TV still king


A study by consulting company Deloitte has revealed that while the Internet is importance in advertising, television remains the most influential medium in the US. The survey will be released officially at the Consumer Electronics Show C in Las Vegas, which runs from 8 – 11 January.

In a wide-ranging survey of more than 2,000 Americans from ages 14 to 75, Deloitte found that TV is still king in the ad world, followed by magazines and the Internet, which tied for second.

Print ads are also more effective than ads n the web. Among people who look at magazines, six in 10 pay greater attention to ads in publications than on the web. Among newspaper readers, more than half say the same for newspaper ads. A quarter of respondents said they were ready to pay not to see advertising.
Digital video recorders continued to play an important role in watching TV, particularly among people ages 26 to 42 who use it to filter their TV viewing.
On mobile phone use, the survey found that a third of the respondents use their cell phones to entertain themselves. More than half of people from ages 14 to 25 used their phones for entertainment, which could include listening to music, watching video, or playing games.

On discs versus downloads, 66% of respondents preferred physical DVDs and CDs when thinking about how they would like to engage in entertainment media in the future.

The Deloitte survey also found that nearly six in 10 U.S. consumers would like to easily integrate their televisions with their computers to download or watch online content. Fully 59% of Americans are listening to music online and 52% are watching movies and other videos over the Web, the study found. And 39% of the respondents said they would download more video, if their connection speeds were faster.

Source: InformationWeek


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