Buitenkant (The Outside) was shot on the Sony FS-7 camera


The subject of homelessness is explored in Buitenkant (The Outside) in a raw feel, moving footage shooting style using the Sony FS-7 camera, shares filmmaker William Nicholson.

“The Sony FS-7 camera is a pretty versatile affordable camera that works for a doccie-type look and feel. We put some primes on there but nothing fancy – just DSLR ones,” Nicholson says.

Nicholson and his team worked swiftly to complete most of the shots on the first day, with only a few additional shots taken the following day. “Pierre De Villiers (the cinematographer) and I designed the film to be something we could shoot with a roaming handheld camera and only natural light. So we had only two people – Pierre and his assistant Fuad Casker – handling the whole camera, lighting and grips department! We played to the strengths of this, going for a look and feel that is raw, immediate and immersive.”

The 11-minute film has often been mistaken for a documentary, which Nicholson credits to the stripped down, immersive approach to the story and character. “It was very scary! We committed creatively to having virtually no dialogue, no music, as well as an almost-real-time approach to editing.”

Chris Bornman was responsible for the sound, while grading and online was done by the Priest Post team (Francesca Verveckken, Amelia Cohen and Jessica Cash).


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