Peggy Champion


The much admired industry TV commercials actress Peggy Champion passed away on the morning of 3 December 2008. She was 92 years old. Up till recently she was still acting in TV commercials.

Terry Begemann, formerly with Trillion TV in Cape Town, was a long time friend of Peggy’s and shares some of her memories. “She was always a feisty lady. She drove herself and her three children from Kenya to settle in South Africa where she worked for the South African Wool Board and later as a writer on the fashion magazine, The Buyer. As a single mother, she struggled to bring up her children.
“When I met her she was famous for her appearances in the picture love story magazines so popular at that time. She sang in the chorus of all the operas staged in Cape Town. She was also a regular visitor to the Met races where she and actor friend Tony Fletcher’s eye-catching outfits won them a place in the fashion stakes on numerous occasions (Peggy at 86 took third place with Tony, then 72).

“When she retired she struggled to come out on her pension and started acting in TV commercials and was seen as the granny skiing down the slopes of mountains or driving a motorbike. Fortunately many of the commercials were German and the repeat fees on these enabled her to supplement her pension.

“Peggy was never afraid of trying anything new.”

Screen Africa remembers Peggy for her wonderful spirit and the warmth she generated to everyone who worked in film and television. We got to know her from her regular visits over the years to the Screen Africa stand at Sithengi markets. Our condolences go to her family and friends.

Barry Greyvenstein, a pivotal member of the now debunked National Film and Television Association (NTVA), says: “She was a dear friend and life member of the NTVA and we will always have fond memories of her. To those of you who knew Peggy you will remember her fondly especially in the many TV commercials that she appeared in.

“Rest in Peace dear Peggy – you lived your 92+ years to the full!”


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