame-accurate  sync –there  has  to  be  this  robust wireless connection. The Timecode Systems RF protocol is this bullet-proof link. With the Timecode Systems standard, we now have the glue to create a truly connected multi-camera solution.”

Paul  Scurrell,  CEO  and  co-founder  of  Timecode  Systems Limited said: “The drive, energy and desire to push boundaries is what excites me  most  about  entering  this  new  era  with  Atomos.  Both companies have a history of executing successful collaborations with best of breed technology partners -this takes it to a whole new level. And the impact is going to be industry-changing.”

Multi-camera  production  will  now  be  fully  democratised  with every  production  company,  YouTuber,  broadcaster,  indie  film production, church or religious group, or corporation able to use the system.

With a broad portfolio of other exciting new developments also in the pipeline,  existing  Timecode Systems and Atomos customers can expect to unlock even greater value from their current systems as two established companies come together.