Presidential hopefuls get starstruck


As US Democrat presidential hopefuls Barack Obama and Hilary Rodham Clinton run neck and neck in the primaries, the Los Angeles Times reports that several Hollywood stars have hit the campaign trail in support of their favourite candidate.

Clinton supporters include Eva Longoria (“Desperate Housewives”), Ted Danson (“Becker”), Mary Steenburgen (“I Am Sam”), America Ferrera (“Ugly Betty’) and Sean Astin (“Lord of the Rings’), while Forest Whitaker (“Last King of Scotland’), Samuel L Jackson (“Rules of Engagement”), Sophia Bush (“One Tree Hill’) and Adam Rodrigues (“CSI Miami’) are in the Obama camp.

Oscar winner Jack Nicholson and his “The Bucket List’ director Rob Reiner released a YouTube campaign ad for Clinton. The ad includes clips from some classic Nicholson roles such as the Joker in “Batman”.


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