The SA FILM Academy and Reel Partners release NFVF training documentary on the wonders of water

The 'Water is Life' production team.

The SA FILM Academy (SAFA) and Reel Partners recently announced the release of their National Film and Video Foundation (NFVF) training documentary Water is Life – taking a fresh look at our most vital resource – through the eyes of young kids and a crew of trainees.

That water is essential to life, is a truism; after all, 60% of our body weight, 83% of our brain and our heart and about 85% of our lungs come from water. The importance of water is drilled into us and despite the memory of drought and Day Zero, we still find ourselves taking this precious resource for granted. The NFVF, SA FILM Academy and Reel Partners’ Water is Life documentary project serves as a timely reminder to ‘Wake Up!’ to the priceless value and true wonder of fresh and sea water, and encourages viewers to cherish and preserve this vital asset for posterity.

The aim of the Water is Life project – produced by the SA FILM Academy and Reel Partners with numerous sponsors – and directed and narrated by Nomfundo Lucia Masango, is to provide an ideal platform for hands-on, in-service, mentored ‘learning by doing’ training on a fully-fledged, turn-key production.

The strategic challenge was to integrate a life, occupational and entrepreneurial skills development and accredited, in-service training programme training individuals in theory and general skills required in film production – with the professional, creative production of a documentary.

View Water is Life on the SAFA YouTube content platform.



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