Fujifilm joins the 4k 10-bit 422 external HDMI recording revolution


Fujifilm is the latest mirrorless camera manufacturer to join the 4k 10-bit 422 external HDMI recording revolution. The new Fujifilm X-T3 offers a fantastic combination of frame rate, resolution and sensor size and is perfectly partnered with the 5″ Atomos Ninja V HDR monitor/recorder. The Ninja V takes full advantage of the X-T3’s 10-bit DCI Cinema 4kp60 (4096 x 2160) resolution HDMI 2.0 output and can record it direct to high quality Apple ProRes or Avid DNx codecs.

This means that the X-T3 now has the largest sensor of any mirrorless camera that can output the sought after 10-bit 4kp60 resolution and framerate (other full-frame mirrorless cameras just announced offer 10-bit 4kp30).

10-bit advantage

Previous Fujifilm cameras have had 8-bit colour and this step up to 10-bit offers billions of colour combinations. This is massively beneficial when colour grading, manipulating the image or chroma keying. Typically users will see smoother colour gradients, eliminating the commonly seen banding in areas with gradual tone change such as blue skies. Recording to an Atomos recorder perfectly preserves this information in the ultimate way possible.

Perfect HDR images created instantly from F-Log or HLG

The Ninja V can record and display X-T3 images perfectly. Atomos have worked with Fujifilm to ensure their excellent F-Log gamma or soon to arrive HLG is accurately resolved and displayed for perfect HDR or SDR production. F-Log and HLG are also supported on all Atomos Monitor/ Recorders. The F-Log can also be output to compatible HDR televisions and monitors in standard HLG or PQ for client and customer viewing directly from the Ninja V. In addition to the F-log and HLG presents users have the ability to load an almost infinite number of custom LUTs onto the Ninja V.

Ergonomics that match

The X-T3 and Ninja V are an ideal size match. The 5 inch screen only weighs 360g and sits perfectly on top of the camera. The whole setup is easy to handle, even when shooting all day long.

High bright 1000nit monitoring

Seeing the built-in screen of all mirrorless cameras is difficult in bright conditions. The Ninja V screen has an amazing 1000nit of brightness when in SDR mode, allowing it to be used effectively, even when outside.

Affordable, reliable SATA SSD media.

When recording video with the X-T3 and Ninja V you can shoot to the new generation of Atomos AtomX SSDmini drives. These are developed with leading brands and offer high speed and high reliability in a compact metal chassis. Guard your X-T3 video by recording to proven, economical SATA SSD media.

Why external recording makes sense

This new Fuji, like all the other new mirrorless cameras on the market, is limited in what it can record internally. Camera manufacturers are already pushing their designs to the limits of computing, heat and power consumption, especially with the new, larger sensors.

This necessitates compromises – limiting the bit depth, codecs used and the data rates used for internal recording. Recognising that users want better quality and maximum flexibility the camera makers work with Atomos to optimise external recording at higher bit depth and higher bitrates, offering HDR and Post Production quality earlier.

By moving recording to an external Atomos recorder like the Ninja V, mirrorless cameras are freed of many of their key video limitations. Record time limits are lifted and easy-to-edit Apple ProRes or Avid DNx codecs recorded, instead of hard to edit H.264 or H.265.

X-T3 internal 10-bit recording is limited to 4:2:0 colour and a codec that can be difficult to work with in post, whereas with the Ninja V you gain much more accurate 4:2:2 colour and the established performance of Apple ProRes.

Atomos CEO, Jeromy Young notes: “Fujifilm’s new offerings really do stake a large claim at the compact mirrorless, photo/video table. The technology improvements in video, especially over HDMI in 4K and in HDR show Fujifilm is listening to its pro customers and delivering what they need faster than almost all other makers. We love our Fuji devices here at Atomos.”


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