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IABM is the international trade association for suppliers of broadcast and media technology. IABM facilitates the important networking and interaction between suppliers that shape and define the unique ecosystem of the broadcast and media technology industry.

IABM launches virtual repository to collate business continuity resources for broadcast and media companies worldwide

IABM, the international association for broadcast and media technology suppliers, has launched a dynamic virtual resource to provide a one-stop, central repository for Business Continuity information from countries around the world to support the Broadcast and Media industry: www.theiabm.org/business-continuity-resources

The idea is to provide everyone in the Broadcast and Media industry with a single, central resource populated with relevant, local information to support their businesses in this difficult time.

To launch the repository, the IABM team has sourced some official information from 13 countries, with great contributions from our regional members’ councils. IABM is asking the worldwide broadcast and media community to share any official information they have from their country or state with IABM, who will add this to the Business Continuity Resources repository. With your help, it will be a constantly growing and up to date resource that will be of real value to everyone in the industry – local information on a global scale.

IABM is also fully aware that the coronavirus crisis is having wider effects than the mechanics of continuing to do business: everything from HR issues to well-being for those in isolation. IABM will publish links to useful information in these areas too – and encourages the broadcast and media community to contribute in the same way.

IABM is also encouraging questions on all of the above issues. Where IABM is unable to provide an answer directly, the association will seek to find the correct information from our global network.

“The whole world is facing an unprecedented challenge with the coronavirus pandemic, and history tells us that pulling together is the best way through any crisis,” said Peter White, CEO, IABM. “As the trade body that represents over 600 Broadcast and Media technology vendors worldwide and also maintains close links with the end-user community globally, specifically through its Global Engaged Partner program, we are ideally placed to be the fulcrum to keep the whole industry informed and up to date with useful knowledge and advice. I encourage everyone to contribute where they can to help their fellow Broadcast and Media professionals – and if they have further ideas for how IABM can support the industry, we’d love to hear them too.”

IABM membership grows to 600+ companies

IABM, the international association for broadcast and media technology suppliers, recently announced that it has reached another milestone in its drive to represent the global Broadcast and Media technology supplier base – more than 600 companies are now IABM members.

IABM membership has doubled over the last six years, and now represents every sector, market, geography and company size from start-ups to SMEs to multinational organisations. Together these companies represent the vast majority of revenues in the sector. During those six years, IABM has greatly expanded its range of services and support for members across business intelligence, knowledge resources, technology services and training & education as well as developing a network of Regional Members’ Councils to concentrate on local issues. In addition, IABM membership brings valuable floorspace discounts at a number of international shows, as well as member lounges.

The last six years have also seen IABM working hard to provide platforms to bring all sides of the industry together to better face the increasing pace of transformation in Broadcast and Media. Central to this has been the BaM Content Chain® – the new industry model that accurately reflects the way the industry works today, and also the recently launched Technology and Trends Roadmap©, which provides a shared focus for both technology vendors and buyers in developing their technology and business strategies. The IABM-curated Future Trends Theatre, introduced at IBC 2018 and successfully reprised at the 2019 show, provided another major platform for knowledge sharing, which IABM intends to expand to other events around the world in 2020, together with a growing schedule of IABM BaM Summits™ running alongside a number of international and regional shows.

IABM is not resting on its successes – the association has just initiated a major cross-industry survey to discover what other useful services and support it could offer to help guide its future plans. “We are stronger together,” said Peter White, CEO, IABM. “IABM will continue to support our global membership with a huge range of services and resources as industry transformation continues to accelerate. As well as taking on ideas and initiatives that come out of our industry survey, we know that companies need help now with business transformation and we are already putting in place tools and resources to support them on their journeys. Our goal is to make our offer so compelling that every technology vendor in broadcast and media becomes an IABM member.”

Telestream upgrades to Platinum membership of IABM

IABM recently announced that Telestream has upgraded its IABM membership to Platinum. Telestream now joins a select group of industry leaders including Avid, AWS Elemental, Dell EMC, Google, Grass Valley, Oracle, Piksel, Skyline Communications, V-Nova and Verizon in enjoying the wide range of benefits and recognition that top-level Platinum membership of IABM confers.

IABM is the international trade organisation whose members represent the majority of the broadcast and entertainment technology market’s revenues worldwide. IABM facilitates the important networking and interaction between suppliers that shape and define the unique ecosystem of the broadcast and media technology industry.

Telestream is a global leader in file-based media workflow orchestration, media streaming and delivery technologies: for over 20 years, the company has been at the forefront of innovation in the digital video industry. It develops products for media processing and workflow orchestration; live capture, streaming, production and video quality assurance; and video and audio test solutions that make it possible to reliably get video content to any audience regardless of how it is created, distributed or viewed. Telestream solutions are available on premises or in the cloud as well as in hybrid combinations. Telestream customers include the world’s leading media and entertainment companies: content owners, creators and distributors. In addition, a growing number of companies supplying and servicing much larger markets such as ad agencies, corporations, healthcare providers, government and educational facilities, as well as video prosumers and consumers, are turning to Telestream to simplify the access, creation and exchange of digital media.

”Today, we stand on the cusp of a live production and streaming revolution where the commercial opportunities are enormous and these are matched by a need for the broadcast technology community to act responsibly, collaboratively and towards shared goals and desired outcomes,” comments Scott Puopolo, CEO of Telestream. “IABM is one of a very small number of organisations worldwide that can influence the course of this seismic change. It is actively helping to feed that debate and fuel that revolution. Telestream has been an IABM member for many years – now is the right time for us to step up our participation even more.”

“Telestream was one of the first companies to see the direction the broadcast and media industry was heading and is now a worldwide leader in helping drive the industry’s migration to IP and live and OTT streaming,” said Peter White, IABM CEO. “We of course welcome Telestream to Platinum membership and look forward to working closely with them to ensure everyone in the company fully leverages all the benefits now available to help Telestream do even better business.”

IABM Buying Trends Report shows confident Broadcast & Media industry despite squeeze on revenues and profits

IABM has just released its latest Buying Trends Report. The Report is built on analysis of qualitative evidence gathered from broadcast and media companies immediately prior to IBC2019 together with quantitative data drawn from their latest financial filings. IABM members can review the full report here.

The Report’s findings reflect the ongoing radical shift in the demand side of the industry: revenue growth decreased by over six percentage points and profit growth remained negative. Despite this squeeze on financial performance – due to the continued pressure on traditional advertising and subscription business models – broadcast and media companies remain relatively confident that they can successfully counter increased competition. As with the April 2019 edition of the Report, efficiency remains the key driver in all technology purchasing decisions.

The headline findings of the October 2019 Buying Trends Report are:

  • Revenue growth decreases from 9.3% in April 2019 to 3.1%, and profit growth remains negative at -3.1% – slightly down from -2.4% reported in April
  • Confidence nonetheless remains high with 74% of respondents saying that they are positive about the business environment, down by four percentage points compared to six months ago
  • 21% of technology users derive the vast majority of their revenue (more than 80%) from traditional broadcast operations although most expect this to change
  • Efficiency remains the most important driver of product purchase, followed by total cost of ownership and agility
  • Multi-platform content delivery is the most important priority for technology users followed by 4K/UHD
  • Investment in building internal capabilities for technology development continues to increase
  • Cloud, UHD, and AI rise while Blockchain is still at an early stage of adoption at 2%
  • 92% of end-users say that interoperability is important

“Changing priorities have translated into a shift in technology spending that prioritizes Opex over Capex,” said Lorenzo Zanni, IABM Head of Insight & Analysis. “Our data demonstrates that technology users are focusing on solutions that make them more efficient and agile. In order to do that, they are spending more money on generic IT technology and increasingly investing in in-house development to suit their specific needs. This shift in technology spending is prompting end-users to adopt a variety of emerging technologies to streamline their supply-chains for the multi-platform world. Given that confidence levels remain relatively high, it is clear they are optimistic that they can meet the challenge from the digital giants head on.”

IABM launches Technology and Trends Roadmap

IABM has unveiled the result of a major initiative that is designed to aid both technology vendors and buyers in developing their technology and business strategies.

Sharing roadmaps has become a fundamental requirement in the new collaborative environment as point sales are increasingly being replaced with long-term partnerships between tech suppliers and buyers. Both sides need to be confident that their ideas and vision for the future are closely aligned to form the basis of a successful long-term relationship that enhances business opportunities for both parties.

Until now, there has been no common framework for the roadmaps that express this, with every vendor and end-user creating their own from scratch – and inevitably based on a different set of assumptions. IABM does not expect its Technology and Trends Roadmap to be adopted wholesale, but rather sees it as a blueprint for common understanding which can be customized to each company’s exact requirements.

The IABM put together an industry wide group of members and technology buyers to build the roadmap. It incorporates the major current and unfolding technologies and trends, which are mapped onto the standard technology adoption curve which ranges from bleeding edge to commodity in each of the five main blocks of the BaM Content Chain®: Create, Produce, Manage, Publish, Monetize. In some cases, they may be on different areas of the adoption curve at the same time – for example, an Early Adopter in one and Mature in another.

At a glance, viewers can see the 14 main technologies/trends and where they fit on the technology adoption curve. By zooming in for more details the viewer can read the Synopsis that includes a brief commentary on the highlights.

The Roadmap’s structure allows new areas to be added and adoption maturity to be simply updated over time. The 14 technologies and trends are grouped into families; for example, Compute includes CPU, GPU, FPGA and Buss Architectures; and Delivery includes 5G, DVB, ATSC and OTT.

  • Cloud
  • Storage
  • Compute
  • AI/ML- Analytics
  • Imaging
  • Immersive
  • Blockchain
  • Security
  • Remote Production
  • Virtualization
  • Transport & Networking
  • Delivery
  • Super Trends
  • IoT

IABM sees two main uses for creating and distributing a common industry roadmap:

  • Company Internal – giving both board members and executives a common view of the industry. This gives the CTO a strong reference or ‘springboard’ to further add in their own company’s unique expertise to produce a company-specific roadmap which will typically map into company quarters/years
  • Company External – when presenting to customers and end-users, there is currently no starting point, no reference to begin. Having a common industry roadmap may not provide 100% buy-in by every end-user, however it does give a common industry consensus that sets the stage for each company’s distinctive roadmap. This in turn becomes a key driver of strategic decision making for high-level plans that need to be articulated in the new world of partnerships

“One of the constantly moving challenges in our industry is not only keeping up with all the new technology trends, but also having a deep enough dive to understand what is truly relevant and not simply just a ‘fad’,” explained IABM CTO, Stan Moote, who has been driving the development of the Technology and Trends Roadmap. “Our industry poured 25% of hard-earned revenue back into R&D in the last half of 2018 – so every penny spent needs to be as close to a sure bet as possible.

“End-users also have a similar issue understanding which technology to bet on, what they can’t live without – the ‘must haves’ – and which will capture more market share for them, as well as providing a path of profitable growth. The Technology and Trends Roadmap will help address these fundamental business questions for everyone involved with broadcast and media technology,” Moote concluded.

“We see creative collaboration as central to success for our industry and we have launched a number of initiatives aimed at fostering this over the last 18 months,” said Peter White, IABM CEO. “The Technology and Trends Roadmap is another large step forward in nurturing the partnerships that will drive all our futures. As with the BaM Content Chain®, it is also a ‘living’ concept that can provide a secure basis for business decisions not just now, but way into the future too.”


Newly released IABM Buying Trends Report shows squeezed margins but continuing optimism

IABM recently released the latest Buying Trends Report to members. The report analyses the financial performance of media companies for the six months to December 2018 and qualitative analysis based on pre-NAB Show 2019 buying trends survey data. The headline findings of the report follow; IABM members can read the full report here.

Revenue growth has improved from 5.3% to 9.3% while profit growth remains negative at -2.4% – slightly up from -2.6% reported for H1 2018. Traditional advertising and subscriptions-based business models continue to be under competitive pressure from new media and its wide range of direct-to-consumer (DTC) offerings. While profits are declining across all organisation types, the advertising model is under more pressure than that of Pay-TV.

Confidence remains strong with 78% of respondents (5 points down compared with the last report) saying that they are positive about the business environment despite the enormous changes affecting the industry; 25% reported that their companies still derive more than 80% of their revenues from traditional broadcast operations, although most expect this to reduce over the coming years.

Efficiency remains the most important driver of product purchase, followed by interoperability and agility. Changing priorities have translated into a shift in technology spending that prioritises Opex over Capex. The survey results show that technology users are focusing on solutions that make them more efficient, agile and interoperable. In order to do that, they are spending more money on generic IT technology and increasingly investing in in-house development to suit their specific needs.

The shift in technology spending is prompting end-users to adopt a variety of emerging technologies to streamline their supply-chains for the multi-platform world. While IP and cloud adoption are already strong, promising technologies such as AI remain emerging trends, according to the data. However, blockchain adoption remains at a very early stage with an adoption rate of only 3%. VR spending remains subdued and is unlikely to significantly increase in the next six months.

Multi-platform content delivery remains the most important priority for technology users, followed by 4K/UHD. The rise of 4K/UHD to the second most important priority is consistent with the general upward trend in 4K/UHD adoption and spending in the market and the increased investment in premium content by new media operators.

“These results show that the demand side of the industry continues to go through a radical shift, with changing revenue models influencing the trends in media technology investment,” said Lorenzo Zanni, IABM Head of Insight and Analysis. “Although technology investment has shifted to new priorities, technology has never been so key to driving business success in the multi-platform world. Buyers’ continued adoption of new technologies requires suppliers to move to new business models centered on the flexible provision of software. With change, the future is bright as greater investment is poured into content.”

IABM announces BaM Award winners at NAB Show 2019

The winners of IABM’s BaM Awards were announced at IABM’s BaM Awards party on 9 April at NAB Show 2019. The winners, across nine categories described by the BaM Content Chain®: from Creator to Consumer, as well as a tenth category recognising an outstanding project, collaboration or event, were selected from an initial record 150+ entries.

The judging was carried out by a panel of more than 40 non-affiliated, expert judges, each with specialist expertise in one or more of the awards categories. Final selections were made after visits by the judges to view the shortlisted entries on the applicants’ stands at NAB Show 2019.

John Ive, IABM director Strategic Insight, who chaired the judging panel, said: “The winners cover the full gamut of the BaM Content Chain® bringing notable advances within and across all the categories. What unites them all is that they deliver on the demands for ever-increasing efficiency, agility and asset utilisation of the modern media factory. Innovation is clearly very much not just alive but positively thriving as technology vendors continue to challenge themselves to stay ahead in our dynamically transforming broadcast and media industry.”

The winners are listed below by category, with the judges’ comments appended.


Teradek – Bolt 4K

“Unlocking a 4K HDR camera from a cable while still being able to reliably watch full quality output in real-time opens up enormous creative possibilities – and new levels of creative freedom. A real game-changer for 4K HDR production.”


Adobe – Content aware fill for video

“This product is an industry-first, innovative game-changer in the post-production industry. It can save editors and visual effects artists many hours of tedious manual work. It uses intelligent algorithms to automatically remove unwanted objects like boom mics or distracting signs from video. It aims to make it easier for video professionals, regardless of budget, to save time on tedious manual work.”


GB Labs – Mosaic Automatic Asset Organiser

“A combination of AI and intelligent storage – an automatic media asset organiser saving time and money. An industry-first combination of AI and intelligent storage. Presenting assets in a way that the user decides is important.”


Telestream – OptiQ

“Great product that enables much more dynamic and easy to create opportunistic OTT channels based on events or late breaking news. Good approach to innovating more and more of the broadcast supply chain into the virtual world!”


Qligent – Vision-Analytics

“Vision-Analytics is a powerful, cloud-based analytics solution that is uniquely designed to gather valuable data across three key domains—Creation, Delivery, and Consumption—and analyse these massive datasets in near real-time. Other solutions typically only take one or two of these domains into consideration.” 


Broadpeak – nanoCDN™ with ultra-low latency and device synchronization

“Broadpeak’s nanoCDN solution improves live streaming experiences thanks to decreasing the latency. Latency measured in a perfect condition network of a lab, will be the same as a real-life system. It won’t depend on the network condition at a given time. IPTV moving to a full ABR system is a true breakthrough for operators.”


Embrionix – emVIRTU All-IP Core Infrastructure and Processing Platform

“This product lets broadcasters produce high-resolution UHD content efficiently and without constraints. It provides IP media processing power for mission-critical and All-IP UHD production environments. The flexible hi density platform allows a mix of processors to help deal with the complexity of converting multiple UHD signals in various formats. Flexibility at work. It will be very helpful in migrating a facility to an all IP infrastructure.”


OWC – ThunderBlade™

“A product offering very high speed data transfers which is already proven in use. A valuable tool for creatives to capture large files efficiently.”


Skyline Communications – DataMiner Precision Time Protocol (PTP) Management and ST2110 Media Flow Tracking

“Secures the vital PTP aspects of IP infrastructures. With the integration of PTP and flow management in the DataMiner off-the-shelf platform, media operators have the right solution to successfully make the transition to all-IP and are able to adopt to future workflows that are still unknown.”

Project, collaboration or event

MediaKind – Enabling a world-first: 6K tiled 360-degree live sports streaming success

“This unique collaboration to deliver a live sports event in a 6K tiled 360° video format to real-world consumers has proven that by working as a team, many different providers can overcome the obstacles of complex VR production and deliver a higher resolution VR which is one of the issues that has held back the immersive experience previously.”

The NAB Show 2019 BaM Awards winners are automatically shortlisted for IABM’s prestigious Peter Wayne Golden BaM Award, with the winner announced at the IABM Annual International Business Conference and Awards in December 2019.

IABM at NAB Show 2019

IABM, the international trade association for broadcast and media technology suppliers, will be out in force at NAB Show Las Vegas 2019 to support the 300+ member companies who are exhibiting at the show. Member services at the show include lounges, meeting rooms and IABM TV.

In addition, IABM is continuing its mission to drive collaboration between all sides of the industry through its Voice of the Customer event, State of the Industry breakfast session, leading a panel at Avid Connect and rewarding technology innovation with its BaM™ Awards party. IABM will also be distributing its Strategic Industry Analysis special report at the show, featuring up to the moment insight and analysis of the state and direction of the industry.

Voice of the Customer event – Sunday 7 April

The industry is moving away from transactional relationships to a new model where technology vendors and their end-user customers work together to solve problems in partnership. The IABM Voice of the Customer event is where all sides of the industry come together to discuss and define the future, and give delegates the insights they need to drive their business forward. The panel session features influential thought leaders from the leading edge of the broadcast and media industry lifting the lid on successful creative collaboration, illustrated with real-life case studies. Afterwards, there is a networking event where delegates can make new contacts and strengthen relationships. Venue, timings and free booking for this event here.

State of the Industry breakfast session – Monday 8 April

The State of the Industry breakfast session features the latest IABM research, presented with commentary by IABM CEO, Peter White.

Stan Moote, IABM CTO, continues the session in conversation with industry innovators, both end-users and suppliers, who are successfully navigating these changes to deliver ‘order’ – and profitability – out of what has been initiated by ‘digital chaos’ but now has more far-reaching effects. Under the banner ‘Innovative perspectives – building success in times of change’, this session is a must-attend event; get the inside track from those who are already charting the course.

The IABM State of the Industry breakfast session is always well-attended; secure your free place at this thought-leading event here.

BaM Awards® party – Tuesday 9 April

IABM’s BaM Awards® recognise outstanding innovations that deliver real business and creative benefits in each of nine BaM Content Chain® categories together with a tenth award for an outstanding project/collaboration. The BaM Awards® are the industry’s only truly independent, international awards, and are widely recognised as the gold standard for rewarding broadcast and media innovation. Open to all IABM members and the trade press, the BaM Awards® party gives attendees a first-hand view of the top innovations as the winners are announced, and also delivers a prime networking opportunity. Book your free place here.

How cloud and AI are changing the B&M industry – at Avid Connect, Saturday 6 April

This panel session, led by Lorenzo Zanni, IABM Head of Insight & Analysis, will examine the business and workflow drivers behind the growth of cloud and AI as we move into a multi-platform world. The latest IABM data on technology buyers’ AI/cloud adoption, preferences and challenges will underpin and inform the discussion. The session will also be looking to cut through the hype to uncover the reality: where are the true deployments, where is adoption only at an early stage, and what problems yet need to be solved. Book for Avid Connect here and receive a $100 discount using code IABM.

Strategic Industry Analysis – special report for NAB show

IABM’s Business Intelligence Unit has again created a special report to be released during NAB Show which brings together key findings from IABM’s wide ranging supply, buying, business and technology trends. Previous editions of this report have been widely praised as an essential and timely industry strategic overview. Copies can be obtained from the IABM booth and member lounges, and there will also be an online, interactive version of the report.

IABM member lounges and meeting rooms

IABM has three member lounges at NAB Show 2019 – N110LMR, S215LMR and C556 – with bookable meeting rooms in the North and South lounge locations. With ample seating and Wi-Fi available, the lounges are a great location for members to conduct meetings away from the booth or to catch up on business in a quiet, stress-free environment. Meeting room bookings open 48 hours prior to the show, online or in person at member lounges.


IABM TV will not only be relaying members’ news from the show floor, but also hosting panels at the show on each block of the BaM Content Chain®. After the show, all the content will be added to the Knowledge Vault on the IABM website – the industry’s most comprehensive and up-to-the-minute reference resource.

“NAB Show 2019 will see IABM deliver its most comprehensive range of activities yet. We are always focused on providing activities and resources for our members no matter where they are, and the support our members will get this year in Las Vegas will help them get the very most out of their investment in the show,” said Peter White, CEO, IABM. “In addition, the networking opportunities we are providing will give members a valuable extra tool to build the relationships they need to foster the collaboration that is the future of our industry.”

Entry for the BaM Awards at 2019 NAB Show Las Vegas now open

IABM, the international trade association for broadcast and media technology suppliers, has announced that entry for the 2019 NAB Show Las Vegas BaM Awards® is now open. The IABM BaM Awards® recognise outstanding technological innovations that deliver real business and creative benefits. The BaMs® are the only truly independent technology awards in the industry, and are widely recognised as the gold standard for rewarding broadcast and media innovation.

Submissions for the BaM Awards® are open to every company (whether an IABM member or not) that has launched a new product or service within 12 months of NAB Show Las Vegas; the nominated product must be available to view during the show. Entry is free for IABM members. Judging is carried out by a panel of 40 independent, expert judges and the winners will be announced at IABM’s BaM Awards® party on 9 April during the show.

The BaM Awards®, which run in two editions – at NAB Show Las Vegas and IBC each year, honour innovations in nine categories that together make up the BaM Content Chain®, accurately modeling the structure of the industry today. In addition, a tenth category recognises an outstanding project, event or collaboration.

The deadline for submissions is 8 March 2019. More information about the awards and categories, and the online entry form can be found here. Read more about the BaM Content Chain® here.

All the winners from both the NAB Show and IBC editions are automatically shortlisted for the IABM Peter Wayne Golden BaM Award®, with the overall winner receiving this ultimate industry accolade at the IABM’s Annual International Business Conference at the end of the year.

“BaM Awards® winners value the industry-wide recognition and publicity that these awards bring enormously,” said Lisa Collins, IABM head of Marketing. “This is reflected by the record number of high quality entries we received for the IBC 2018 edition, and I hope that the NAB 2019 edition will raise the bar again as the volume and scale of innovation continues to accelerate to power the ongoing industry transformation. I am looking forward once again to challenging the distinguished judging panel to choose the very best from the best!”

IABM announces 2018 award winners at Annual International Business Conference


IABM has announced the winners of its highly-prized annual awards at the IABM Annual International Business Conference, which took place in Birmingham, UK on 6 and 7 December 2018.

The awards recognise outstanding achievement in 2018 in key areas of the broadcast and media technology industry: the fostering of young talent; outstanding women in broadcast; technology leadership; technological innovation; broadcaster/media company innovation; and creative collaboration between technology vendors and end-users. A final award – Honorary Membership of IABM – is made to an individual who has played a major role in the development of the industry and contributed to the advancement of IABM over the course of their career.

IABM Young Person of the Year – in association with IBC365

Dominik Schulz

A student at RheinMain University of Applied Sciences, Dominik was one of the IABM-sponsored students attending IBC and his submission from that event demonstrated excellent use of the opportunity. In his report he provided a detailed account of how the industry is changing and the key developments shaping the future. He achieved this through an intensive schedule of time spent in the conference, the exhibition, the future zone and discussions with industry experts. He covered many topic areas including new image formats, camera technology, virtual and augmented reality and immersive audio. Dominik is clearly a rising star and one to watch out for in the near future.

IABM Peter Wayne Golden BaM Award® for Design and Innovation

All the 20 winners of the IABM’s NAB Show and IBC BaM Awards® are automatically shortlisted for the year’s top broadcast and media technology prize – the Peter Wayne Golden BaM Award® for Design and Innovation. The judges got together again to pick this year’s golden development:

Microsoft – Video Indexer

Video Indexer (VI) is an artificial intelligence service that provides an orchestration of multiple and customisable machine learning models based on multiple channels (voice, vocals, visual), to extract deep insights with no need for data analysis or coding skills. VI enables deep search, reduces operational costs, new monetisation opportunities, new user experiences and more; on large archives of videos with low entry barriers. It also enables easy integration with a customers’ existing infrastructure via a REST API and ready-made embeddable widgets.

IABM 2018 Creative Collaboration Award

The Creative Collaboration Award celebrates ground-breaking innovations that have been realised through creative collaboration between technology suppliers and their customers. It recognizes break-through solutions resulting from close partnership between technology supplier(s) and their customer that provide measurable commercial or creative benefits to the customer. The 2018 winner is:

FOX Sports

For its FIFA World Cup coverage, FOX Sports wanted to send live video from Russia to editors and producers in Los Angeles for quick packaging and turn around to air in live shows being hosted in Russia. In essence, the network wanted to achieve the appearance of a live broadcast fully staffed on-the-scene, without the majority of the staff actually on-scene.

To accomplish this technical feat, FOX Sports convened Reach Engine by Levels Beyond, Amazon Web Services (AWS), IBM Aspera, Telestream and CenturyLink to build an integrated solution that would allow the network to keep its entire post-production team at its Los Angeles media centre. “The process of sending video from Russia to L.A. and back in edited form was seamless thanks to all the tech companies participating, and represents a giant leap in sharing live events with audiences halfway across the planet within moments of the action taking place,” said Levels Beyond CEO, Art Raymond.

IABM Technology Leader 2018

The Technology Leader Award recognises a person who is at the forefront of disruption and innovation within the broadcast and media industry who, through inspired leadership, has helped to deliver ground-breaking technology and business benefits. This year’s winner is:

Michael Cronk

As a founder of AIMS, and chairman of its Board, Michael has been a driving force in inspiring the industry towards a clear, efficient path to standards-based, interoperable IP.

IABM 2018 Outstanding Woman in Broadcast – in association with Rise

IABM is delighted to present this new award in association with Rise, the not-for-profit, advocate group for women in the broadcast manufacturing and services sector, dedicated to the promotion of gender diversity in the industry. Rise aims to open up more opportunities for female broadcast professionals through holding quarterly networking events, seminars and a yearly mentoring programme.


Glodina Connan-Lostanlen

Dr Glodina Connan-Lostanlen, PhD, MBA, began her career in the broadcast industry in 2001 with Harris Corporation, rising through sales and business development roles to become director of Product Marketing in 2012. In 2015, Glodina was appointed Chief Marketing Officer of Imagine Communications, and in April this year, became SVP & GM Americas Sales & Services.

Highly commended:

Aubrey Russell

Aubrey Russell has designed and built streaming workflows and master control rooms for clients such as Warner Music Group and Classpass Live. Her launch team for Classpass Live was fully female; director, technical director, and audio engineer. At Live X, Aubrey manages a team of nine producers who are shaping the future of the broadcast and streaming industries every day. She is proud to have strong women on her team. The best way to prepare the next generation of engineers, men and women, is to give them role models. Aubrey has built a team that is worthy of that.

IABM 2018 Broadcaster/Media Company

New for 2018, the Broadcaster/Media Company Award recognises and rewards broadcasters or media companies that have demonstrated throughout the year that they are at the forefront of creating and distributing ground-breaking content through innovation across the content chain.

NEP Australia

NEP Australia wins the 2018 Award for its continent-wide and intercontinental IP remote production, with two hubs – Sydney and Melbourne – connecting with 29 sporting venues utilising over two thousand SMPTE ST 2110 links.

IABM Honorary Membership

Jan Eveleens

Jan Eveleens joins an exclusive club that is a veritable ‘Who’s Who’ of people who have made a major impact on the broadcast industry as it has grown and developed over the last 40+ years.

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