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2019 – a year of change and the need for speed

2019 has been a year of technology firsts in the media and entertainment industry. Multi-platform content saw a meteoric rise, AI gained ground across many fronts and connectivity, devices and personalisation changed market dynamics significantly

AWS and FOX team up to reinvent media content delivery

AWS will distribute FOX’s sports, news, and entertainment TV content to multi-channel video programming distributors, to more than 200 affiliate stations, and to OTT providersservices.

Atomos and Timecode Systems announce first generation of a new, integrated product range

The AtomX SYNC accessory for the Ninja V is the first product from the recorder-monitor leaders to include fully integrated Timecode Systems sync power

AJA releases desktop software v15.5 for KONA, Io and T-TAP

AJA Video Systems recently released Desktop Software v15.5 for KONA, Io and T-TAP products, featuring additional functionality for both HDR and 8K workflows, plus new performance upgrades enhancing creative freedom and flexibility across Windows, Linux and macOS

2019 Highlights from the African Film and Television Industry

As we wrap up 2019, it’s always worthwhile to reflect back on the year and celebrate some of the highlights and successes from within the African film and TV sectors

Social justice documentary Push special screening and discussion

The social justice film Push by Swedish director Fredrik Gertten will have a special screening at the Tshisimani Centre for Activist Education in Mowbray, Cape Town, on Thursday, 5 December at 6pm

DISCOP Johannesburg recalibrates as African marketplace evolves

The eighth edition of DISCOP Johannesburg wrapped on 22 November with a lower attendance in comparison to last year

How Knuckle City found the key to unlocking film finance

The combination of a commercial storyline, an experienced production team and a solid ‘empowerment dividend’ paid off for Yellowbone Entertainment

Coldplay debuts new album with global live-streaming performances and Lawo’s mc²56

On 22 November 2019, Coldplay performed two epoch-making 'Sunrise' and 'Sunset' sets at Amman’s Citadel, Jordan, both of which were streamed live on YouTube to allow the world to celebrate the release of the band’s new album

Horses for courses – demystifying IPTV and AVoIP technologies

The AV industry is moving away from legacy analogue technologies and towards a future where IP networks dominate the delivery of video, audio and digital signage.
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