‘No compression, No compromise’


The advancements in camera technology are coming through thick and fast. HDR, 4K and even 8K are all prevalent in the latest cameras on the market now. Let’s be honest, if you are invested in a great story, then visual clarity helps propel it to new levels.

In 2016, Ikegami introduced its UHK-430 camera, the world’s first camera with the ability to output an uncompressed 4:4:4 resolution RGB transmission of a 4K video signal.

Designed for use in studio and on location, Ikegami’s UHK-430 features three 2/3-inch 4K CMOS sensors and RGB prism optics. Equipped with the new AXII ASIC chip for low power consumption and new processing features, the UHK-430 is capable of 40 Gbps transmission using standard SMPTE hybrid fibre camera cable. Along with the ability to transmit an uncompressed 4:4:4 4K video signal, it also boasts the capability to transmit eight HD channels from CCU to camera, including multiple return video and two HD prompter video channels, plus one HD trunk channel from camera to CCU, allowing for greater flexibility.

The advantage behind the 4:4:4 uncompressed transmission lays in the fact that it produces better quality images than a compressed 4:2:2 transmission. When transmission is made with 4:2:2 bandwidth, it affects the chroma key performance because the bandwidth of the colour difference (Pb/Pr) signals are restricted. Ikegami’s 40Gbps transmission system is transmitted as 4 x 10Gbps with WDM (Wavelength Division Multiplex), benefitting from extended bandwidth, eradicating the issue of loss of transmission distance compared to other 10Gbps transmission systems.

The 4K video signal processing is done at the CCU. This means the processing such as lens aberration correction, DTL and colour matrix are processed inside the CCU. It is for that reason Ikegami employs the 40 Gbps bandwidth, to enable the uncompressed video signals transmission, which is the best possible option for these video processing circuits.

Ikegami has a saying, ‘No compression, No compromise’, and taking away all the technical ins and outs, that is what it is about. Transporting the image that has been so beautifully captured without compromising any of the quality.

The industry is excited to talk about the amount of pixels and frame rates in a shot, which undoubtedly is paramount to the progression of our industry, but how we handle that that data is surely just as important. The word data is not one that immediately evokes a feeling of creativity, yet it is so important to the final result – which is why Ikegami is proud of its ‘No compression, No compromise’ ethos.

The CCU-430, the camera control unit, ensures the uncompressed magic can happen. Connecting to the camera head by 4km of SMPTE hybrid camera cable, full bandwidth video, audio and control data plus power is carried to the camera. This can also happen with up to 10km of dark fibre, in situations where local power is available for the camera, allowing smooth and easy migration from HD to 4K production.

Ikegami has always made it its mission to be the driving force behind beautiful images, and through its determination on being successful has not only created an industry first, but a world first. Uncompressed video is the future; just remember ‘No compression, No Compromise’.

Visit Ikegami at Mediatech 2017 on the Harambe Technologies stand (F3). 


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