Taiwan offers film incentives for SA


To encourage the growth of its motion picture industry, Taiwan has long maintained a policy of granting incentives to its own filmmakers. For example, the Taiwanese producers of movies with box office receipts of over NT$50 million (R12 million) are automatically entitled to government funding equivalent to 20 percent of these revenues as an incentive for future productions.

As part of its five-year stimulus plan to develop the local film industry, Taiwan recently introduced improved incentives for foreign producers who film all or part of their movies in the country.

In terms of the subsidy scheme, foreign film producers are able to obtain funding from the Government Information Office (GIO) before arriving in Taiwan to shoot or post-produce their movies. The hiring of local Taiwanese cast and crew members will allow foreign filmmakers to receive government funding equivalent to 30 percent of personnel expenditure. Foreign producers are also eligible for refunds of 25 percent of expenses relating to filming, pre-production, post-production or CGI animation. Foreigners making films in Taiwan may also apply for government funding that covers 15 percent of their transportation and accommodation costs.

Producers whose films win best picture or best director awards at the major film festivals of Cannes, Venice, Berlin and the Oscars will be granted even more generous subsidies, as their films significantly enhance Taiwan’s international profile.

It is hoped that the newly introduced incentives will assist in drawing more South African filmmakers to Taiwan, thereby promoting the island’s distinctive cultural heritage and breathtaking scenery.

Further information on the incentives and associated requirements may be obtained by emailing Taipei Liaison Office in the RSA on inftaiwan5@telkomsa.net


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