Death to the Paparazzi!


While presenting an award at the film festival, Sir Elton John launched a tirade against the paparazzi present, claiming they should all be shot. The rant, packed with expletives, seemingly came out of the blue as the 59-year-old singer continued to hand out the award.

The incident occurred while John was presenting the Chopard Trophy to Kevin Zegers, a young Canadian actor who co-starred in the transgender film ‘Transamerica’.

The singer, who was accompanied by Elizabeth Hurley, was speaking whenthe photographers in front of him began calling out his name.

“I’m talking … you f***wit, f***ing photographers you should be shot, you should be all shot,” he said. Zegers appeared unperturbed by the incident and smiled as John handed him the award.

A few weeks ago John also landed in hot water for swearing in front of children on the Paul O’Grady Show on TV. Go for it Sir Elton!!

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