Fans Wars


Studio Briefing reports that Star Wars fans are so incensed with the Weinstein Company’s decision to re-edit and reshoot scenes from Fanboys, a film about a group of Star Wars fans who decide to steal Star Wars: Episode 1 before its theatrical release, that they are boycotting the company’s films.

The fans have launched an Internet campaign against the new Weinstein release, Superhero Movie (a send-up of superhero films). It is not clear yet whether this campaign was the reason for the film’s poor opening. Superhero Movie was expected to be the big opener in the US at the weekend but only took in a disappointing $9m. The fans even have a website called, clearly an allusion to Star Wars mega-villain, Darth Vader.

Fanboys was directed by Kyle Newman and stars William Shatner and Billy Dee Williams.


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