Gender rights in Nigeria


Zimbabwean Rudo Masvaure, director of africa RISING’s episode about gender rights in Nigeria says “after working with Dr. Bene Madunagu I’ve learnt the true importance of all human beings to be treated equally. Not just in an academic sense but even practically, she really lives what she preaches.”

Masvaure has worked on a variety of features in South Africa, Namibia, Zimbabwe and the United Kingdom. He has worked in theatre and radio production, has been in the film industry for 10 years as a script supervisor, production coordinator and recently started directing documentaries. Between 1997 and 1999, whilst working in continuity she attended film courses at The National Film & Television School in England.

africa RISING is a documentary television series about innovative Africans who, through their creativity, focused energy and leadership are creating a legacy of pride for the African continent. Bene Madunagu is one of these Africans. She founded the feminist group, Women in Nigeria, in 1982 and is an internationally respected advocate for women’s sexual and reproductive health and rights. She co-founded the Girls’ Power Initiative (GPI) in 1993. GPI’s comprehensive approach to sexuality education builds self-esteem and provides girls with skills and knowledge needed to negotiate mutually respectful and responsible relationships.

Madunagu says: “Feminism is about politics, gender and poverty. When you achieve the vision of feminism, you really achieve the vision of a just society.” This episode filmed in Calabar, a port city of Nigeria introduces us to Madunagu, her colleagues, family, members of the public and the work that she and her colleagues do. Not everyone agrees with these teachings and the issue of the role of feminism in African society is investigated.

The episodes of africa RISING produced for SABC Education by Kagiso Educational Television are scheduled for broadcast on SABC2 at 16h00 on Saturday 21 October.


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