M-Net wants new local Drama


M-Net Original Productions seeks to commission a drama series for broadcast in prime time during 2007/2008. Pay-TV channel M-Net is looking for a South African drama, which will be hard-hitting and edgy. Ideally, it should be a new age drama that could be contemporary or period, and which speaks to the 21st century South African audience.

The proposal should be original, and series or serials will be considered. However, the story/series/serial must end at episode 13. The format is 13 episodes of 48 minutes each, and must be aimed at the core M-Net audience of Adults LSM 8-12. The lingua franca of the show should be English.

The deadline for submission of pitches is 30 September 2006. Pitches will be short-listed in November 2006, with a decision hopefully being made by the end of the same month.

Short-listed production companies will be invited to present their proposal in person, at a time that is suitable to both parties.

Proposals should contain the following information:

1. A synopsis
2. A detailed treatment and approach
3. Character Bible
4. 1st episode script – alternatively sample script.
5. A preliminary budget.

Proposals can be submitted to:

The Commissioning Editor, M-Net Original Productions
Magic Centre Reception
Oak Ave

P.O. Box 2973

Tel: (011) 686 6237/ 6256
Fax: (011) 686 6660
e-mail: Joanne Bryan (jbryan@mnet.co.za)


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