AFDA film nominated for student Oscar


The movie Kanye Kanye has received a nomination for the Academy Award for Best Foreign Student Short Film. Directed by Miklas Manneke, a fourth-year student at the South African School of Motion Picture Medium and Live Performance (AFDA), the film is a romantic comedy about a forbidden love affair between two young township teenagers.

“It is an honour for everyone involved in the making of Kanye Kanye to be selected on this international platform to represent AFDA as students at the beginning of our careers,’ says Manneke.

However, Kanye Kanye isn’t a newcomer on the awards scene. The movie won nine AFDA GOLD Awards at the annual awards.

“Kanye Kanye is a reflective short film by a student director and team whose attention to detail has made it a work of art that will resonate worldwide,’ says Gina Bonmariage, postgraduate course director of AFDA Johannesburg.

The Academy Student Awards take place in Los Angeles in June.


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