Refinery – business as usual


There has been speculation regarding the future of the major Johannesburg-based post-production facility house, the Refinery, since Music For Pleasure (Pty) Ltd (MFP) went into liquidation in July. More recently rumours have circulated regarding caution when dealing with the Refinery. Management is however currently in discussion with the owners of the Refinery to determine the best way forward for the company as there are several options under investigation

Acting managing director of the Refinery, Charl van der Merwe, sets the records straight. “It is correct that MFP has been liquidated at the insistence of its creditors. MFP forms part of the MFP Holdings Group and as such is a fellow subsidiary in respect of the group. The liquidation of MFP has not (and will not) affect the Refinery’s ability to trade or continue to offer services of high quality to its customers. The Refinery will continue to honour its commitment to customers, including the timeous delivery of services and the protection of intellectual property.

“The Refinery as it is today is a going concern, and we are paying salaries and creditors. However, the Refinery is under the same pressures as any other company under the current economic climate. We are going into our busiest trading period for the year and we have seen a slow upturn, but an upturn nevertheless for the next two months at least.

“We as management believe in this business, and we made a decision that if there is one party who really understands this business, and knows the risks, it is the management. Hence the reason for our negotiations and discussion with the current owners of the Refinery.”

Read more in the October 2009 issue of Screen Africa


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