New distribution deal for South African filmmakers


South African Great Movies Production (SAGMP Films), a production company owned by South African based filmmaker John Wani, in association with the company’s American partner, are in the process of clinching a distribution deal for South African films. The agreement includes a cinema test for a week, and if the film is successful it will be released.

“Our local filmmakers, including myself, continue to struggle with attaining distribution for our films. Distribution continues to be one of the biggest challenges hindering the growth of filmmaking business; consequently following my discussions with my partner, we decided that this growing gap needs to be addressed. With this new deal, we aim to ensure that quality South African films, that would normally not travel the world, be seen beyond our shores,’ says Wani.

To make certain that the producers retain their intellectual property rights, Wani has ensured that the deal comes with possible television, DVD and internet rights should the film meet the requirements for the American market. The films must have been theatrically released in SA.

Producers who wish to take this opportunity are requested to upload their films on for consideration. Email links should be sent to


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