IPV and ROOT6 Technology integration automates workflows to leave more time for creativity


In order to provide a higher level of workflow automation, media technology specialist IPV has partnered with ROOT6 Technology. The partnership sees the Curator asset management software integrated with the automation specialist’s ContentAgent workflow management tool. The combined technology automates a range of functionality during both content input and output to unlock faster post-production workflows.

Curator’s flexible designed means that it can easily integrate with a range of tools that complement  its workflow-enhancing functionality, and ROOT6 Technology’s ContentAgent is a great example of this. The API integration helps to consolidate workflow processes by letting users complete multiple tasks at once. This lets editors make best use of Curator by focussing on the creative elements of their projects, rather than on time-consuming administrative tasks.

Automatic media delivery

Curator’s integration with Adobe Premiere Pro CC and After Effects CC allows users to quickly find relevant clips and create new content using high-quality streaming proxies. This means that they can easily access and work with content, even if they’re not in the same location as the high resolution files. Once they’ve edited through Curator, ContentAgent’s direct API integration lets users automatically complete tasks such as exporting content in different codecs for each media platform. This removes the need for users to do this manually, so they have time to produce more valuable content instead. Through ContentAgent, editors can add timecodes, watermarks and more to media from within Curator. The joint IPV / ROOT6 Technology solution allows the automation of video delivery when using transfer engines like Aspera or FileCatalyst. It also lets users transcode media – all while being quality controlled.

Built-in progress and status monitoring also lets users keep track of multiple projects, rather than needing to focus on only one piece of content at a time.

Speeding up workflows

To ensure a faster workflow from start to finish, Curator works with ROOT6 Technology’s CardAgent to enable editors to automatically select and preview clips, add in-and-outpoints, rename clips and add custom metadata where required. This information will automatically be populated in Curator. The ContentAgent workflow lets users stitch together clips or transcode these individually for a smoother edit. Curator gives editors are given peace of mind that content is ingested exactly as it should be and the original file structure retained. Once they’re ingested, the stitched files are made available for social media and web editing through Curator, and proxy versions are created to allow viewing anywhere in the world.

All of this can be overseen and controlled through the Curator management interface. At the same time, Curator Analytics can be used to provide a clear overview of exactly where and when all of these processes are happening, so it’s easy to identify bottlenecks and savings opportunities. This allows users to monitor every step and plan the next move.

All sizes, one file

The integrated Curator and ContentAgent workflow allows for multiple versions of the same media to be associated as a single clip within Curator, rather than having duplicated files in different resolutions – UHD, HD and proxy. This removes the need to wade through multiple versions of media, making it easier to keep track of assets. It also makes it easier to edit content in different resolutions as needed for different video platforms – whether it’s for social video or broadcast.

“It’s important for us to help our users work as efficiently as possible by automating previously time-consuming tasks and allowing editors to use their content further and faster,” said IPV’s product manager, James Varndell. “It’s for this reason that we’ve integrated Curator with ContentAgent. We want to give users more time for creativity during production.”


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