MultiChoice Nigeria reviews its service for subscribers


The video entertainment company, MultiChoice Nigeria, has reviewed its services in Nigeria, for an improved package to its subscribers. Among the several issues that have been looked into are the customer care services, signal loss, subscription payment and reconnection, free-to-air and hardware related issues.

The company stated that: “We put our customers first at all times and hold them in high very esteem. We are committed to delivering world class service to our customers and proud to say we are the first video entertainment company to implement new subscriber initiatives requested by the Consumer Protection Council (CPC).’

It further added that: “Over the past year, we have worked closely with the CPC to identify our customers’ areas of need and made a commitment towards implementing solutions that will resonate with our customers and lead to improved service.’

It is to be noted that, customer’s calls to the call centres are toll free and the number of operating hours of the call centres have been increased for more queries. Subscribers now have the option of suspending their accounts when they are away from home. This service will be available upon request and a 48-hour notice. The account will be suspended for a fixed period of time this can vary from seven to 14 days, twice yearly.

Source: Next TV Africa


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