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The Society of Camera Operators, SOC, has set 16 February as the date for the 2008 Lifetime Achievement and Camera Operator of the Year Awards presentation and reception. Awards will be presented at the Goldenson Theatre of the Academy of Television Arts and Sciences in North Hollywood, California.

A non-profit charitable organisation, the SOC has advanced the art and creative contributions of the Camera Operator in the Motion Picture and Television industries since its inception in 1978. The Society brings industry leaders and cinematic artists into the closest confederation.

The SOC Lifetime Achievement Awards has a long history of honoring the career highlights of the best at their below-the-line crafts and technical achievements as well as the Society’s Governors Award for a lifetime of significant contribution to the industry. Some of the past Governors Award honorees include John Huston, Steven Spielberg, Ron Howard, Sidney Poitier, Roger Corman and Haskell Wexler (ASC).

The nominations for these awards are submitted by the entire membership of the Society. Then, eligible active members cast their votes for each of these Lifetime Achievement and Technical Achievement Award categories. The recipients of the Lifetime Achievement Awards receive SOC’s Golden CAMMY statuette.

The 2008 honorees:

The SOC Board of Governors Award for Lifetime Achievement in the service of the Motion Picture Industry will be presented to Joe Dunton (CEO JDC Cameras; VP Panavision, Inc.)

The SOC President’s Award for Lifetime Achievement in the Industry: tba

Lifetime Achievement in Camera Operating: Mitch Dubin, SOC (“Munich’, “Jerry Maguire’)

Memorial tribute for his Lifetime Achievement as Camera Technician: Scott Rathner (“Indiana Jones and the Kingdom of the Crystal’, “The Spiderwick Chronicles’)

Lifetime Achievement as Still Photographer: François Duhamel (“Road to Perdition’, “There Will Be Blood’)

Lifetime Achievement as Mobile Camera Platform Operator: Larry McConkey, SOC (Steadicam Operator: “Bonfire of the Vanities’, “Goodfellas’)

SOC recognition for achievement of Best Historical Shot Award: “The Russian Ark’ – Tilman Buettner – Steadicam Operator (entire feature length film is one Steadicam shot)

SOC Technical Achievement Award recognition will be presented to Panavision Inc. for design and development of the Genesis HD camera system.

SOC Technical Achievement Award recognition will be presented to Tiffen, Inc. and Garrett Brown for the design and development of the Ultra2 Steadicam.

SOC Distinguished Service Award will be presented to International Cinematographer’s Guild Past President George Spiro Dibie, ASC.

This year marks an exciting development for the SOC as it heralds “The Camera Operator of the Year’ in the feature film category. The five nominees are:

“3:10 To Yuma’
Operator: David Luckenbach
Studio: Lionsgate

“Into The Wild’
Operator: Jacques Jouffret, SOC
Studio: Paramount Vantage

“Michael Clayton’
Operator: Scott Sakamoto
Studio: Warner Bros.

“The Kite Runner’
Operator: Jim McConkey
Studio: Dreamworks

“There Will Be Blood’
Operator: Colin Anderson

Studio: Paramount Vantage

Member ballot voting commences in the second week of January 2008. The result will be announced at the Lifetime Achievement Awards on 16 February 2008.

Event producer David J Frederick, SOC, states: “The success of these SOC Awards stems from the integrity of the industry craftspeople that are being recognised at this emotional and fitting tribute of our peers. The comments from those who attended last year’s awards evening proved it was the one Hollywood awards event with the most heart and soul.’

Frederick adds, “Vision, the essential ingredient that we as Camera Operators use in our work, bonds us to children with vision problems. SOC dedicates its full support to the Eye Care Clinic at Childrens Hospital Los Angeles. The proceeds from this event as well as the advertising in our bi-annual magazine publication go to support this worthy cause.’


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