New digital film delivery


The public will have even more choice about the film genres they prefer. If a lot of people have already seen the latest blockbuster movie, a cinema could oblige by screening a new digital film on extra screen in response to demand.

Universal Pictures, Warner Bros. Entertainment and a company called Digital Cinema Implementation Partners are working on a new digital film delivery system that will allow a theatre distributor to book a film from a specialist audience for a day or two.

The process which will use satellite and broadband delivery systems to beam digital film directly to cinemas is still in the early stages of development. While films can be placed on DVDs, many people still enjoy the cinema experience and by screening a niche film in a cinema would be ideal for the more sociable amongst us.

According to Darcy Antonellis, Warner Bros.’ executive vice president for distribution and technology that kind of rapid delivery that would allow theatre operators the flexibility to economically market niche films that could be shown to a targeted audience.


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