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Viacom International Media Networks Africa is a television and multi-media broadcast organisation based in South Africa and Nigeria, reaching audiences of over 100 million viewers across 52 territories of the African continent through its portfolio of 10 television channels.

BET’s new show Fix My Love

In today’s world, we all have relationship issues and struggles that we are never quite sure how to fix.  BET brings viewers a brand new local production, aimed to set lovers in difficulty onto the path of mending their broken hearts …but with a few interesting twists on Fix My Love starting on Wednesday, 2 May at 21h30 CAT on BET (DStv channel 129).

Hosted by actress, dancer and choreographer, Khabonina Qubeka, with the support of clinical psychologist and counsellor, Dr Khosi Jiyane, Fix My Love will be taking a fresh approach by taking viewers into the lives of the couples who appear on the show. By showing their love journey with relationship struggles, delving deep into what drove them to a low point, and finally allowing them to talk through their issues.

Monde Twala, vice president for BET, Youth and Music for Viacom International Media Networks (VIMN Africa) says: “BET is committed to local content that entertains and makes a difference in our viewers’ lives. Fix My Love is a great new addition to our local programming and will resonate strongly with BET audiences across Africa. I’m thrilled to welcome Khabonina to our family and I am confident she will be loved and make a great success of this fresh local series.”

Will these couples commit to fixing their love? Each episode will see audiences first getting to know the couple by hearing about the highs and happiest moments in their lives together before the full and intense story of what went wrong is revealed through their intimate introspection.  The couple is then sent off on a ‘one night to save your life’ mission, where they go on a dinner date to explore whether they can fix their love. Intense discussions, burning questions and a surprise twist awaits them to find out if they will give their love another chance, or face the reality to call it quits.

Khabonina Qubeka commented: “For Fix My Love I intend on bring honesty and genuineness because as an avid viewer of reality emotainment shows, often I find myself wishing that the host could have come from an honest place or sounded more genuine. Often hosts are chasing something else and completely miss the genuineness of the context being shared by the guest and I hope I won’t be that person.”

Catch Fix My Love on BET (DStv channel 129) from Wednesday 2 May at 21h30 CAT.
Visit the BET Africa website, like and chat with them on Facebook, or join the conversation about the channel on Twitter and Instagram @BET_Africa using the hashtag #FixMyLoveBET.

BET presents The Man Council where all is fair in love and infidelity

BET is bringing a week of intense discussions concerning love and relationships on The Man Council, starting on Monday 5 March at 22h30 CAT on BET (DStv channel 129).

Hosted by three of South Africa’s leading male personalities; radio and club DJ The Naked DJ, radio personality Tbose Mokwele and television personality Khaya Dladl; The Man Council will give both men and women an opportunity to tap into the mind of men on some of the topical and relevant trends and views on love, relationships and sex.

Each episode will see the diverse and vibrant trio share their experiences while tackling various issues around love and relationships. The hosts will also welcome a female guest, who will bring a woman’s perspective to the discussions.

Monde Twala, vice president for BET Youth and Music for Viacom International Media Networks (VIMN Africa) says: “As a channel, BT’s keen understanding and deep relationship with our audience has helped cultivate engaging programming with this latest inclusion of locally inspired, The Man Council. This is a great collaboration of South African talent to drive cultural conversations that matter, we are more than just television to our audience, we are family.”

In the first episode, the hosts will welcome choreographer, actress and presenter Bontle Modiselle, and together they will tackle; transitioning from being friends to lovers, bizarre bedroom revelations and attachment to an ex’s child. With a 9-year relationship under her belt, Bontle promises to bring an interesting and witty voice to the table.

Catch The Man Council on BET (DStv channel 129) weekdays from Monday 5 March at 22h30 CAT.

For more information visit the BET Africa website, like and chat with the team on Facebook, or join the conversation about the channel on Twitter and Instagram @BET_Africa using the hashtag #TheManCouncil.

Viacom’s Alex Okosi speaks at the 2017 CGMS

Viacom’s Alex Okosi calls on collective mobilisation for an inclusive Generation U at Children’s Global Media Summit 2017

Alex Okosi, executive vice-president and managing director at Viacom International Media Networks Africa and BET International placed an important call to action to Public Private Partnerships with the network’s future-focused message on the continent’s education challenges at the Children’s Global Media Summit 2017 (CGMS 2017).

World Bank reports that while the number of children enrolled in schools in SSA Africa is growing, the region currently has 30 million children not receiving any form of schooling, in Nigeria that statistic is 11.4 million.
Speaking in step with the keynote address by Britain’s Prince William, Okosi highlighted the network’s commitment to development through “empowerful” content. He shared case studies of Nickelodeon’s education initiatives which featured financial literacy, mathematics and science for primary school kids. He also highlighted the MTV SHUGA project which together with the MTV Staying Alive Foundation has improved knowledge, attitudes and behaviours related to family planning, contraception, gender-based violence, transactional sex and HIV prevention. The series reaches 720m people via 180 channels globally.

Okosi concluded with, “The most important question I have for you today is how can we all work together to help truly create a global Generation U that is inclusive of all the children in the world?”
Curated by the BBC and held in Manchester, UK, from 5 to 7 December, CGMS 2017 focused on five themes: education, empowerment, entertainment, innovation and freedom. The Children’s Global Media Summit brings together creatives, technology innovators, policymakers, executives and thought leaders from around the globe to inform and redesign the future of media for Generation U and explore the impact that digital technology will have in children’s futures.

VIMN Africa wins 15 awards for 360-degree campaigns

Viacom International Media Networks (VIMN Africa) has won a remarkable 15 awards
in two prestigious marketing award ceremonies held on the same night in
Johannesburg last week Thursday, 9 November 2017.

VIMN Africa channel brands – MTV, MTV Base, Comedy Central and BET – were
collectively awarded 14 accolades, including five Golds, at the recent PromaxBDA
Africa Awards which rewards excellence in the media marketing space. Throughout
the world, the PromaxBDA Award competitions are regarded as the most prestigious
awards for creative and innovative endeavour in this field.

MTV also took a silver award at the Assegai Awards, which acknowledge integrated
marketing campaigns that deliver exceptional results. An Assegai Award recognises
breakthrough strategy, creative brilliance and outstanding outcomes in all direct
marketing media.

The winning VIMN Africa campaigns are:

PromaxBDA Africa Awards 2017

o Best Design Without Footage – Comedy Central – Game of Comedy
o Best News and Current Affairs Promo – Comedy Central – The Daily Show
Sing a Long
o Best Image Promo for Television or VOD Platform – Comedy Central – Game
of Comedy
o Best Use of Humour in Promotion – Comedy Central – The Daily Show Sing a
o Best Weekly Wonder – MTV Base – MILF Weekend (Fairchild)
o Best Title Sequence – MTV Base – MAMA (Fairchild)

o Best Sponsor/Brand Integration Spot – MTV Base – MAMA (Fairchild)

o Best Branding Design – MTV Shuga Down South – The Kinetic
o Best Logo Design – Comedy Central – Famous Last Words (Fairchild)

o Outstanding Design in Promotion – MTV Base – MAMA (Fairchild)
o Best Design Without Footage – MTV Base – MAMA (Fairchild)
o Best use of Digital – MTV Base – VJ Search (Fairchild)
o Best Logo Design – MTV Base – MAMA (Fairchild)
o Best Use of Social Media – Comedy Central – Game of Comedy

Assegai Awards 2017

o Media (Social Media Platforms) – MTV – FCK#HIV (Ogilvy)

Alex Okosi, executive vice resident and managing director for Viacom International
Media Networks Africa (VIMN Africa) says: “At VIMN Africa, creativity is at the heart of
everything we do. I continue to be inspired and excited about the great work that we
produce through creative integrated campaigns that deliver great value and solutions
to our audiences and clients respectively.’

Viacom International Media Networks Africa wins big at the Promaxbda Awards 2016

Viacom International Media Networks (VIMN) Africa, home to MTV, MTV Base, Comedy Central, Nickelodeon, Nick Jnr, Nick Toons, BET, and VH1, has scooped a remarkable 18 awards at the PromaxBDA Awards held in Johannesburg on Thursday, 3 November 2016.

Throughout the world, the PromaxBDA Awards stand for marketing excellence in the media marketing space and collectively, through its numerous regional and sector-specific competitions, are regarded as the most prestigious awards for creative endeavours in this field.

Youth brand and flagship channel MTV Base lead the pack receiving six awards which consisted of three gold, one silver and two bronze awards. Comedy Central shone with six accolades that consisted of one gold and five bronze awards. Children’s edutainment channel Nickelodeon walked away with one gold, two silver and two bronze awards and MTV rounded up the awards with a gold award.

Alex Okosi, senior vice president and managing director for VIMN Africa commented: “We have amazing creatives that consistently push the envelope to deliver innovative campaigns that resonate with our consumers. It is an honour to be recognised for the unique media and marketing solutions we provide and we look forward to constantly bettering our value proposition by staying ahead of the trends.’

PromaxBDA leads the international conversation about the role that marketing plays in the monetisation of media. The association represents more than 10 000 companies and individuals at every major media organization, marketing agency, strategic and creative vendor and technology provider and is considered to be the leading global resource for education, community, creative inspiration and career development in the media and media marketing sectors.

The full list of awards below:

MTV Base

Bronze – Best Image Campaign (#LetsTalkColour)

Bronze – Best Use of Social Media (VJ Search)

Silver – Best Design Without Footage (DJ Battle)

Gold – Best Use Of Digital (#LetsTalkColour)

Gold – Best Use Of Social Media (#LetsTalkColour)

Gold – Best Interactive Promotion (VJ Search)

Comedy Central

Bronze – Best Entertainment Campaign (The Roast of Rob Lowe)

Bronze – Best Use Of Humour In Promotion (South Park S20)

Bronze – Best Use Of Design (Roast Battle)

Bronze – Best Design Without Footage (Roast Battle)

Bronze – Most Outstanding Design In Promotion (Roast Battle)

Gold – Best Entertainment Campaign (South Park S20)


Bronze – Best Sponsor Integration (Toy Run)

Bronze – Best Original Logo Design (Nickelodeon’s Genius)

Silver – Best Children’s Promo (Nickelodeon’s Genius)

Silver – Most Outstanding Design In Promotion (Nickelodeon’s Genius)

Gold – Best Sponsor Integration (Nickelodeon’s Genius)


Gold – DSTV/M-Net Promo Rocket Award/Olga Lombard (MTV On-Air Producer)

VIMN Africa appoints senior channel director Comedy Central Africa

Viacom International Media Networks (VIMN) Africa appointed TV veteran Dillon Khan, to the role of senior channel director Comedy Central Africa and Creative Services VIMN Africa, effective from 1 October 2016.

Tasked with driving the growth of Comedy Central Africa, Africa’s only 24-hour comedy channel, Khan will be leveraging and applying the extensive production expertise and channel/brand management skills he has acquired over the years as part of the UK and Africa Viacom brand teams. A key member of the VIMN Africa senior management team since 2013, Khan’s remit will continue to include the creative direction for the whole network.

Khan’s most significant achievements at VIMN Africa to date include overseeing the growth of the MTV brand and playing an integral part in the creative direction for the MTV Africa Music Awards, developing and franchising of the #YouGotGot prank show across MTV channels in Europe, and localising Viacom formats such as Lip Sync Battle Africa and Ridiculousness Africa.

Alex Okosi, VIMN Africa’s senior vice president and managing director, says, “Dillon is the consummate team player who has demonstrated great skills not only as an amazing creative but also as a strategic brand builder. Comedy Central is an extremely successful channel for us and his production prowess will go a long way in helping us to further entrench the value of the brand through local content initiatives.”

Prior to joining VIMN Africa, Khan worked on MTV and MTV Base in the UK as a content creator and was part of the team that worked on MTV’s longest flagship show, The Lick with Trevor Nelson.

MTV reveals hosts of new local show “Ridiculousness Africa’

Antics, stunts and life-threatening feats of senseless folly are all part of the scenery in Ridiculousness Africa, the new comedy video clip show that will air on MTV.

Hosted by SAFTA award-winning actor, comedian and TV host, Thomas Gumede, Ridiculousness Africa hunts the length and breadth of the internet seeking out the weirdest, the wackiest, and incontestably the most stupid stunts ever committed on video.

Gumede will be joined by co-hosts, Club 808 presenter Boity Thulo and Nigerian comedian Basketmouth. According to Gumede, “I’m Ridiculousness’ number one fan and I’ve literally been glued to the screen since the first episode, so when I got the call it was like a summons from up high. I feel like I’m getting paid to do what I normally do – which is watch internet clips with my friends, and my co-hosts make my job easier because Basketmouth is funny and Boity is beautiful.’

Boity said, “We’ve been having so much fun on set, and I’ve been laughing so hard my sides hurt.’ Added Basketmouth, “I’ve always been a huge fan of Ridiculousness, and I always dreamed of being a guest on the show, so it’s totally amazing to become one of the hosts. Just goes to show: dreams do come true.’

Bearing the warning “don’t try this at home’ Ridiculousness Africa is the home-grown version of Ridiculousness, MTV’s long-running video clip show hosted by Rob Dyrdek. The series is taped on location in Spain, with Gumede, Thulo and Basketmouth all currently in Madrid on location.

Ridiculousness Africa airs weekly on MTV (DStv channel 130) from July 2016.

Monde Twala joins Viacom International Media Networks Africa

Respected TV executive Monde Twala is to join Viacom International Media
Networks (VIMN) Africa, Viacom’s pan-African multimedia entertainment network.
The news was announced on 4 March by Alex Okosi, senior vice president and managing director, VIMN Africa.

Twala, formerly managing director, e.tv channels, will take on the newly created
role of vice president: BET, Youth & Music at VIMN Africa. In this role, he will be
responsible for driving the growth and development of BET, MTV, MTV Base, and
VH1 across Africa.

Commented Alex Okosi: “Monde’s proven track record, wealth of knowledge and
diverse skills will add great value to our business, entrench the value of our BET
and Youth & Music brands, and accelerate the introduction of new brands and
products across our portfolio. As we continue to build our business across the
continent, Monde’s deep understanding of audiences and his all-round expertise of
driving a diverse, multi-channel network will help us achieve our goal of being
Africa’s pre-eminent multimedia entertainment company.’

Twala joined e.tv as a sports producer in 1999 and was appointed group head of
e.tv in 2009 before his latest position as managing director of the e.tv channels in
2014. Twala spearheaded the launch of five additional e.tv-branded channels for the free-to-air OpenView HD satellite platform in 2013. He also played an integral role in creating a number of the channel’s flagship local brands, including the highly-
rated daily drama Rhythm City and more recently the much talked
about telenovelas Ashes to Ashes and Gold Diggers.

VIMN Africa’s Alex Okosi shares insights on the future of TV in Africa

Pan-African broadcaster Viacom International Media Networks (VIMN) Africa took
opportunity to showcase its key channel brands, pan-African content offerings and
next-generation OTT developments at DISCOP Africa 2015, which runs at the
Sandton Convention Centre in Johannesburg until 6 November.

Alex Okosi, senior vice president and managing director of VIMN Africa, will be
sharing his views and insights on the evolving African content sector in his keynote
speech titled “The changing digital landscape: where to from here for traditional
broadcasting?’ Okosi’s keynote speech, scheduled to take place at 14h00 today, will
address the exciting new chapter in content distribution on the continent, while
touching on digital transition, changing content consumption behaviour in the multi-
screen universe, and unlocking value from new and emerging OTT services.

“Twenty years ago, the introduction of linear satellite subscription TV transformed
the broadcasting industry in Africa,’ comments Okosi. “Today, the industry is facing
a fresh wave of transformation brought about by the evolving digital landscape, the
rise of multi-screen viewing and increased competition. This is a huge opportunity
for the traditional broadcast industry, but it has to adapt to this changing digital
landscape to stay ahead of the curve and retain and grow its audience base.’

“The television and film industry is experiencing a shift towards on-demand vs.
scheduled viewing, more “binge viewing’ of multiple episodes of a series and a
migration from traditional TV to multi-screen viewing. While the viewer is in control
of the content and how it is consumed, the vast majority of viewership still stems
from linear feeds. Contrary to popular perception, linear is proving resilient and
viewers are watching more TV than ever before. It is the combination of linear and
non-linear services such as video-on-demand (VOD) and over-the-top (OTT)
services that will catapult content distributors to the forefront of this new digital
era,’ adds Okosi.

Okosi will also discuss the specific opportunities provided by the new Viacom Play
Plex suite of mobile TV apps that enables distribution partners to offer smartphone
and tablet users access to premium content from all its TV brands, anytime and

“There are challenges involved in transitioning from a linear to a non-linear mind
set, but we see a huge opportunity to evolve with these seismic shifts in both
consumption and distribution,’ concludes Okosi.

MTV opens up brand to audience and artists in network rebrand

MTV International, which spans 160+ countries and territories and 32 languages, announced that from 25 June, the youth brand will evolve from “I want my MTV’ to “I am my MTV.’ The network will celebrate its audience and talent by spotlighting their social media videos between programming on-air and across all platforms with #MTVbump, the first of many ways MTV will open up the brand to young people. MTV “Art Breaks’ will bring new video art to audiences worldwide, and even MTV’s promos will take on a new look and feel. Experimenting with narrative structures and visual storytelling, they will be shorter, louder and hyper-visual.

“MTV has always been committed to reinvention, and it’s time to shed our skin and reinvent again,’ said Kerry Taylor, senior vice president, Youth and Music for Viacom International Media Networks (VIMN) and chief marketing officer of Viacom UK. “Our audience expects MTV to push boundaries and take creative risks, and we truly believe that with this rebrand MTV’s international channels will look like nothing else.’

Audience Content on MTV (click here for more on how it works)
MTV partnered with B-Reel Creative to connect the Internet to the network’s linear broadcast system, allowing social media videos on Instagram or Vines shared on Twitter with #MTVbump to be up on-air in as little as two hours. MTV will collect the videos using a custom content management system (CMS) developed together with B-Reel Creative that allows MTV teams to curate the content, filtering for local relevance, pop culture topicality or number of fans, and then seamlessly schedule it to be up on-air and across platforms. Users can submit directly on Instagram or with Vines shared on Twitter, or go to MTVbump.com, where they can also view the “bumps’ that have made it on-air around the world. #MTVbump also lets MTV spotlight musicians and connect them with fans in new, creative ways. Some artists and social talent came on-board early to create the first “bumps,’ including Rixton, Shawn Mendes, Tori Kelly, Grumpy Cat, Bros Being Basic, Martin Garrix and more.

“No one is bringing user generated content to air this quickly on a global scale,’ added Kerry Taylor. “#MTVbump lets us be incredibly topical, fast and localised – which is critical.’

MTV will unveil additional ways for fans to create content to run on-air and across platforms in the coming year, including MTV Canvas, which will launch later this summer. MTV Canvas, created with To.Be, will be an online sticker book that gives the audience freedom to create and play with the brand, making their own visual art with music, backdrops and more.

Artist Content
MTV will celebrate visual culture by spotlighting experimental video art, music and storytelling from emerging artists around the world in a series of new Art Breaks. MTV’s new international Art Breaks will spotlight works from artists including: Thomas de Rijk (Amsterdam, Netherlands); Device (Barcelona, Spain); Johnny Woods (Los Angeles, US); Katie Torn (New York, US); Eva Papamargariti (From Greece, living in London, UK); Brdg (Tokyo, Japan); and The Great Nordic Swordfights (Los Angeles, US). Videos from new artists will be added on an ongoing basis. This builds on MTV’s legacy of introducing its audience to video art, including early work from Keith Haring, Jean-Michel Basquiat, Spike Jonze, Kenny Scharf and Doug Aitken, as well as Andy Warhol’s 15 Minutes.

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