Refinery Post’s hat-trick on films at TIFF


Refinery Post Production announced that three of its films have been chosen to have gala premieres at the Toronto Film Festival in September: The Journey is the Destination, Queen of Katwe and United Kingdom.

Refinery is particularly proud of their work on The Journey is the Destination, for director Bronwen Hughes and producers Adam Friedlander (Out of Africa Entertainment) and Martin Katz (Prospero Pictures).

Filming on Journey began in August 2015. Refinery was involved in all aspects of post-production from the beginning, from dailies through to final delivery. “It is undoubtedly the film I am the most proud of,’ says Tracey Williams, MD of Refinery. “We had the opportunity to supervise and then execute some fantastic VFX work – matte paintings, set extensions, explosions, CG helicopters and clean up work.”

The film is based on the life of artist and photojournalist Dan Eldon whose inspiring and artistic journals were brought to life with motion graphic sequences created by our team. This is a rare and exciting opportunity for any motion graphics artist.

Along with exciting visuals came the opportunity to create an amazing sound track to do it justice. Director Bronwen Hughes based herself at Refinery for two months while completing this film, and weeks were spent crafting every detail of the sound from crowd ADR, to the smallest sound effect.

“Bronwen Hughes was a most rewarding director to work with. Although she had this film very firmly mapped out in her mind, it did not stop her from inviting creative collaboration,” says Williams.

On Queen of Katwe for ABC Disney/Moonlighting Films, Refinery handled dailies and provided editorial resources and infrastructure both in Uganda and South Africa.

Refinery supplied and set up editorial infrastructure for A United Kingdom for Advantage Entertainment.


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