Demystifying Branded Entertainment


In order to demystify some confusion surrounding Branded Entertainment or Advertiser Funded Programming, as it is also sometimes referred to, Cape Town-based Platypus Productions is offering a two-hour presentation for relevant staff, clients or your brand team, to explain the benefits of Branded Entertainment and how it can operate effectively in creating new marketing opportunities for brands.

Branded Entertainment basically aligns a brand with entertaining content that reflects the brand’s personality. In essence, you integrate your brand into content in a credible and entertaining way. The brand pays for and owns the content and then has the control to exploit it on multiple media platforms, such as TV, web and mobile, or other marketing campaigns; as well as distribute it globally into other broadcast territories.

Stanley Edwards (Director) and Anthony Wayment (Creative Director: Content) of Platypus Productions have attended numerous overseas conferences such as MIPCOM and MIPTV, held bi-annually in Cannes, France. Out of these conferences, Platypus Productions hosts feedback seminars entitled “Reshaping Media’ and brings the ever-changing international media trends and digital developments in new media technologies to the South African market.

To schedule a Branded Entertainment presentation, please contact Jill Manson on (021) 423 7245 or email


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