French dubbing workshop training


A dubbing workshop will be held in Accra from 5 – 17 June. The workshop will provide a training opportunity for existing production or post production companies who wish to strengthen their dubbing activities or establish a dubbing division.


Training and equipment for African practitioners.

The French Dubbing Programme will provide support to a limited number of African production companies interested in developing film dubbing activities. As the key aspect of the dubbing activity is the detection of lip movements and the adaptation of dialogues for a proper lipsync, the support given will consist of:

  • Equipment (mini-computer with “Rythmo”, a digital dubbing software used for detecting lip movements, adapting dialogues and making “rythmo” strips to guide the dubbing artistes)
  • A two-week training session at the National Film and Television Institute (Accra, Ghana) dedicated to the use of the above-mentioned equipment for detection and adaptation in the dubbing process. The training will be in English; hence, the participants have to be fluent in this language but the techniques taught can be applied to any other language, including French, Spanish, Portuguese, Arabic and African languages.

Eligibility criteria – For the companies:

  • Countries eligible: all countries of Sub-Saharan Africa
  • Experience of the company in film and TV production, sound processing or dubbing.
  • Plans for the dubbing of African productions
  • Contacts with broadcasters and distributors
  • Existing equipment in the studio of the company, especially for sound recording and sound mixing.

For the participant selected by the company for the training

  • Ability to undertake a course in English
  • Ability to translate and adapt fiction dialogues (in any of the languages listed above) with a high level of professionalism
  • Experience in any aspect of scriptwriting or film production, including acting and directing.

Documents to be provided:

  • Letter of motivation from the candidate
  • Detailed curriculum vitae of the candidate with passport number, date and place of issue, phone number, postal and e-mail address
  • Introduction of the candidate and description of the company by its manager, mentioning specific plans for the dubbing of African productions (with full contacts of the producers of the works listed), contacts with broadcasters or distributors and reasons for the interest in dubbing activities
  • Certificate of incorporation of the company (or any equivalent document)


Deadline for application: 8 May, 2006

Dates of the training session in Accra: 5 to 17 June 2006

The French Dubbing Programme is funded by the French Ministry of Foreign Affairs and managed by the Embassies of France in Ghana and Nigeria in cooperation with the National

In addition to the training, equipment will be offered (a mini-computer with the “Rythmo” software for detection and adaptation).
The deadline for application is 8 May 2006.


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