Imagine Communications helps customers maximise the life of their broadcast assets


In response to broadcast and media companies who need to maintain their existing assets while planning their move to a software-centric, IP future, Imagine Communications is working with Fortress Solutions to offer a whole-infrastructure care and maintenance package. The new offering, Imagine Service Fortress, provides multi-vendor hardware support and service for almost any vendor product, through a single point of contact. The programme is part of Imagine’s customer-centric approach, which looks at the benefits to be accrued from systems and services, beyond traditional product sales.

In this extended care programme, Imagine Communications will handle all repairs of its own equipment, with Fortress Solutions managing the service, repair and maintenance of third-party equipment. Fortress Solutions is one of the largest providers of telecom, mobile and video equipment repair services, with a global infrastructure for logistics, repair and distribution.

“We have launched successful projects with select marquee customers, and the feedback was that they see this care programme as a compelling proposition,” said Tom Cotney, CEO at Imagine Communications. “Since starting the software-centric revolution, we have always made the point that each broadcaster will make the transition in their own time, based on their chosen path and pace.”

Cotney added, “Imagine Service Fortress is a direct response to requests from our customers, who want a cost-effective and reliable way to maintain their existing hardware while planning for the IP future. They told us they needed a reliable, streamlined, professional, expeditious care service for their existing technology, and that is exactly what we are now offering with Imagine Service Fortress — it is a one-stop shop.”

This is the first such offering in the broadcast sector. As well as providing certainty around equipment performance, it also makes costs more predictable and avoids the need for emergency purchases of replacement equipment, which would not then have a full commercial life in service. Imagine Service Fortress is particularly appealing to organisations that see a large-scale redevelopment ahead but are keen to leverage their existing systems until they make that transition to an all IP, software-centric infrastructure.

“This is a great way for us to offer our support services to the broadcast industry, in conjunction with a market leader in Imagine,” said Dan Walsh, COO at Fortress Solutions. “We currently service the equipment from more than 480 manufacturers and 1,050 system platforms, and have engineering staff with 25+ years of R&D expertise — and we are constantly seeking to expand our skills and capacity. We know this sort of care programme is what a lot of media organisations are seeking, and we look forward to growing our service to the industry.”


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