NFVF Short Film Competition calls for entries


South Africa’s National Film and Video Foundation (NFVF) invites filmmakers to submit short film scripts for its 2011 Short Film Competition.

Chosen scripts will be put through a series of workshops to better shape the story. Following the workshop four filmmakers will be given assistance to produce their short film scripts.

The winning films will then constitute a calling card for the successful filmmakers to the industry demonstrating their ability to tell cinematic stories in unique and interesting ways and open the door to their entry into feature film writing and directing.

The short film scripts can be in any genre but have to either be in an indigenous language and or be written by women.

Eligible filmmakers will be those with documentary, commercial, short film or television drama writing/ directing experience. Only South African citizens and permanent residents will be considered.


Completion of the application form and supporting documents requested
A reel of work indicating experience in documentary, short films or television
A one-page outline
A script of no less than 12 pages and more than 16 pages

Although the dialogue may be in any official language, the action and description must be in English. English translations of the dialogue must be provided using the split page facility in the Final Draft programme.

For more information contact Neiloe Whitehead on / 011 483 0880 or visit for the application form.


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