Gauteng makes progress


There has been much criticism levelled at Johannesburg municipal and provincial departments for their lack of support and assistance for commercial productions shooting in the city (see page 6). According to Jacques Stoltz, senior marketing manager for the Gauteng Film Commission (GFC), progress has been made in addressing the challenges.

ÒWe have made progress with the Johannesburg Metro Police Department (JMPD) in agreeing on operational matters, including a maximum five day application turnaround time. We have also agreed that all permit applications will be channelled through the GFC in order to ensure that we properly co-ordinate applications.Ó

Stoltz admitted that a major stumbling block remained the cost of the permit fee charged by the City of Johannesburg. They would address this with Councillor Parks Tau who has undertaken to meet with the industry to discuss concerns in respect of film tariffs.

To support this initiative, the GFC has briefed Kagiso TV & Communications to develop a detailed awareness campaign targeting important stakeholders. The roll out of the campaign will start early this year.

Read more in the January 2009 issue of Screen Africa


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