Durban FilmMart 2013 Selected Projects – Fiction Projects


Andani and the Mechanic

Producer/Director: Sara Blecher
Country: South Africa

In a community vibrant with migrants from across the African Continent, against
the backdrop of unspoken love, Andani and the Mechanic is a coming of age
story about a young woman who tries to navigate a path for herself. But this is
a world where everything keeps shifting – everything except the one thing that
really does need to change. Andani and the Mechanic presents a new role model
to young girls – on the cusp of adulthood – that allows them to consider new
options and possibilities for their own lives. It showcases a successful, young
woman, an entrepreneur, who manages to navigate her way through the
grease and garages that define a man’s world. Director and producer, Sara
Blecher is best known as a journalist and documentary filmmaker for SABC’s
award winning current affairs programme, Special Assignment. Her feature film
Otello Burning has played to many audiences internationally and was the
opening film for the 32nd Durban International Film Festival.

Black Sunshine

Producer: Julio Chavezmontes
Co-producer: Angele Diabang
Director: Akosua Adoma Owusu
Country: Ghana

Black Sunshine tells the story of promiscuous hairdresser, Effie Konadu, who
lives with her 15-year-old albino daughter, Asabea. The film is about the conflict
between a black mother and her albino child. It unravels with various scenarios
that include Asabea creating a black imaginary friend, Effie’s shame of mothering
an albino child and the belief that albinos hold supernatural powers. Producer,
Julio Chavezmontes graduated with honours from the University of Chicago and
holds a MFA from the School of the Art Institute of Chicago. Director, Akosua
Adoma Owusu received an MFA from CalArts and has served on the jury and
screening committees for Festival 3 Continents and AFI Silverdocs.
Five Fingers for Marseilles

Producer/Director: Michael Matthews
Producer/Writer: Sean Drummond
Country: South Africa

Twenty years ago, the young “Five Fingers’ fought for the rural town of
Marseilles, against brutal police oppression. Now, after fleeing in disgrace,
freedom-fighter-turned “outlaw’ Tau, returns to Marseilles, seeking only a
peaceful life. But he finds the town under new threat and reluctantly fights to
free it. Will the Five Fingers ride again? Michael Matthews has directed over 60
short films, music videos and creative works. Sean Drummond’s recent high-
profile work includes the science fiction short, Sweetheart, which toured festivals
extensively, catching the eye of studios including Warner Brothers and Fox, and
in 2013 is the subject of a series of European academic papers on African genre

Free the Town

Producer: Vincho Nchogu
Co-producer Nikkia Moulterie
Director: Nikyatu Jusu
Country: Kenya

In Free the Town we meet a local virgin, born of a mother who was murdered at
the hands of witch hunters (Binta), a Brooklyn teen (Michael) and a myopic
filmmaker (Amy). Binta is the central character and she serves as the catalyst.
These disparate individuals’ lives tragically intersect in an effort to navigate the
formerly war torn streets of Sierra Leone’s capital city: Freetown. Vincho Nchogu
produced a series of documentaries in Kenya, Tanzania and Zambia titled,
Future Express. Nikyatu Jusu is a graduate of the New York University, Tisch
School of the Arts with an MFA in Film Production.

Life More or Less

Producer: Kingsley Madueke
Director: Julius Morno
Country: Nigeria

Nine characters, whose lives are inextricably linked, make up Life More or Less.
It’s Lagos life as seen through the eyes of teenager Sani and the people who
cross his path. Julius Morno graduated from the National Film Institute in Jos,
Nigeria. He was trained as a writer/director under the tutelage of prominent
African filmmaker, Gastone Kabore. Kingsley Madueke together with Morno
founded Gray Revsolution and was the executive producer of the short film, Sun
Dancers directed by Morno.

Njangi – Fifty Fifty

Producer: Victor Viyuoh
Director: Victor Viyuoh
Country: Cameroon

Njangi Fifty-Fifty takes the audience on women’s defiance campaign that
culminates with them refusing to have sex with their husbands. Ignited by Kinu
who returns to her African village to find that her family’s land has been seized
because women don’t inherit property, the film sees the village women rise up in
a story that director and producer Victor Viyuoh described as, “close to his
heart.’ Viyuoh, named one of Filmmaker Magazine’s 25 New Independent
Filmmakers to watch, seeks to produce African-themed movies for the world
market. His debut feature, Ninah’s Dowry, was the recipient of the Global Film
Initiative’s Spring 2010 production grant.

Sea Monster

Producer: Mike Buckland
Co-producer: Stuart Forrest
Director: Anthony Silverston
Country: South Africa

This animated feature is set in a Paternoster-inspired town, against the
backdrop of a typical West Coast landscape and centres around an aspiring
biologist (KETO, 16 years old) and his discovery of an ancient Sea Monster. This
escalates as Keto meets Riley who, unbeknown to the obsessive-compulsive
teen, has also seen the monster that lives at the bottom of the ocean. Keto will
have to face his deepest fears to free the Sea Monster before the fate of the
planet is changed forever. Anthony Silverston is a member of the Triggerfish
founding team and one of the co-founders of Animation SA, the representative
animation body of South Africa. Triggerfish is South Africa’s leading animation
studio, responsible for the runaway success Adventures in Zambezia.

The Bill

Producer: Travis Taute
Director: Nosipho Dumisa
Country: South Africa

Set in Gauteng in 2004, The Bill spans nine years, unravelling a plan set in
motion by Lucy, a blind girl. The cover up by high ranking political officials of the
murder of two powerful mining businessmen triggers the saga. Lucy, has been
kidnapped and has information that brings the story full circle – she is the
daughter of one of the murdered men and is determined to exact revenge. In
the four years since Dumisa’s entry into the film industry she has produced high-
end television productions such as, All Access Mzanzi on DSTV. Taute has
produced over 20 short films and holds a degree in Motion Picture Medium.


Producer: Juliette Grandmont
Director: Rungano Nyoni
Country: Zambia
A fire breaks out in a large compound in the centre of Lusaka. Despite the fire
sadly claiming two lives and almost threatening to wipe out the entire
compound, its residents continue their lives as if nothing happened. However a
series of unfortunate events continue to conspire against the community,
culminating in an unimaginable tragedy. Jolted out of the passiveness of their
everyday existence, the community is forced to finally take action in Solidarity.
Rungano Nyoni was a British Academy of Film and Television Award nominee
2012. Juliette Grandmont heads Clandestine Films, which produces and co-
produces 1st and 2nd feature films directed by European filmmakers.


Producer: Jacky Lourens
Director: Meg Rickards
Country: South Africa

Adapted from Tracey Farren’s novel, Whiplash tells the story of wry, sassy Cape
Town prostitute, Tess, who falls pregnant. When she abandons her daily ritual
of popping pills, awful pictures from her past ambush her mind. But Tess does
not allow herself to collapse. Instead, she learns – perhaps because of the baby
in her belly – to connect with the people around her. The Congolese refugee
next door treats her like a daughter. An impotent client shows her his heart.
Tess finds sanctuary among strong women in a belly dance studio and discovers
she can dance up a storm. With new courage she tracks down her childhood
friend, Dumi, who helps her to face the truth of her past. Jacky Lourens has 22
years production experience and was series producer for the SABC
documentary, Unauthorised. Meg Rickards has written and directed short films
and for television, and her miniseries and tele-feature Land of Thirst received
international distribution. Singer Angelique Kidjo is attached to the project.


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