Major rental cos merge


Two of South Africa’s most successful specialist equipment rental companies, One8Six and Panacam Africa, have merged to form Panavision South Africa¨, trading as Panavision Cape Town¨ and Panavision Johannesburg¨.

With its combined inventories, the new entity offers the widest range of camera systems, specialised grips rigs and camera mounts in the local industry, as well as a depth of technical skills and experience. Special attention has been focused on ensuring continuity for clients, with management, bookings staff, and technical staff remaining unaltered as far as possible.

Panavision South Africa¨ will be the only rental company in the country able to offer every major camera system, namely Panavision, Arriflex, Genesis, Varicam, Red ONE, F900R, F23, HD750 and Phantom HD, as well as primo spherical and anamorphic lensing, Zeiss, Cooke and Angeniuex lensing.

Extensive upgrading of the grips departments is underway, with the inclusion of a large and diverse range of grip equipment that includes Techno Cranes, Giraffe Cranes and a selection of remote heads. Fisher and Chapman supply Panavision’s dollies and jib arms, and the company offers a plethora of various tripods, heads and specialist grip rigs.

Read more in the Nov/Dec 2008 issue of Screen Africa


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