Formation of the Moving Picture Trainers Association (MPTA)


On the 5th May 2006, the MPTA was officially launched when members ratified the constitution.

The formation of this association is a critical development for the sector. By means of bringing together training providers from around the country, key issues affecting the growth and sustainability of the industry will begin to be addressed in a holistic and strategic way.

For the first time, the South African Film & TV industry will have an organized body of training providers. Through ongoing collaboration with other industry organizations, skills shortages will be addressed and ways to develop, enhance, address transformation and promote the skills base of the Film, TV, Animation and all emerging forms of broadcast media will be identified.

As a result of the MPTA’s formation, training providers will now have active representation on the South African Screen Federation and will be in a very strong position to lobby government and affiliated organizations, collaborate with the independent sector as well as broadcasters and have significant input in the development of the industry, through a collective and unified voice.

Avril Joffee (CAJ) was elected as Treasurer, with Nicola Rauch (SASWI) and Nikki Tilley (FTU Monash) co-chairing the organization during its first term.
The MPTA will be holding a full days brainstorming session during the Durban Film Festival on Friday 23rd June and encourages all interested parties to attend.

For further information, and a copy of the organisation’s constitution defining the MPTA’s mandate, please contact:


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