Tapeless technology used for Africa Cup


The Egyptian Radio & Television Union (ERTU) organised and coordinated this year’s African Cup and acted as the host broadcasting organization.

The ERTU decided to streamline the coverage of the event and placed an order for 5 brand new XT Series Servers in addition to the 4 existing EVS servers already operated by the broadcaster.

Stadiums across Egypt including Cairo, Alexandria, Ismailia, and Port Saïd, were each equipped with 2 XT Series Servers (6 channels) recording directly from multiple cameras (10 to 14 cameras depending on the stadium) to cover all the action during the games. Each XT server was equipped with the Multicam LSM & XNet software application used to instantaneously produce slow motion replays, clips, and highlights of the best angles and shots ingested during the game. Thanks to XNet high speed, high bandwidth network (540Mbps/1,5 Gb/sec), the operators were able to share media in real-time without having to duplicate the content.

“Our recent order for EVS tapeless technology, showcased by the powerful XT Series platform, has enabled us to provide a large choice of footage for such an important event as the African Cup of Nation,” said Mahmoud Gaber, General Manager of Studios Projects, ERTU. .

SportFive, who owns the TV rights for the 2006 edition of the African Cup of Nations, provided the international “clean feed” signal (video + 4 audio channels) from the different venues and redistributed the signal to the world broadcasters including SABC, Eurosport, BBC, ARD, ZDF, TV5, TeleSud, Lc2, MNET, ERTU, 2M, RTM, ESPN, NHK, and Fuji TV

EVS Technology controlled most of the content delivery allowing the ERTU and SportFive to offer viewers the best images of this international event.

After the Africa Cup of Nations, ERTU integrated some of these new systems in their existing OB vans as well as in their studio.


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