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Rosco, founded in 1910, is best known for the products it originally manufactured: color filters, gobos, scenic paints and fog products for the entertainment industry. The company now offers products in more than a dozen categories, including LED Lighting, Backdrops and Digital Imagery, Window Control, Image and Effect Projection Equipment, Staging Products, Projection Screens and Flooring products for dance and television studios.

Rosco Laboratories releases world’s first digital swatchbook – MIXBOOK

Rosco Laboratories has announced the release of MIXBOOK – the world’s first digital swatchbook. MIXBOOK, engineered by the LED lighting and colour experts at Rosco, allows filmmakers to pre-visualise their gel and LED colours, and then communicate those colour choices with other members of their team. MIXBOOK contains the same proprietary six-chip LED technology found in DMG Lumière MIX fixtures, which ensures perfect colour matches between MIXBOOK and MIX lights.

MIXBOOK is controlled by the myMIX app, which is available as a free download for iOS and Android devices. With the myMIX app, users can generate their desired colour by adjusting hue, saturation, and intensity levels, or by selecting xy values, and then send that colour to MIXBOOK. Users can also choose a colour from an image in their photo library with the app’s “Capture” function. Through a Bluetooth connection with the myMIX app, MIXBOOK allows users to actively explore how their colour choices will interact with other on-set elements, such as talent and scenic elements, and continue to modify their choices through the app. Once the desired colour has been achieved, users can save their colours to the cloud and share them with their team.

Key features of MIXBOOK include:

  • Full spectrum white light from 1700K-10,000K
  • A proprietary combination of 6 LEDs (phosphor-coated Red, Green, Blue, White, phosphor-coated Amber, Lime) for a wide colour gamut
  • Over 130 True Rosco Color gel matches
  • Measures 10 x 6 x 2.6cm (3.9 x 2.3 x 1‘’) at only 110 g (3.8 ounces)
  • Controlled through Bluetooth via the myMIX App

Rosco Laboratories releases MAXI MIX

After receiving a positive response to its reveal at NAB 2019, Rosco Laboratories has announced the official release of MAXI MIX from DMG Lumière by Rosco. MAXI MIX features include:

  • Full spectrum white light from 1700K-10,000K
  • A proprietary combination of 6 LEDs (phosphor-coated Red, Green, Blue, White, phosphor-coated Amber, Lime) for a wide colour gamut and True Rosco Color™ gel matches
  • Measures 120 x 36 x 8,5cm (47 x 14 x 3.3‘’) – at only 8kg (17.6lb)
  • 7550 Lux (@1M @5500K)

MAXI MIX is the third fixture to be released with award-winning MIX technology, joining the MINI and SL1 models and is the largest of the family. Several new accessories are available for MAXI MIX, including the innovative MAXI MIX LINK. This rigging solution connects to the light with strong, ¼ turn fasteners, enabling filmmakers to connect multiple MAXI MIX fixtures together to create a punchy key light, a large continuous strip light for car commercials, or an entire wall of coloured light.

Additional diffusion and mounting accessories are also being introduced for MAXI MIX, including a double yoke that enables users to stack two MAXI MIX fixtures together to create a powerful, 720W soft light. A kit option is available as well, which includes a power supply, cables, and single yoke in addition to the fixture.

MAXI MIX will begin shipping in October and all fixtures will be equipped with the new MIX 2.0 firmware, which includes:

  • 50 new True Rosco Colors in gel mode (for a total of 137)
  • New XY Mode that includes CIE 1931, REC 709 and REC 2020 colour spaces
  • Brighter colours – doubled output in Color Mode for many of the saturated colours
  • Improved low-level dimming, DMX profiles, and wireless connection via CRMX and Bluetooth
  • CCT base in Color Mode now includes full colour temperature range of MIX (1700k to 10000k)

For more information about MAXI MIX and its accessories, as well as MIX 2.0 firmware, click here.

Movievision hosts esteemed international guests at Mediatech 2019

Movievision is hosting special international guests Nicolò Oliva, Ron Knell and Till Sadlowski – who will be representing their respective brands at Mediatech Africa 2019.


Nicolò Oliva, partner and managing director of Spotlight, joined the Company in the late-80s right after his graduation in Robotics Engineering in Milan, Italy. At that time, Spotlight, founded in 1969, was about to face the upcoming booming decades of the entertainment industry, where “made in Italy” lighting was to take a primary role in the worldwide market.

Spotlight has traditionally focused on R&D and the manufacture of pro fixtures for the opera house, theatre and general stage lighting markets. Since then, a constantly-growing network of distributors has been built nearly all over the world, with Spotlight now represented in over one hundred countries with exclusive distributors and authorised after-sales centres.

In South Africa, Spotlight is proud to have Movievision as a long-term exclusive distributor, not to mention their qualified team of top consultants for project design.


Ron Knell joined Rosco in March 2003 as UK sales manager, before handling the development of Rosco for South Africa in 2004. Since then, he has added extra territories such as Eastern Europe and the Balkans to his portfolio.

“During my time and many visits to South Africa, I have visited various establishments in Johannesburg, Durban and Cape Town,” says Knell. “In 2012, Movievision was appointed our dealer distributor for textiles, and we then followed with our range of LED lighting fixtures. Starting with Silk, and then introducing DMG Lumiere by Rosco, with the Switch Bi-Colour fixture. They now represent our new six-chip, full-colour MIX range. I’m very proud of our achievements in South Africa, developing a market from scratch to what it is today. I look forward to our continued success here.”

Carpet light

Carpetlight GmbH was founded in 2014 by Goetz Schmidt zur Nedden and Till Sadlowski to realise their idea of the “shining cloth/lighting textile” as a universal tool for new ways of finding lighting solutions. Till will be representing Carpetlight at Mediatech Africa 2019.

Based on their long-term experiences in motion picture and TV lighting, they combined their practical knowledge with new fields of technology, such as smart textiles, LEDs and industrial design, to develop a patent-pending product with ground-breaking characteristics.

With great support from Europe’s leading textile research institutes and innovative manufacturers, multiple materials and technologies were evaluated in the developing process. The results led to prototypes successfully being tested under both lab and real-life conditions.

It is their aim to combine science and craftsmanship on a high-quality level to give customers the most advanced lighting and design possibilities. Come and see this innovative technology for yourself at Mediatech Africa 2019.

Visit Movievision at Mediatech Africa 2019, taking place from 17-19 July at the Ticketpro Dome, Johannesburg.

Introducing the DMG Lumière MAXI MIX LED fixture

DMG Lumiere and Rosco unveiled the next evolution of their MIX range at this year’s NAB show in Las Vegas. The Maxi Mix caused quite a stir at the trade show and was awarded with a Product of the Year award on its debut.

The newest light from the company, featuring their award-winning MIX LED technology, features the same proprietary combination of red, green, lime, amber, white and blue emitters as the MINI MIX and SL1 MIX. The MAXI MIX will produce the True Rosco Colour tones that filmmakers have come to appreciate.

The MAXI MIX also utilises the same easy-to-use interface that enables cinematographers, gaffers and studio lighting professionals to easily modify the intensity, hue and saturation of their light, select their colour temperature and green/magenta shift, or choose their favourite Rosco gel colour – either using the fixture’s on-board controls or via the myMIX app.

The 47” x 14” x 3.3” (1200mm x 360mm x 85mm) fixture weighs 8kg and uses 360W of power. It can also be tiled together with other MAXI MIX fixtures to create ‘walls’ of light of different sizes.

Movievision is the official distributor for DMG and Rosco in South Africa.

DMG Lumière MINI MIX and SL1 MIX fixtures now available in South Africa

South Africa is the first country in the world to receive the brand new DMG Lumière MINI MIX and SL1 MIX fixtures, which arrived at the Movievision warehouse this October.

MIX is a revolutionary new LED which blends together six LEDs: Red, Lime, Green, Blue, Amber and White. This enables it to generate a wider range of colours than RGBW or RGBA fixtures. In addition, the Red and Lime emitters in the array are manufactured exclusively for MIX – meaning that it can create colours, tones, and hues that are only available from a MIX light.

Every Rosco gel colour in the MIX library has been authenticated by Rosco’s colour experts as a match on tungsten and daylight sources – by eye, meter, and camera. The MIX control software also allows you to set the base colour temperature of the light before adding colour. This provides more accurate gel matches to other fixtures on set.

With the MIX fixtures the user interface has no menus. Simply choose between three different modes and then choose the colour temperature, colour or Rosco gel colour you desire.

Gel Mode: Not only are you able to select from a vast library of Rosco gel colours, you’re also able to modify the hue, saturation, and green/magenta shift of the gel colour as needed.

White Mode: Access a wide range of tunable white light from daylight to tungsten, including precise green/magenta correction.

Colour Mode: Navigate through the MIX colour space using the 360° hue wheel to choose a colour and then set the intensity of the light output. MIX also offers the ability to desaturate colours toward several different colour temperatures of white light to create different tones of the base hue.

The most innovative aspect of the fixtures is the integration with the free myMIX app. This app enables filmmakers to evolve their lighting workflow on set. It offers complete colour control in the palm of your hand. Using a mobile device, you can easily mix together or capture the colour the scene requires, save that customised colour to your personalized library in the cloud, and then share those colours with anyone on the team. 

myMIX is available for both iOS & Android devices.

MIX Technology takes 2018 Cinec award for Lighting Engineering

Following critical acclaim at April’s National Association of Broadcasters Show in Las Vegas, and a win at the 2018 Cine Gear Expo in the Lighting Technology category, MIX Technology from DMG Lumière by Rosco has taken top prize at this year’s Cinec International Trade Fair in Munich, Germany. In a field of nine finalists in the Lighting Engineering category, MIX was awarded top honors in the Lighting Engineering category by the Society for CineTechnik Bayern (CTB).

The “Bavaria” statue, which is a symbol of Munich, is awarded for outstanding and market-ready achievements and innovations in the fields of motion-picture technology and post-production. The awards are presented in conjunction with the Cinec International Trade Fair, which occurs once every two years.

Vice president of DMG Lumière, Nils de Montgrand said, “We are humbled by
the recognition that MIX technology has received since its reveal in April. We
developed MIX to ensure film technicians like ourselves would have a better onset
experience with full color LED technology. The feedback from users has
been incredible and it’s a true honor to be granted the Cinec Award by the CTB.”

Rosco introduces new Opti-Sculpt filters

Rosco Laboratories, a leading company in lighting and colour technologies for the architectural, entertainment, and film and television industries, recently announced the release of their new Opti-Sculpt filters.

“We’re thrilled to introduce Opti-Sculpt. These filters have been engineered to enable lighting professionals to accurately control the shape of their light,” said Tracey Cosgrove, Rosco’s director of Products. “Rosco has been colouring and shaping light for 108 years, and Opti-Sculpt filters are a continuation of that legacy. This important innovation will allow our customers to achieve new lighting control with their current fixtures in ways they never could with existing diffusion filters.”

While they were designed for use on LED fixtures, Opti-Sculpt filters are heat resistant, making them suitable for use on traditional tungsten instruments as well. The filters come in 20” x 24” and 40” x 24” (50cm x 60cm and 100cm x 60cm) seamless sheets that can be cut to any size and shape – offering lighting designers an abundance of flexibility and versatility to use these filters on virtually any fixture at an affordable price.

There are six different symmetrical and asymmetrical patterns currently available: 10°, 10°x20°, 10°x30°, 10°x60°, 15°x35° and the unique 40°/60° Reversible. Additional patterns are already in development and are expected to debut later this summer.

Unique features include:

  •  Engineered and laboratory tested for accurate and repeatable beam shaping
  •  High transmission vs. standard diffusion materials
  •  Manufactured using heat-resistant, flame-retardant polycarbonate
  • Durable – the filter’s performance is not adversely affected by dust or fingerprints

For more information, visit the Rosco website.

DMG Lumière by Rosco unveils colour evolution LED lighting at NAB 2018

Rosco, a leading manufacturer of lighting solutions for the entertainment industry, has announced the launch of MIX at NAB 2018. The colour LED lighting innovation is the result of Rosco’s recent acquisition of LED lighting specialist DMG Lumière, combining true Rosco colour inside a cutting-edge, portable and durable LED fixture.

Available in the SL1 and MINI fixture formats, MIX features three different functionality modes:

  • The white mode offers a wide range of tunable white light from daylight to tungsten, along with precise green/magenta correction.
  • The colour mode enables users to adjust colour hue, saturation—with the ability to desaturate colours to either daylight or tungsten—and intensity, including a fine dimming curve.
  • The gel mode allows users to select a Rosco gel from a vast gel library and even modify the gel’s hue, saturation, and green/magenta shift as needed.

Also making its debut at NAB, the myMIX app allows users to mix, save, and share colours. Users can capture a colour within a mobile phone photo, save the colour and push it wirelessly to the MIX fixture. The app controls MIX fixtures wirelessly and contains all of the onboard control features, along with the ability to name and save colours within project folders, and share colours instantly with colleagues.

“With MIX technology we’ve combined Rosco’s 108 years of colour and lighting heritage with DMG Lumière’s LED expertise to introduce colour into our specialised range of LED lighting,” said Nils de Montgrand, vice president of DMG Lumière by Rosco. “This customer-driven innovation will enable our customers to better bring their creative visions to life. We look forward to continuing to develop the advantages that our LED technology can bring to lighting film and television sets.”

MIX was designed by technicians to improve on-set workflow, with a simple user interface devoid of complicated menus, and with collaborative features within the myMIX app. A unique set of six LED chips enables users to achieve a wider range of colours. MIX can be controlled onboard or wirelessly through LAN, wired or wireless DMX, WiFi, and Bluetooth technology.

Mix builds on DMG Lumière’s expertise in LED lighting panels, which have been used to light award-winning films and TV shows including Game of Thrones, Valerian and the City of a Thousand Planets, and Jackie.

MIX tech specs

Size 585 x 205 x 37mm /

23″ x 8″ x 1.4″

1118 x 205 x 37mm /

44″ x 8″ x 1.4″

Weight 2.56 kg / 5.6 lbs 4.18 kg / 9.2 lbs
Max Power Draw 100W 200W
LED Quantity 288  (48 x 6) 576 (96 x 6)
CRI / TLCI CRI Average > 95 /

TLCI Average > 90

CRI Average > 95 /

TLCI Average > 90

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