Datavideo Mobile Video Studios at Mediatech 2017


Datavideo has always had a unique approach to marketing its products. Many manufacturers produce video mixer/switchers, monitors, recorders etc., but no manufacturer has been as successful as Datavideo in packaging separate components in an integrated form, calling them ‘Mobile Video Studios’.

Datavideo’s first Mobile Studio (MS) was the 12U high MS-800, based on the SE-800 mixer/switcher, and required two people to carry this 80 kilogram beast.

The current Datavideo HS (Hand-Carry) Studio range offers clients a compact studio in a suitcase, based on its current switchers: HS-2800/2850, HS-2200 and HS-1200.

In the absence of HS systems for Datavideo’s new small HD mixers – the SE-700, SE-650 and SE-500HD – Macro Video, the South African Datavideo distributor, has come up with its own design for mobile video systems.

All three mixers are presented in component form housed in sturdy custom-made aluminium cases, which protect the equipment. In the case there are three 1U 19’’ rack spaces, providing space for a recorder like Datavideo’s HDR-70 hard drive recorder or Datavideo’s HDR-1 recording to USB, Datavideo ITC-100 Comms and Tally kit, Datavideo NVS-25 video streaming server, as well as various converters i.e. from HDMI-SDI, SDI-HDMI, or SDI to Composite, should these be required. A unique feature is that the monitor is mounted in the lid of the case for monitoring purposes. As each kit is hand built, it can therefore be customised to the client’s requirements.

These are integrated ‘one box’ solutions that are compact and affordable since they are made up of components that clients can buy one by one, eventually building up their systems as and when they can afford, thus making  these Mobile Video Studio solutions unique.

Come see Datavideo’s Mobile Video Studio at Mediatech 2017 on the Macro Video stand (A15). 


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