Free screenings of The Great Gatsby


Before Baz Luhrmann decided to jazz up the silver screen with his version of F. Scott
Fitzgerald’s classic American story, The Great Gatsby, Francis Ford Coppola adapted
the novel for the big screen in 1974.

Casting a young Robert Redford as Jay Gatsby and Mia Farrow as Daisy Buchanan,
Coppola brought the original story of decadence, desire, betrayal and murder to
audiences worldwide.

On Sunday 12 May 2013 Turner Classic Movies (TCM) screens The Great Gatsby (1974)
across South Africa at Nu Metro cinemas. Set during the most prosperous time in
American history, the roaring twenties, the decadence of Gatsby is witnessed by
narrator Nick Carraway, who is fascinated by his neighbour’s mysterious past and
lavish lifestyle. He becomes a part of Gatsby’s circle and is a witness to his friend’s
obsessive and tragic life.

TCM, DStv Channel 137, is the home of classic movies and brings audiences
nationwide the opportunity to see The Great Gatsby in cinemas. The free screenings
take place on 12 May at 17h15 at the following Nu Metro cinemas:

  • Hyde Park, Johannesburg
  • Montecasino, Johannesburg
  • Menlyn, Pretoria
  • Pavilion, Durban
  • V&A, Cape Town
  • Walmer Park, Port Elizabeth

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As part of the Great Adaptation season, TCM will also air The Great Gatsby on Monday
13 May 2013 at 15h00.


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